Walmart Survey

Walmart Survey to Win $1000 Prize

What to note about walmart survey? While entering in this survey you are not required to perform any purchase. Furthermore, you need not to a purchase from this store to be a winner. As a result, a purchase does not play essential point in increasing the chances of emerging a winner.

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The Walmart survey is mainly governed and controlled by the United States laws. As a result, you are only eligible to participate in this survey if you are a legal resident of the fifty recognized United States or if you are a legal resident of Puerto Rico or a legal resident of Columbia District.

The Requirements and Rules for Participating in the Walmart Survey

Walmart Survey

Walmart Survey

The first thing you have to keep in mind before participating in the survey is your area of residence. Only legal residents of US and those from Columbia district and Puerto Rico are the ones who are legally allowed to take part in the Walmart survey.

The next you are required to observe is that you must be 18 years and above to participate in this survey. This is because there is no children feedback needed by this store.

Furthermore, the store’s officers, the store’s employees, its managers, its directors, and the sponsors are not allowed to participate in the survey. Also, the families, the affiliates, the companies, the subsidiaries, the advertising agencies, the promotion agencies, the consultants and the respective agents related to the named people are not supposed to participate in the survey.

Moreover, the production agencies, the family members, people living on the households of the said people, people engaged in the development, people engaged in distribution, and the people engaged execution are not supposed to participate in the survey.

How to Participate in Walmart Survey

How to Participate in Walmart Survey

How to Participate in Walmart Survey

  1. Purchase

You are eligible for entering into this survey immediately after making any purchase.  The amount that you spent during the purchase does not matter. After making a purchase, you are issued with a receipt that acts a big role in the survey process.

The issued receipt has got an invitation code that permits you to participate in the survey process. A single receipt gives you one chance of participating in the Walmart survey.

After receiving the receipt, you are required to enter to the web page of Walmart with a period of one week. This is because the receipt is only valid for a short period of time after which it expires. You can visit their website by clicking the link,

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At the website, you are required fill in the details that are located on the issued receipt starting with the invitation code. The next step is answering the survey questions followed by pressing of the submit button.

Upon pressing of the submit button, the participant would be required to fill an entry form which include the details like the name of this participant, the address of the participant, the city of the resident, the state of this participant, the zip code for that city, the phone number of the participant and the email address of the participant.

The entry form is the one that makes the participant be in a high position of winning. Then you are required to check the given boxes and then press the submit button.

  1. Invitation to Take the Survey

This is another way through which you can participate in the survey process. When you make a purchase at this store, you are likely to be invited to take the survey through email address. The invitation is also valid for a certain period of time after which it expires.

The first thing to do after receiving the email address is to visit Walmart’s website at This is normally accompanied by the invitation that is sent to the email address.

After opening their webpage, you are required to answer all the available survey questions. After completing the answering process, you should press the submit button after which you will be required to fill the entry form.

The details in the entry form, are the last name of the participant, the first name of the participant, street address of the participant, city of residence of the participant, the state of the participant, the zip code of the city, the phone number of this participant, and his/her email address.

After giving the above details, the participant is required to press the submit button. This entry form is what makes the respective participant be eligible for any reward by Walmart.

  1. Online

You can also take part in the survey through online. In this case, the participant is required to visit the online web page of Walmart at You are required to visit this page during their survey process period.

Like the above cases, the next step is filling the entry form. The details are the same whereby the participant is required giving the information such as his/her last name, the first name, how old he/she is? His/her email address, and the information about his/her phone number.

  1. Write-In

This is a postcard with a size that is above 3.5 by 5 inches and not more than 4.25 by 6 inches. This card is mainly handwritten. The details contained in it are like the name of the participant, the email address of the participant, the phone number of this participant and the specific day, month and year of birth for this participant.

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After handwriting this card, it is sent to Walmart. A participant is required to send one write-in for a single survey process. The received card is treated as a single sweepstake.

Sending a number of cards is considered to be void. Also, participating in more than once in the survey process is considered to be void. Walmart survey does not tolerate mechanical reproductions.

All the write-in requests are required to contain the stated details. Failure to that, they will be observed to be void and the participant will not be in a position of winning any reward.

Other Things to Note in This Survey

The method that uses to participate in this survey does not matter. However, it is to be noted that there is a maximum number of times that one will participate in the whole period of sweepstakes. Each participant is supposed to take it not more than 78 times.

If it chances that one has exceeded the stated number of times by using different identities in each case or using other methods, this participant will be disqualified from the program. If there other cases where entries are brought by someone else, they will be identified as void.

