Discover the Untold Legacy: Kimbo Slice Net Worth Revealed

In the world of combat sports, few names evoke as much intrigue and raw power as Kimbo Slice.

With his imposing physique and ferocious fighting style, he captivated audiences around the globe.

But there’s more to this formidable warrior than meets the eye.

Curious about the ins and outs of his remarkable journey, including the jaw-dropping figure that stands as his net worth?

Stay tuned as we delve into the thrilling life of Kimbo Slice.

kimbo slice net worth

Kimbo Slice had a net worth of $500,000 at the time of his death.

He gained fame for his street fights that were shared on the internet.

Slice had a diverse career, working as a bouncer, limousine driver, and bodyguard before his fighting career.

He had only one recorded street fight loss against Sean Gannon.

Slice made his sanctioned MMA debut in 2007 and signed a deal with

He was featured as the main event in the first MMA event shown on a major American broadcast network.

In addition to MMA, Slice also competed in professional boxing and had aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler.

He briefly had a career with the UFC and competed on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality TV show.

Slice made his pro boxing debut in 2011, winning his first fight in just ten seconds.

In 2015, he signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator MMA and won his debut match.

However, in 2016, Slice tested positive for traces of steroids in a pre-fight drug test, resulting in a fine and revoked fighting license.

Kimbo Slice was married, had three children, and several grandchildren.

He passed away on June 6, 2016, at the age of 42 from heart failure, with an autopsy revealing a mass on his liver.

Key Points:

  • Kimbo Slice had a net worth of $500,000 at the time of his death.
  • He gained fame for his street fights that were shared online.
  • Slice had a diverse career before his fighting career, working as a bouncer, limousine driver, and bodyguard.
  • He had one recorded street fight loss against Sean Gannon.
  • Slice competed in MMA, professional boxing, and had aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler.
  • He passed away at the age of 42 from heart failure, with an autopsy revealing a mass on his liver.

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Pro Tips:

1. Despite being known primarily as a street fighter, Kimbo Slice (also known as Kevin Ferguson) was a skilled football player in his younger years. He played linebacker at the University of Miami and even had a short stint in the National Football League (NFL) with the Miami Dolphins during the preseason in 1997.

2. During his time as a professional mixed martial artist, Kimbo Slice famously fought in Bellator MMA. However, what many people don’t know is that he initially gained recognition through a series of illegal backyard fights, which were filmed and uploaded on the internet. These underground fights famously spread across YouTube, helping to kickstart his career.

3. The origins of his unique nickname, “Kimbo Slice,” can be traced back to his childhood. Growing up, Kimbo’s Bahamian grandfather gave him the nickname “Kimbo,” which means “mighty warrior.” Slice was added later, paying homage to his older brother, whom he considered as his “slice” of the family.

4. In addition to his fighting career, Kimbo Slice also appeared in the world of professional wrestling. He made his wrestling debut in 2011 for the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) promotion under the ring name “Kevin Nash.” However, his time in the wrestling scene was brief, with only a handful of appearances.

5. Despite his success and fame, Kimbo Slice remained a humble and down-to-earth individual. He often dedicated his free time to promoting his community and helping those in need. In fact, he volunteered for a charity organization called “Hope For Kidz,” which aims to improve the lives of children in impoverished areas.

1. Kimbo Slice’s Humble Beginnings As A Bouncer And Limousine Driver

Kimbo Slice, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, had a remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a household name in the fighting world. Before his fighting career took off, Slice worked various jobs to make ends meet. He started as a bouncer, ensuring the safety of patrons in nightclubs, and later became a limousine driver, transporting clients to their destinations in style. Slice’s work as a bodyguard also exposed him to the realities of the fight game, fueling his aspirations to become a professional fighter.

Despite the challenges he faced in his early years, Slice’s dedication and perseverance shone through, paving the way for his future successes in combat sports.

