Panda Express Fried Rice Recipe – How To Prepare Fried Rice

Visiting Panda Express today. From the wide range of dishes offered t Panda Express. Choosing a favorite one among the group can become a quite daunting task. But I assure you going for Panda Express fried rice is a great choice that you won’t regret. More so Panda Express fried rice has received a lot of likes and positive reviews on social media and on another platform. On top of that, there are a wide variety of recipes that may aid you to prepare your favorite Panda Express right in the comfort of your room.

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If you are still planning to visit the Panda Express and you’re not aware what Panda Express Fried rice, is, what is its nutritional value and if really the dish is worth a single dollar you spent, you don’t need to worry as this article will explicitly explain the latter aspects in a clear-cut manner.

Panda Express fried rice is prepared by using white rice. However, the ancient times saw Panda express use the favorite Brown rice. Nutritional value of the brown rice may have caused a shift to the use of white rice.

Panda Express Fried Rice

Panda Express Fried Rice

Panda Express Fried Rice-White Rice Vs Brown Rice

But while preparing the Panda express Fried rice at home it will be important to use white rice as it might bring Panda Express nostalgic feelings and Memories as well. However, you may also decide to use already cooked rice and you will still be good to go.

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I know this may sound funny but it works. I assure you of that. Moreover the recent times, there are other changes in the recipe used to prepare the Panda Express Fried rice. The ancient times saw the Panda express use eggs but the recent times, they have swapped the use of eggs to corn.

This may be due to economic reasons. But after reading reviews from different customers, then I didn’t ogre well to them as it killed some of the rice flavors. However, you can go for corn or eggs any can do. But in the long run, you will stick to the use of eggs. The race to preparing Panda Express Fried rice is on. Let’s start by understanding the

Panda Express Fried Rice Recipe

You can prepare the Panda Express Fried Rice Recipe right in the comfort of your room. However, you may need to first purchase the following ingredients.

  • 3 tablespoon of Canola oil
  • 2 eggs of course which are beaten.
  • 6 cups of white cooled rice
  • ¼ Cup of Soy Sauce, Source for
  • one cup of Carrot mix and frozen peas and lastly, the Panda
  • A teaspoon of sesame oil.
Panda Express Fried Rice

Panda Express Fried Rice

Panda Express Fried Rice Preparation Instructions

Place your oil in the work and heating it till the oil evaporates. Remember that improvising here is a matter that you should keep in mind. In any case whatsoever you cannot afford to purchase the work, you may find an alternative means of heating your oil.

Add the eggs and stir. You can cook and break the eggs into smaller and smaller pieces till all the eggs are well cooked. For corn users, they may substitute the eggs for corn. Anyway, not everybody likes eggs and the reverse is true for corns.

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You can add in the cooled white rice and jointly stir the mixture together. However, at this step, it will disagree with the improvising nature of the ingredients as you may switch to the use of brown rice if you feel deem to do so.

Add the soy sauce until the instance when everything will be fully coated. On top of the coated mixture, you can now add peas and carrot and you will be required to toss the mixture for the second time. The last step will require you to add sesame oil. You will mix the overall mixture.

Panda Express Nutritional Facts and Values

I will be worthy for you to understand the nutritional facts and the value of the panda express fried Rice. First, the meal boosts of an overall 520 calories which are a summation of individual calorie requirement.

Moreover, the meal has an added sodium content of about 850 mg, the sugar content of about 3gm, protein content of 11 gm and lastly fiber content of 1gm. More so the nutritional value of the ingredients used in the preparation of the Fried Rice may vary from one place to another based on seasonal and geographical issues.

While preparing the Panda Express fried rice, there is the use of almost all the use of all ingredients that boasts of large quantities of peanuts, eggs, fish milk soy and wheat.

It will be vital to understanding that Panda prepress its entrees fresh by the use of shared cooking equipment. More so if you may want to grab vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, this may not be the place for you as you will definitely have to pay for the latterly mentioned foods.

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Panda Express Fries Rice Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Panda Express Fried Rice is a favorite dish that you must order for with your visit to the Panda Express. You should also try the Homemade Panda Express Fried Recipe out. It may save you a great time and some dollars too.