In case a dispute arises on the identity of the participant, the entry will be made using the email address of that participant and his/her name. Furthermore, anyone who chances to be a winner is required to come over with his/her sponsor accompanied by the evidence showing that he/she is the correct winner.

Who Is Held Responsible For The Entries With Challenging Issues?

For the cases of the lost entries, the late entries, the illegible entries, the mutilated entries, the incomplete entries, the invalid entries, the unintelligible entries, the postage-due entries, the misdirected entries or the undeliverable entries, no one is held responsible.

The above issues normally arise as a result of errors affecting the system, the system performing omission issues, the system getting disrupted, the deletion of the system, system defects, the delays in the operations, delays during the transmission, cases of theft, cases of destruction, and cases of failures.

Other causes of the issues are like the transmissions that were faulty, malfunctions of telecommunications, errors arising due to human intervention, failure to receive the entries as a result of the hardware errors and the software errors.

  • Furthermore, the issues would have been due to unavailability of the network, connection failures, failed transmissions, incomplete transmissions, garbled computer effects, garbled phone issues, typographical errors, transmissions that were faulty and malfunctions relating to technical issues.
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The Prizes Offered By Walmart

  • The Grand Rewards

Those who participate in the Walmart Survey are promised of winning 5 grand rewards. All these rewards come with a gift card that is worth 1,000 US dollars. Each of the 5 grand rewards has got this gift card. The inclusive approximate retail value associated all these grand rewards is worth 5,000 US dollars.

  • The First Rewards

The total number of the first rewards is 750.  Each of the 750 rewards comes with a gift card for Walmart that is worth 100 US dollars. The inclusive approximate retail value associated with these 750 rewards is 75,000 US dollars.

The Restrictions of the Rewards

Each individual can only receive one prize. Furthermore, the rewards are not in a position of being transferred to any other person. These rewards cannot be assigned. No cash redemptions are accepted. They do not recognize any substitutions.

The sponsor of this store has no chance of replacing the awards that have been lost or the one that has been stolen. If this case happens, the sponsor has got all the rights of substituting the given reward that has a less or high value.

The winners are the one who is held responsible for incurring the federal charges, the state charges, and the local charges.  Furthermore, the winner also suffers the taxes that are related to his/her income.

Moreover, the store does award prizes that exceed the stated number.  The store is in a position of using the name of any winner in performing its advertisements without compensating this winner any amount of money.

Walmart Survey‘s Conditions

Walmart Survey‘s Conditions

Walmart Survey‘s Conditions

The first condition to observe while participating in this survey process is that the federal tax charges, the state tax charges, and the local tax charges are held responsible by those who emerge as the winners.

The second condition is that the sponsor has got all the rights of disqualifying any participant who may have been recorded to have violated the stated official rules.

The store has got all the rights of using the name and the address of anyone who emerged a winner in the sweepstakes to conduct its advertisements without compensating anything.

All the materials that are used in the survey are required to be verified and the illegal ones declared void. Immediate disqualification should be taken to individuals with illegal materials.

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  1. Stephanie Corey Hall

    I have several receipts but its not letting me enter the ID# on any of my receipts. I would like to enter them for a chance of winning a Walmart gift card.

  2. Maryann Robinson

    I enjoy shopping at Walmart. I get some really great deals, AND, the products are of good quality!! The workers are friendly and helpful!!

  3. Lillian RIVERA

    my experience at isabela walmart was awfull had to get a cashier asssitance and never appear ; the line to pay is out of control people as you enter you card are watching to steal your pin number.its all in disorder a mess

  4. Douglas Fontenot

    As a former federal quality control specialist, I understand the value of customer surveys. The Wal Mart survey is one that I have always participated in; however, even when typing the correct address, it has become extraordinarily difficult to locate the proper survey. When searching online, numerous links show up, none of which are the familiar survey page. It has become so frustrating that I have given up on several occasions.

  5. Robert C. Knapp

    During my visit to the Walmart in Corry PA #7P9H6W10HJ82 there were several people in the store without facial protection. Also one employee was walking around without a mast.


    I would just like to say that I was not happy to discover that I was charged for Fifteen (15) items and i only put (12) items on the counter. The associate that rang up my purchase did not know what she was doing.
    I’ve decided not to continue shopping at walmart on roosevelt boulevard in clearwater. I have been shopping there ever since the store opened several years ago.
    I will return back to pinellas park store in the future.
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