2. The Rise Of Slice’s Fame Through Internet-Shared Street Fights

Slice’s rise to fame can be largely attributed to the captivating street fights that were shared on the internet. With his impressive physique and formidable fighting skills, he quickly gained a massive online following. These underground street fights, often taking place in backyards and abandoned lots, showcased Slice’s raw talent and his ability to dominate opponents.

The viral videos of his street fights created a buzz in the fighting community, with fans eagerly waiting for his next battles. Slice’s unyielding charisma and determination resonated with viewers, propelling him into the realm of stardom.

3. Slice’s Recorded Street Fight Loss And His Dominance In The MMA World

While Kimbo Slice gained notoriety through his street fights, one particular loss stood out among his victories. During a highly anticipated bout against Sean Gannon, an off-duty police officer, Slice experienced his first defeat. However, this setback fueled his determination to establish himself in the professional mixed martial arts (MMA) world.

In June 2007, Kimbo Slice made his sanctioned MMA debut, revealing his true potential as an elite fighter. His explosive power and relentless fighting style captivated audiences, rapidly increasing his popularity within the MMA community.

Key points:

  • Kimbo Slice faced his first defeat against Sean Gannon, an off-duty police officer.
  • This loss motivated him to succeed in professional MMA.
  • In June 2007, Slice made his sanctioned MMA debut.
  • His fighting style and power garnered him a following among MMA fans.

“Defeat only fueled Kimbo Slice’s determination.”

Kimbo Slice’s explosive power and relentless fighting style mesmerized the MMA community.

  • Defeated Sean Gannon, an off-duty police officer.
  • Rapid rise in popularity within the MMA community.

4. Signing A Deal With Proelite.Com And Making History On American Broadcast Network

After gaining recognition in the MMA world, Kimbo Slice‘s talent was noticed by, who wasted no time in signing him to a lucrative deal. This opportunity allowed Slice to showcase his skills on a bigger stage and compete against some of the best fighters in the world.

In a groundbreaking moment for the sport, Kimbo Slice was featured as the main event of the first MMA event shown on a major American broadcast network. This historic event solidified his status as a prominent figure in the fighting world and opened doors for other fighters to gain exposure on national television.

5. Slice’s Diverse Fighting Career In MMA, Boxing, And Aspirations In Pro Wrestling

Kimbo Slice was not just limited to MMA in his fighting career. He also ventured into professional boxing and expressed interest in pro wrestling. His versatility as a combat sports athlete allowed him to explore different disciplines and test his skills in various arenas.

While MMA remained his primary focus, Slice successfully debuted in boxing, highlighting his power and knockout ability. This demonstrated his dedication to expanding his horizons as a fighter and his passion for the sport.

  • Slice was not only involved in MMA but also tried his hand at professional boxing and had aspirations for pro wrestling.
  • His versatility as a combat sports athlete allowed him to explore different disciplines.
  • Slice’s dedication to expanding his horizons as a fighter showcased his passion for the sport.
  • He successfully debuted in boxing, showcasing his power and knockout ability.

6. Brief Stint With The UFC And Appearance On “The Ultimate Fighter” TV Show

Kimbo Slice’s journey took an exciting turn when he had a brief stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier MMA organization in the world. Slice’s popularity and fighting style caught the attention of the UFC, leading to an opportunity for him to compete on the reality TV show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Although his time in the UFC was relatively short-lived, Slice’s participation in “The Ultimate Fighter” helped him gain exposure to a broader audience, further solidifying his status as a fan favorite and cultural icon in the fighting world.

7. Pro Boxing Debut And A Victorious 10-Second Fight

Slice’s pursuit of combat sports reached its pinnacle with his professional boxing debut in 2011. In an astonishing display of power and precision, he won his first boxing match in a mere ten seconds, delivering a devastating knockout punch that left his opponent stunned and fans in awe.

This remarkable victory showcased Slice’s adaptability as a fighter and his ability to excel in various disciplines. Furthermore, it solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, regardless of the sport he chose to compete in.

8. Joining Bellator MMA For A Multi-Fight Deal And Successful Debut Performance

In 2015, Kimbo Slice signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator MMA, a prominent organization known for its exciting matchups and high-profile events. Slice’s transition to Bellator MMA offered him the opportunity to continue his fighting career on a larger platform.

