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We all love the benefits that come with eating out, right? The comfort of not cooking, have your dishes getting dietary and the fact that you are going to eat a delicious meal made by somebody deals is just amazing. So, how often do you eat out?

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If you are a busy person, chances are you never get to cook at home. Since most of your time you are always out, you find yourself eating at fast food places. What is your favourite take away? Do you find yourself eating the same meal every day?

Panda Express Menu

Panda Express Menu

I work in an office down the street. I am usually there most days of the week and what I notice is during lunchtime, most people tend to eat fast food at lunch. Gone are the days when we used to pack our lunch to work, so what is the difference between eating out and eating at home?

Eating out vs eating at home

When you are planning to eat at home or to eat out, there are factors that you consider. They are the one that guides you on whether you should have a homemade meal or you should just go ahead a have a meal at fast food, the factors include;

  • Your budget

Tough economic times comes with decisions that are meant to favour your pocket. When it comes to making your meal at home, you tend to spend less than if you were to buy one at fast food. So, if you were to work with a budget, it is more convenient for you to make your own meals and pack.

  • The menu

Most of the time we choose to have our meals at home is since there are fewer choices to choose from at your home fast food. That leaves you with no choice than to make your own meal at home just as you wanted.

  • Healthy choices

It is a thing for people who are watching their weight. They tend to have their meal from home since they perceive to be healthier than have fast food dishes. At times, it is true, fast food is full of calories and fat and cannot favour a person trying to lose weight.

  • Location

At times, your location matters also. If you live in a place with fast food joints, chances of you eating out are high. That is because you have an option at your doorstep. If you don’t have fast food near you, you will be forced to have your meals from home since you don’t have a choice.

Panda Express Menu

Panda Express Menu

About Panda Express

Have you ever been to one? If not, you need to treat yourself one of this fine days. If you want to have a tasty meal specially made for you, panda express is where you need to visit. With over 2000 branches worldwide, am sure you will have one to choose from.

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The founders are brilliant, they came up with the idea of serving Chinese food after noticing the demand for some good Asian meals. Over the years, they have been successful n doing so and have managed to be peoples favourite with people from all walks of life enjoying their delicious food.

It comes with experience. Their chef has experience when it comes to making the Chinese food. They do it with a lot of passion and the results are mouth-watering delicacies that will leave you wanting for more. All you need to do is to walk in and have a look at their menu for then to serve.

Panda Express Menu

If you are to dine with them, the first thing you will be required to do is have a look at their menu. They have one of a kind I must admit. That is because it has details that will inform you more about your meal and what you will consume if you were to have a certain meal.

The menu has a lot to choose from. From their signature meal the orange chicken breast to other chicken, beef and seafood, you will always have a delicious meal to try out. Each meal comes with details about the price and nutrition. Where else would you find that?

What you need to know about the Panda Express menu

Before you sit and get to order a meal from the menu, it is wise to know the following when it comes to the panda express menu, that will help you make a better choice of food;

  • Have a look online

It is best to spend some time looking at the menu online. Since you are not in a pressure to order, you will look at it carefully in details and get to know it well. You will know what meal suits your budget for eating out and what is healthy according to your diet intake.

Having a look will make you make your decision on what to have and avoid next time you walk into their premises. With that, you get to make better choices of food and get to stay on track as far as your budget is concerned.

  • Don’t be in a hurry

Don’t be in a hurry to order any meal. Hasty decisions are made when you don’t get to look and study the menu. Don’t go for hat your friends are going for. Always be keen and choose what you want depending on what you have and what you want.

  • Ask what you don’t understand

Asking means you get to know what you don’t know. Don’t he shay to ask questions. The workers at panda express are friendly and at your service. They will answer all your questions that you ask. Next time you walk down there, don’t assume things, ask around for answers.

