Panda Express Sauce Review

Have you ever been to a barbecue party? That happens a lot during anniversaries, birthday party or any outdoor activities. It is a great moment to bond with friends and families. That is where food is the centre of it all, what do I mean?

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Barbecue is all about outdoor fire, meat and sauce, lots of sauce. That means you need to prepare your meat by marinating, roasting it over a grill then topping a sauce to make the meal or sausages complete. Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of the sauce?

Panda Express Sauce

Panda Express Sauce

To some, it is a non-issue. All you need is good friends around you and good food including a sauce and you are good for a good party, but if you are a cooking maniac like me, you will wonder more. You will wonder why the sauce is a must on the meat and why is it that sweet in food.

Food is all about how it tastes, right? There is no way you can have and enjoy a meal which your tongue cannot feel the taste. That is why we need to know more about the sauce. If you want to know how vital it is, try to have a meal that is meant to be eaten with a sauce without it.

What is the difference?

Well, if you have done so, then try having the meal with a sauce, the difference is there right? Yes, some meals can be stale and without any taste if it was to be taken without a sauce. A good example is the noodles. Noodles can be all boring and tasteless to eat without a sauce.

What does the sauce do? The sauce is meant to enhance that taste. Yes, a good sauce is supposed to bring out the taste in a meal. That is what a roasted steak with teriyaki sauce will always be tasty and delicious than that without. With that said, what is a sauce?

What is a sauce?

You have been using it in many hotels, eating places and even at home. It is something that is almost impossible to miss in eating joints. That is because they know the importance of having it in a meal. It is served as a side dish in many meals at home or eating joints.

It has been used over the years with its initial use being that of enhancing taste in the tasteless meal. It was and is still being used to make a less interesting meal be more entertaining to your mouth. Sounds interesting right?

To get the meaning right, one can describe a sauce as a liquid or semi-liquid meal or dish that is provided or served another meal to enhance the way it tastes and add more moisture to the food. That means that if you are served a sauce, the meal you are having might be dry or less tasty.

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That explains a lot in terms of roasted meals. That is because since ages, roasted and boiled meals tend to be flat in taste and that is why they are always served with a sauce. Barbecue joints and places at home are full of sauce bottles, right?

About Panda Express Sauce

Have you ever been to a panda express joint? If you have been there, you will agree with me that they are the best in the industry. With food that they serve, you will walk in and out of their premises finger licking yourself due to the delicious meals.

That is all thanks to their delicious dishes that their chef makes with lots of passion and love. From orange chicken to teriyaki chicken, the meals are carefully crafted and put together rot make sure their customers have the meal of their lifetime at their premises.

When it comes to the way they present the meals, it is clear evidence that they know what they are doing. They carefully place their meal is a well-presented platter, garnish and have a sauce to accompany the meal where necessary.

One thing that is notable at panda express is the sauce. If you have ever had a meal with a sauce at their place, you will agree with me that their sauce is one of the best. Just what makes the sauce popular and tasty like that? What is their secret? First, let us look at what makes a sauce.

Elements of a sauce

It is a thing that you can pull it at home very easily. Panda Express has a chef that has been doing this for years. They can make sauces from their available ingredients. Their sauce comes out so perfect making the customers come for more each time they need a good meal.

A sauce is simple to make. It involves ingredients that you can keep in the house and make one when necessary. At Panda, they keep the components available in case they need to make a sauce. The elements are;

  • A body

That is the means in which the sauce will be in. it should be liquid or semiliquid and that is why a stock, milk or fat can be used here. They are ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen almost all the time.

  • A thickening agent

For you to enjoy your sauce like it is supposed to, it needs to be thick. Likewise, at panda express, their sauce is usually thick and attractive. That makes it be a suitable accompaniment of your dish. Roux, starch or a liaison is a good example of a thickening agent.

  • Flavouring

After all, that is what a sauce is all about, making your mouth burst with flavours right? For that to happen, you need to have some flavours in the sauce. That is why flavours are added to a sauce to season it and make it interesting. With that, the whole meal will be very tasty and worth every bite.

