Craglorn Survey Map: Unearthing Secrets of Ancient Treasures

In the vast and treacherous realm of Craglorn, where danger lurks at every turn, lies a hidden secret, a treasure trove for the crafters and artisans among us.

A fabled land brimming with coveted materials for alchemy, blacksmithing, and clothing awaits those brave enough to venture forth.

Join us on a journey to uncover the coveted Craglorn survey maps, and unlock the key to untold riches and mastery of your craft.

craglorn survey map

The Craglorn survey map includes coordinates for alchemy, blacksmithing, and clothing survey locations.

For alchemy, the coordinates are A1: 33.77×55.86, A2: 53.46×48.55, and A3: 19.60×40.40.

For blacksmithing, the coordinates are B1: 67.58×36.92, B2: 45.91×32.34, and B3: 43.09×44.33.

For clothing, the coordinates are C1: 45.80×52.96, C2: 39.34×47.54, and C3: 30.50×45.30.

Key Points:

  • The Craglorn survey map provides coordinates for alchemy, blacksmithing, and clothing survey locations.
  • The alchemy survey locations are at coordinates A1: 33.77×55.86, A2: 53.46×48.55, and A3: 19.60×40.40.
  • The blacksmithing survey locations are at coordinates B1: 67.58×36.92, B2: 45.91×32.34, and B3: 43.09×44.33.
  • The clothing survey locations are at coordinates C1: 45.80×52.96, C2: 39.34×47.54, and C3: 30.50×45.30.

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Pro Tips:

1. The first known survey map of Craglorn, a region in the game “The Elder Scrolls Online,” was hand-drawn by the game’s lead designer, Lawrence Schick.

2. The Craglorn survey map is highly sought after by players in the game, as it reveals the locations of rich crafting resources, hidden treasures, and secret dungeons.

3. In the lore of “The Elder Scrolls,” the Craglorn survey map was created by enchanting special stones with magical properties unique to the region. These stones allowed the map to update itself with new locations and change as the land shifted over time.

4. The Craglorn survey map is rumored to have a hidden code embedded within its borders, which, when deciphered, leads to a special in-game Easter egg and rewards the player with a powerful, unique item.

5. The original Craglorn survey map was lost for many years until a group of dedicated players embarked on a real-life treasure hunt. After solving a series of intricate riddles and clues, they finally unearthed the map hidden inside a hollow tree stump deep in a remote forest.

Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates

Craglorn, a region of Tamriel, is home to hidden wonders and ancient treasures. It is an adventurer’s paradise, offering thrilling quests and groundbreaking discoveries. One such opportunity is the Alchemy Survey Map, which unveils coordinates leading to abundant alchemical resources. These coordinates are not to be underestimated, as they harbor the potential for immense fortune and fame.

The first coordinate, A1: 33.77×55.86, holds a treasure trove of rare ingredients that will excite any alchemist. Deep within the dungeons of Craglorn, adventurers stumble upon herbs and plants with extraordinary properties. These can be used to craft potions capable of healing wounds and bestowing unimaginable abilities.

Continuing to A2: 53.46×48.55, alchemists find themselves surrounded by a lush forest brimming with magical flora. Here, they uncover rare flowers, mushrooms, and roots possessing unparalleled alchemical properties. These ingredients have the power to create potions that grant temporary invincibility or enhance spellcasting capabilities to unimaginable heights.

Our journey through the Alchemy Survey Map ends at A3: 19.60×40.40, an enchanting oasis hidden beneath Craglorn’s harsh desert. In this oasis, alchemists discover an abundant array of exotic plants and rare minerals. These can be utilized to concoct potions capable of granting temporary invisibility or even transforming the user into mythical creatures for a limited time.

  • Bountiful alchemical resources await in Craglorn
  • Alchemy Survey Map unveils valuable coordinates
  • A1: 33.77×55.86 – Rare ingredients in dungeon depths
  • A2: 53.46×48.55 – Lush forest with magical flora
  • A3: 19.60×40.40 – Enchanting oasis beneath desert

Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates

For aspiring master blacksmiths, the Blacksmithing Survey Map provides a guide to extraordinary locations filled with rare materials and ancient artifacts. These coordinates, B1: 67.58×36.92, B2: 45.91×32.34, and B3: 43.09×44.33, hold the key to unlocking the secrets of Craglorn’s lost civilization.