  • Each different each time
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Though you will find yourself having a favourite meal, it is good to always have a different meal each time you walk in to dine with them. That is the only way you will know what tastes better than the rest. Enjoy and treat your taste buds by ordering different every time you are down there.

Panda express Prices

It is the aim of every business to make profit. They do that by selling their products at a profit. With panda express, they have been successful in delivering what people love and with that, they have seen rising of their profit to a point of opening many branches worldwide.

For those who have to dine with panda express, they can attest to the fact that their prices are the best in the industry. That has led them to be the best and peoples favourite. Every person with any budget can walk in at panda express and have a delicious meal and be full.

When you look at their food prices, you will be amazed. For as low as a dollar, you can have a dish at panda express. If you were to go for a large entrée, you will part with $30-$40 which is fair enough. For you to have the best of their prices, make sure you;

  • Stick to your budget

Having a budget in mind will help a lot. That is because there are a lot of meals that are delicious for you to eat. Having a budget will make you not overspend your money while eating at the panda. With a limit, you will always have a meal for you to enjoy.

  • Share dishes

If you are in a group of friends or colleagues at work, you can comfortably have a large entree and get to cost share the budget. That will cost less on your side than ordering a meal on your own. Next time think about the and calculate and see how much you will save with that.

  • Go through the prices before you order

That is the work of the menu, to inform you of what you are about to order and the price. You will not have the best prices unless you look through the menu. The amazing part is that you can build your plate and have your price set. I find it cheaper that way than to have a meal on the menu.

  • Watch out for offers

Yes, it is a wonderful time for you to have a meal at a discount. Watch out for gift coupons, discounts and any offers that they may have for you. That way you can take advantage of the offer to have a meal or treat yourself with a meal that you see to be expensive.

Panda Express Nutrition

Nutrition is what you will get in a certain food if you are to consume it. It is something that is also found in the panda express menu. They do that to inform you of what you are to get if you were to order a certain meal. So, what is included in panda express nutrition?

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When a meal is made at panda express, there are components in the meals that are worth mentioning. That will help an individual in making an informed decision especially if they are trying to lose weight, the components include;

  1. Calories

It is key for every meal. Calories act as fuel in our body. They provide the necessary energy for your body to function. We need calories for our body and organs to function properly. Unlike what people believe, calories are essential and should not be avoided as most people do.

Every adult needs 1500-2000 calories each day for their body to perform specific functions. You will get the calories by consuming food that will provide that. Any daily intake of more than 2000 calories is termed as excess and is stored in the body as fat.

It is therefore important that you know the number of calories you are consuming. From that, you can know how much you need to consume and which meal is good for you at a specific time. Panda express helps you in that by providing you with the information for you to decide.

Calories are made of;


They are known as energy giving food. They are foods that when we consume, we accumulate the calories in our body. We should know the number of carbohydrates that we are consuming if we are to stay in shape. That is the information on the menu is essential.


We get that from the fats and oils we cook with and other food we consume like nuts and some seafood. Excess of that would mean that you will accumulate fat in your body which is something you don’t want. Having the information helps you know which food to choose and which to avoid.

  1. Proteins

They are for body repairing. They are necessary to consume but should be taken in small portions. When you have a lot of this, it can also lead to accumulation in the body ringing your health issues. There are a lot of meals with proteins at panda express, it is up to you to make wise decisions.

  1. Sodium

It is something that has been n discussion for long of how Chinese food is served with a lot of sodium more than the daily dietary intake. Whether true or not, knowing your daily intake will be good since it will help you in controlling the amount of sodium that you take.

When it comes to nutrition, you should be keen on checking the information to make sure that you keep your daily intake of specific components. That will come in handy in making sure you avoid certain diseases that come with the food we consume. You also get to keep your weight constant.

Eating outcomes with its convenience and difficulties. You must make a wise decision on what to take. Panda express menu, prices and nutrition is all you need for you to decide whether to eat out or not. The information is enough for you to read before you choose a certain meal.