Chinese Buffet

12 Fascinating Facts About Chinese Buffet You Need To Know

Chinese cuisine is one of the great meals in the world. For over 1000 years, Chinese dishes have become accommodated in most countries around the globe. The Chinese use their award-winning ingredients, exemplary culinary skills during their meal preparations, and the final presentation of the cooked dishes is a must-experience as they use traditionally decorated utensils which are eye-catching.

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In every Chinese restaurant, You will always get offered a buffet which gets prepared by professional chefs. In a Chinese Buffet menu, you will get to enjoy delicacies such as; Sushi, egg roll,  wonton soups, prawn crackers, hot or sour soup, crab Rangoon, salt and pepper chicken, Bang bang Ji, beef with broccoli and so much more. Here is an insight on the facts you should know about the Chinese Buffet.

The meals are eaten using chopsticks

Studies have shown that about 45 billion pairs of chopsticks get distributed around the world yearly. At every meal, chopsticks get provided. You will hardly spoons, knives, or forks on a Chinese buffet table. Eating using chopsticks is a distinctive aspect that many people have adapted. Most of these chopsticks get made with eco-friendly materials like softwood and bamboo meaning they can get decomposed once they get disposed.

Chinese Buffet

Chinese Buffet

Meals get prepared strictly with fresh products

Whenever you opt to enjoy the delicious Chinese buffet, rest assured that you will get to eat dishes which have got high nutritional values. Vegetables, fish, beef and all fruits are always fresh. Frozen products get less used in Chinese cuisines.

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A Chinese buffet gets prepared in various ways

Fish can get fried, steamed, smoked, marinated, or boiled whereas rice can get cooked or fried. You can never get bored of Chinese food as you can get a buffet with so much to choose. You can also get other meals prepared in many ways.

Versatile flavors, which makes their buffet irresistible

Salty, sour, bitter, sweet, or spicy dishes is what you will get to encounter in a Chinese buffet. These flavors must get balanced according to the traditional Chinese medicinal purposes. No matter how a meal becomes spicy, salty, or sweet, you are not required to add dressing like soy sauce. Rice is what gets served to make the meal reach your desired taste.

At a Chinese Buffet, you should expect to eat anything

Chinese eat anything that moves

On the buffet, you can get weird stuff like;

  1. Scorpions,
  2. Snakes
  3. Insects
  4. Pig legs, heart, boiled blood, kidney, heart, feet, and lungs
  5. Dog Hotpot, rats and many more. You should try these dishes as they are very delicious.

Large quantity of vegetables gets used

Fresh vegetables get used mostly in preparing salads. You should expect tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, broccoli. These plants are suitable for the bowel movement. There are other types of fruits found mainly in China like;

  1. Bitter cucumber,
  2. Pomeloes, and tree fungi.

The Chinese buffet consists mainly of rice and noodles

You will not find bread in Chinese cuisines, but you will get rice and noodles cooked with mastery skills. No matter what you want to eat, rice and noodles become the perfect combination. If you don’t prefer noodles, you can eat spaghetti.

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Most food has symbolic meanings

  1. Pomelos which is the origin of grapefruits represents abundance.
  2. Eggs are a sign of fertility
  3. The noodles do not get broken during preparation as they symbolize long life. During birthday parties, you will get the candles lit on them.
  4. The fish symbolizes wealth. When eating at a Chinese buffet, you should not turn over the fish as they believe that it also represents a boat which, when turned capsizes and it’s a sign of bad luck.
  5. The Duck always gets served as a whole, and it symbolizes fidelity. If you happen to attend a Chinese Buffet where they are celebrating a wedding party, you will notice red dishes and Duck also gets offered.
  6. Fruits like oranges and tangerines represent good luck and wealth.
  7. The Bamboo shoots are a sign of wealth while garlic clove symbolizes eternity.

The Chinese buffet menu offers a wide variety of meals

The main reason you can decide to eat at a buffet is to get a chance to taste various types of delicacies provided. At a Chinese buffet, you can encounter some meals like;

  1. Prawn tempura,
  2. Lamb with black pepper,
  3. Beef or chicken in dry Chili,
  4. Mapo Tofu,
  5. Hot and sour soup,
  6. Beef Fuyoung,
  7. Chili honey pork,
  8. Mapo bean curd,
  9. Vegetable Manchurian, and Swizler prawns.

Bone marrow is nutritious, and meals in a Chinese buffet have bones

Fish does not get filleted, and it gets served with head and bones intact. You can eat as you set the bones on an extra plate provided,  however, sometimes these bones are usually soft to chew.

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Food gets cooked into small bites that can get quickly taken with chopsticks

You will always get a few spoons, knives, or forks in a Chinese buffet. The Chinese believe that these utensils got once used as weapons and until now this tradition is still observed.  You should not worry about the small bites of food as the chopsticks provided can chop them correctly. Spoons that get produced are used to take the soup.

The Buffet is always beautifully decorated and eye-catching

A Chinese buffet gets excellently presented, and it’s still attractive. You will find the meals garnished with herbs, some get leaflike designs, and others have vegetables that get artistic carvings.

You now know the facts about a Chinese buffet. You will get to experience this fantastic Chinese way of dining. The unique aspects found in the Chinese dishes make it famous in the whole world. There are many Chinese restaurants in many countries which offer buffet services. All the meals are hand-made and always fresh. With these useful insights, you can now plan on your next visit to a Chinese restaurant to encounter what gets served on their varied menu. You will best enjoy this adventurous dining with the company of your family or friends.