With his undeniable talent and proven track record, Slice made a successful debut in Bellator MMA, impressing fans and critics alike. His victory further solidified his standing as one of the most electrifying fighters in the promotion and attracted even more attention to his remarkable journey.

9. Controversy Surrounding Slice’s Failed Drug Test And Revoked Fighting License

In 2016, Kimbo Slice faced controversy when he tested positive for traces of steroids in a pre-fight drug test. This revelation led to a fine and the temporary revocation of his fighting license, putting a pause on his explosive career.

Despite this setback, Slice’s legacy as a fighter remained intact. The controversy surrounding his failed drug test highlighted the pressures and temptations faced by athletes in the fight game, bringing attention to the broader issue of performance-enhancing substances in sports.

10. Kimbo Slice’s Personal Life, Family, And His Untimely Death At The Age Of 42

Beyond the world of fighting, Kimbo Slice was a dedicated family man. He was married and had three children, as well as several grandchildren. Slice’s personal life was an integral part of who he was as a fighter, providing him with unwavering support and motivation throughout his career.

Tragically, on June 6, 2016, at the age of 42, Kimbo Slice passed away due to heart failure. An autopsy revealed a mass on his liver, shedding light on the health challenges Slice faced behind the scenes. His untimely death shocked the fighting community and fans worldwide, leaving a void that can never truly be filled.

Kimbo Slice’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be $500,000. While financial success is one aspect of his legacy, it is his impact on the fighting world that truly sets him apart. From his humble beginnings as a bouncer and limousine driver to his rise to fame through internet-shared street fights, Slice’s journey captivated hearts and minds around the globe.

His dominance in the MMA world, brief stints in the UFC and professional boxing, and aspirations in pro wrestling showcased his versatility and unwavering dedication to his craft. Slice’s personal tragedy and premature death only solidify his place as a beloved figure in the fighting community.

Kimbo Slice’s legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring fighters and as a reminder of the passion, resilience, and unwavering spirit that can be found within the pursuit of a dream. His impact and contributions to combat sports will forever remain an indelible part of his untold legacy.


You may need to know these questions about kimbo slice net worth

How much did UFC pay Kimbo Slice?

UFC paid Kimbo Slice a substantial amount for his brief appearance in the octagon. Despite his 14-second loss, Slice received a hefty paycheck of $500,000. This demonstrates the financial value placed on his star power and the intrigue surrounding his fighting career, even in a short-lived match.

How did Kimbo Slice make money?

Kimbo Slice found a way to monetize his fighting skills by engaging in underground bare-knuckle brawls. These illicit fights offered Kimbo both a personal challenge and a lucrative opportunity. With a reputation as a formidable fighter, Kimbo was not only seeking to test himself but also to make money. These brawls attracted a significant audience, accompanied by wagers, and Kimbo sometimes offered a substantial sum of $5,000 to anyone who could match his stake and defeat him. By participating in these gritty confrontations, Kimbo Slice was able to earn a living through his raw fighting talent and the allure of his larger-than-life persona.

Who is Kimbo Slice married to?

Kimbo Slice is married to L. Shontae, with whom he tied the knot in May 1994. They share three children together, namely RaeChelle, Kevin II, and Kevinah. The couple has also been blessed with three grandsons named Kevin III, Akieno, and Kimbo-Legacy, as well as one granddaughter named Isis.

Who has the biggest UFC pay?

With a staggering career earnings of approximately 25.3 million U.S. dollars solely from UFC fights, Conor McGregor, popularly known as Notorious, holds the crown for the biggest UFC pay. Despite not accounting for any undisclosed bonuses or pay-per-view earnings, McGregor’s remarkable success inside the octagon has catapulted him to the top of the earnings list, making him synonymous with financial success in the world of UFC. As one of the most charismatic fighters in the sport and a master of self-promotion, McGregor’s record-breaking pay demonstrates the alluring power of his brand and his ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

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