China Garden Buffet

China Garden Buffet

China Garden Buffet is located on Burnside Road Gresham, it is a Chinese restaurant which serves food in buffet style, a traditional Chinese interior gives refreshment to the exhausted minds.

Sitting arrangement is huge such that a big amount of customers can enjoy the meals at the same time. It serves a variety of food in the buffet with reasonable prices which most of the people can afford.

The building is made in Chinese style which reflects the traditional and cultural values of China. Inside the restaurant, big sitting and dining area is available for meals. The dim lights and a slight red shade make the essence of the Chinese traditions although it is very spacious from the inside lightings and the red shade more visible to eyes makes it cozier for the families to enjoy the meals as they do at home. On the entrance, the interior gives a sense of deprivation from the external world while on entering the restaurant the total shift from the external stimuli to a new surrounding makes one person relieve the anxiety or pressure that has been build up and mind becomes relaxed. There is a section for drinks and other for sitting or having meals.

The place is fairly clean and the staff members actively participate in cleaning the mess made on the tables after eating. Washrooms are also fairly clean such that one can go without noticing any stinky smell. It is very quiet inside and the waiters talk in a polite manner although they feel difficulty in understanding the language still they listen in a quiet manner without interrupting and understand by showing signs. The staff members are always wearing neat and clean outfits. They talk in a good manner with the customers and always converse with a smile on their face which makes their presence tolerable. They give special attention to the clients without any discrimination because every person that enters the restaurant is special to them.

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Their buffet includes a number

of delicious dishes which are very much tastier and healthier for the health. This buffet includes Chinese American and grilled items. The sushi bar in the buffet allows customers to create a customized sushi according to their taste which is delicious and freshly cooked, most customers come here for having this delight in the buffet. The Mongolian or hibachi grill attracts many customers for its tender texture and delicious taste. Salads and other side items are also available to eat. Stripped Hawaiian chicken is tasteful and soft adding this into buffet plate makes it a lot tastier. There is so much in the buffet to eat that one gets confused over which item to eat and which do not but the customers who came here regularly have developed their taste in some specific items like seafood sushi and other grilled items that they don’t have to think over the selection of items they just rush towards their favorite item have that in their plate and eat it. Regular customers are well acquainted with each item served in the buffet and know which item to prefer over the other because a little of this and a little of that topple up the plate. After the meal there is also a variety of desserts, most people tend to have ice-cream in dessert. This buffet is a full meal with dessert and in a reasonable pricing.

Most of the people come here because of the affordability and reasonable prices. The whole meal for a single person costs around ten to twelve bucks which is worth of the charges. The variety in the food allows less privileged people to have different varieties of food in a single meal, which otherwise they can not afford all the items in the single meal. This feature of their low charges rushes in the customers from different areas of work to come here and have a nice meal there. If someone wants to take away the food items with them, it will be enough for to last for two meals for a single person because of its huge nature. One can enjoy it in two meals, that is why some people ask to pack the food and take away with them.

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The place is always crowded with customers, some are coming some going and some waiting for their meals while others eating. It is a busy place which but the staff members are ordered by the management to not to compromise on the cleanliness of the restaurant as soon as someone gets up after eating the meal the staff members instantly come and clean the mess. That is why it is seen that the restaurant is well managed and neat and clean always. This feature attracts the customers to come and eat here because people see the standard of neatness of the place before they decide to have a meal there, their first priority is the cleanliness of the place then comes the taste and other things like decoration. If the place is clean and well managed it will attract customers to come but if it is not clean or it is tidy then customers are not attracted to come and eat there.

The food items that are served in the buffet are fresh and clean. The running and busy schedule of the restaurant shows its freshness. They make food items on a regular basis and if some item is sold out then they remake it to compensate the need of the customers because they care about the customers and someone asks about a specific dish in the buffet that is served regularly and it is not there it will degrade their clientele so they care about the reputation of their restaurant and never run short on the available food items.

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The opening time of the restaurant buffet is around 11 am and it is opened throughout the year except on the days of public holidays or some special events. It closes routinely around 9 pm and ends the services.

China Garden Buffet is a leading name in the business of restaurants and buffet servings. It is due to their quality servings and cares about the customer’s needs. After a very long time, they still maintained their standards in serving freshly cooked food items. To enjoy a nice meal with friends family or business associates one can come here.