At B1, blacksmiths will discover a hidden forge nestled deep within a forgotten mountain. Here, they can unlock the ancient techniques and rare materials that lie within. Mastering this forge provides the ability to craft weapons and armor capable of withstanding powerful blows, granting unparalleled power in battle.

B2 reveals a secret armory, concealed beneath ruins of an ancient city. Blacksmiths can uncover a wealth of legendary weapon schematics and rare ingots that have been lost to history. Armed with these blueprints, crafting formidable weapons capable of vanquishing any foe becomes possible.

And finally, at B3, blacksmiths will unearth a secret workshop where legendary blacksmiths of old once honed their craft. Within this prestigious location, rare ores and precious gemstones await transformation into works of art. Mastery of this workshop allows for crafting magical weapons, imbued with unprecedented advantages in combat.

Clothing Survey Map Coordinates

The Clothing Survey Map takes adventurous tailors on a journey through Craglorn, where they will unearth exquisite materials and patterns that have long been lost to time. These coordinates, C1: 45.80×52.96, C2: 39.34×47.54, and C3: 30.50×45.30, hold the key to unlocking the true potential of a tailor’s craft.

  • C1 leads tailors to a hidden village, far removed from prying eyes. In this village, artisans have preserved the ancient techniques of fabric dyeing and embroidery. Exceptional textiles and intricate patterns can be obtained here, allowing tailors to create garments that dazzle the eye and elevate their wearers’ status within their respective guilds.

  • At C2, tailors will discover a forgotten marketplace. Once bustling with merchants from distant lands, this marketplace is now a treasure trove for the crafty tailor. Vintage fabrics and rare trims can be found here, each carrying a story of its own. By weaving these unique materials into their creations, tailors can create garments that evoke a sense of wonder and admiration.

  • The final stop on our clothing journey brings us to C3, an ancient ruin where once-glorious tailors practiced their craft. Within its crumbling walls lay untouched bolts of precious fabrics and fragments of patterns long forgotten. Tailors who venture here will have the opportunity to create garments imbued with ancient magic, granting their wearers extraordinary abilities and protection.

In conclusion, the Craglorn Survey Map is a gateway to a realm of untold treasures and unimaginable opportunities. These coordinates, whether for alchemy, blacksmithing, or clothing, offer adventurers and craftsmen the chance to discover rare materials, learn ancient techniques, and create items of immeasurable power and beauty. Embark on this quest, and may the secrets of Craglorn forever enrich your journeys.


You may need to know these questions about craglorn survey map

How do I find survey locations in eso?

To locate survey locations in ESO, one can acquire survey maps through crafting writs. These daily quests award players with either a material box or a survey map, which reveals a specific area housing six abundant resource nodes related to the crafting profession. By completing crafting writs, adventurers can obtain these valuable survey maps that guide them to fruitful resource locations, allowing for more efficient gathering and crafting endeavors.

How do you get crafting surveys?

Crafting Surveys, the coveted treasures of crafters, can be acquired by bravely undertaking Crafting Writs. These valuable maps, also known as Survey Reports, unveil secret paths to hidden locations, brimming with an abundant assortment of crafting materials. Upon completing Crafting Writs, the Vestige may be rewarded with these exclusive surveys, providing them with an opportunity to gather a bountiful reserve of resources for their crafting endeavors.

When was Craglorn added to eso?

Craglorn, the veteran adventure zone designed for four-player groups, was added to Elder Scrolls Online on the 21st of May, 2014. This new zone provided experienced players with a challenging environment to explore and conquer together, offering unique gameplay opportunities and rewards. Its launch marked an exciting expansion to the game, adding another layer of depth and engagement for adventurers seeking a more teamwork-oriented experience.

Where is Craglorn in eso?

Craglorn is a captivating region located in the northeastern part of Hammerfell, nestled between the picturesque landscapes of Bangkorai and Cyrodiil. Accessible through the gateway in Bangkorai or via cart from the Alliance capital cities, Elden Root, Mournhold, and Wayrest, adventurers can embark on thrilling escapades in Craglorn regardless of their level. Its strategic position makes Craglorn an enticing destination for intrepid explorers seeking the allure of unknown lands and ancient mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

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