Importance of a sauce in a Meal at Panda Express

Have you ever asked yourself why you were served the sauce at panda express? Except for flavour enhancement, what is the importance of this side dish? Well, read along as I guide you on the vital importance of a sauce to be used in a meal at panda express;

  • For the taste
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If you were to walk into panda express and they serve you will flat tasting noodles or a stale steak, would you look forward to having it again.? Chances are you will never want to have anything to do with them, again right? Well, panda express knows that very well.

That is why they have their own signature sauce for every dish. That is to makes sure their customer enjoys every meal without noticing whether it was initially delicious or not. The sauce is meant to bring out the sharp taste of the meal that old have been hidden without it.

  • Moisture in a meal

Moisture is needed to make eating easy. There is nothing boring than eating dry, difficult food to swallow as a meal. It can be uncomfortable and chances are you will not enjoy such a meal. That is why there is sauce for such food.

Panda Express will serve you will a creamy sauce to accompany that grilled meat that is in your order. That is to make sure you enjoy your meal without difficulty in swallowing. That is what you will always have a sauce to accompany mashed potatoes and any other dry form dish.

  • Aid in digestion

It has been a reason for having a sauce since ages. Yes, a sauce has a long way in ensuring that your bowel movement is not right and functioning. That is all thanks to the ingredients used to make the sauce. A good example is a sauce with ginger and garlic.

With a special request, you can have a herbal, mint or the applesauce that you can use to soothe your belly. It is convenient and good since panda express will do all that on request. Such sauce is meant for people who are sensitive when it comes to what they eat.

  • Brings out the appetite

That explains a lot when it comes to kid’s servings. Have you ever noticed the way kid’s food is usually served with a lot of sauces? That is to enhance their eating mood. It is true that having a meal with a sauce shoots your appetite to another level.

Sometimes when you are not in the mood of eating but still you want something from panda express, make an order of a meal with a sauce. You will be a mood for a bite once you have the first one. That is thanks to the wonders of a sauce

Characteristics of a Panda Express sauce

Why is their sauce considered the best? If you walk around, you will hear the stories of how panda express sauce is the best. The reviews on social media are clear evidence that they must be doing something right. here is why panda express sauce is as good as people say;

  • Thickness
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Panda expresses always get it right when it comes to mixing their ingredients. The thickness being determined by the roux and the starch, the chef obtain the right ration to make sure their sauce turns out the best with the right thickness for the customers to enjoy.

Getting the harmony in the sauce is what they focus on. The sauce is never too thick or too runny. They make sure they balance the viscosity for a perfectly made sauce. With it, they are sure the customers will enjoy and ask for more.

  • Texture

Do you love the feeling of panda express sauce in your mouth? That is what a sauce is all about. The way the particles distribute in your mouth when you have a sauce makes you understand what a sauce is all about. The sauce burst into someone’s mouth in the right way and that is what you need.

  • Colour

Colour matters when it comes to food. You tend to be driven to a meal that has good colour and presentation. That is why you should garnish and present your food well. That also applies to the sauce. The more the colour, the more it will drive someone to use it.

Panda express sauce is colourful and eye pleasing. Each time you are served with a bowl of the sauce, the temptation of tasting arises. That is the same way that you will enjoy your food presented with the sauce. That explains why sauces at their premises red, orange and other bright colours are.

  • Taste

It is what the sauce is all about, enhancing the taste. Panda express sauce tastes wonderful. That is because they get their ingredients right and in a balanced proportion. That makes the sauce to have a bursting taste without overwhelming the main dish. That way, they always get it right.

Types of Panda express sauce

Panda Express has come up with a great idea. Of making sure that every customer who has a taste of their sauce and get to likes it can get the sauce. That has made their customers love them more due to their passion in making the customer always happy and contented.

The sauce is specially made by panda express. They put the ingredients together to make sure that what you got at their premises is that you are going to get at the shops or online. That way, you will have the same taste in a sauce like the one they are using at panda express.

They try their best to make sure that the teriyaki sauce, orange sauce and many other sauces are available for you to purchase. Then they carefully select what to mix to make sure you enjoy the flavours even at home.

using a sauce as a meal side dish is something that is common in our eating joints. Panda express being the leading one, they have carefully mastered the art of making a sauce for their meals. That have seen their customers enjoying their meals each time they walk into their premises.