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Attack on Survey Corps: The Hidden Secrets Unveiled

Step into the perilous world of the Survey Corps, where colossal titans loom and humanity teeters on the edge of extinction.

AstroNut Games has unleashed their latest gaming masterpiece, “Attack on Survey Corps,” immersing players in the heart-pounding action of the Attack on Titan universe.

With thrilling new storylines, stunning visuals, and relentless updates, prepare to join the battle for survival like never before.

Brace yourself, for your choices in this game will determine the fate of humanity.

attack on survey corps

The Attack on Survey Corps game, developed by AstroNut Games, was recently released with version 0.14.1.

It is set in the Attack on Titan universe and features familiar characters.

The game is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Updates and new content are continuously being added by the developer.

Some scenes with Mikasa, the Instructor, Annie, and Christa have been updated, and more work is still to be done, including finishing Annie’s branch and adding Hange’s branch.

New events have been added to the shower room and steam room locations, and older backgrounds/scenes have been redrawn and updated.

Additionally, a new character has been introduced to the game.

The stories of Ymir/Christa have continued with new events, and the girls’ sprites have been redrawn.

The developer appreciates positive reviews and player support.

The game also includes revamped UI, a new quest line, redrawn artwork, bug fixes, and a fan-based parody.

Key Points:

  • Attack on Survey Corps game released with version 0.14.1 by AstroNut Games.
  • Set in the Attack on Titan universe with familiar characters.
  • Available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
  • Continuous updates and new content by the developer.
  • Updated scenes and new characters added.
  • Redrawn artwork, bug fixes, revamped UI, and fan-based parody included.

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Pro Tips:

1. The survey corps, also known as the Scout Regiment, was originally established with the primary purpose of exploring and mapping the uncharted territory beyond the Walls, rather than engaging in military combat.

2. The first recorded attack on the survey corps took place in the year 844. At that time, a group of 12 Titans ambushed a survey mission, resulting in the death of numerous soldiers, including the commanding officer, Captain Carlo Pikale.

3. During the attack on the survey corps by the Female Titan, also known as Annie Leonhart, several members of the regiment were able to identify her true identity due to her unique fighting techniques, which resembled those taught at the Military Police Brigade training grounds.

4. In an attempted surprise attack on the survey corps, a faction known as the Beast Titan appeared unexpectedly and threw a barrel containing abnormal Titans, leading to the deaths of many soldiers. This marked the first encounter with this particular type of Titan.

5. Despite multiple attacks on the survey corps, their overall success rate in completing missions was relatively high. Despite heavy casualties and constant danger, the scouts managed to gather vital information about Titans, contributing significantly to humanity’s chances of survival.

Astronut Games Releases Attack On Survey Corps Game With Version 0.14.1

AstroNut Games has launched a new game called Attack on Survey Corps with version 0.14.1. This game is set in the universe of Attack on Titan and focuses on the epic struggle between humanity and towering giants.

With this latest version, players can experience the heart-pounding action and thrilling adventures that the Attack on Titan series is known for.

  • The game is set in the Attack on Titan universe.
  • Version 0.14.1 of Attack on Survey Corps is now available.
  • Players can immerse themselves in the epic struggle between humanity and giants.

Familiar Characters From Attack On Titan Universe Featured In New Game

One of the most appealing aspects of the Attack on Survey Corps game is the inclusion of familiar characters from the Attack on Titan universe. Players can step into the shoes of iconic characters such as Mikasa, the Instructor, Annie, Christa, and many more as they navigate through treacherous environments and face formidable enemies. The game’s attention to detail ensures that players will truly feel like they are a part of the immersive Attack on Titan world.

Available On Windows, Linux, Mac, And Android

AstroNut Games has made Attack on Survey Corps available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. This means that fans of Attack on Titan can now play the game on their preferred device. By providing this accessibility, the game allows players from diverse backgrounds to join the battle and fight alongside their favorite characters against the Titans. It’s an exciting opportunity for fans to experience the thrill of defending humanity.

Developer Continuously Updates And Adds New Content To The Game

AstroNut Games is fully dedicated to delivering a dynamic and captivating gaming experience to its players. The exceptional team behind the Attack on Survey Corps game consistently works on updates and frequently introduces fresh content to keep players engaged and entertained. By actively considering player feedback and incorporating requested features, the developers strive to maintain the game’s novelty and enthusiasm for both new and experienced players.

  • The team at AstroNut Games is committed to providing a constantly evolving and engaging gaming experience.
  • The Attack on Survey Corps game is continuously updated and enriched with new content.
  • Player feedback is crucial in shaping the game’s development.
  • The developers ensure that requested features are implemented to keep the game exciting.
  • The game caters to both new and experienced players, offering a fresh experience for all.

“We aim to create a gaming experience that is always evolving, and we value the input of our players in achieving that.” – AstroNut Games.

Updated Scenes With Mikasa, The Instructor, Annie, And Christa

In order to provide players with an even more immersive Attack on Titan experience, AstroNut Games has made significant updates to key scenes featuring beloved characters. Notably, Mikasa, the Instructor, Annie, and Christa have all received attention in these enhancements. The goal is to strengthen the players’ emotional connection with these iconic figures and enhance the game’s captivating narrative.

The updated scenes not only boast visually stunning graphics but also offer a more engaging storyline. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that players will be captivated by the experience from beginning to end.

Some notable improvements include:

  • More lifelike rendering of characters
  • Enhanced facial expressions to convey emotions more effectively
  • Improved background and environmental details
  • Additional dialogues that provide deeper insight into the characters’ motivations and personalities

Ultimately, these updates serve to create a truly authentic Attack on Titan experience that fans of the series will greatly appreciate and enjoy.

“With the latest updates, AstroNut Games has truly exceeded expectations in delivering an immersive gameplay experience that fans have long-awaited.”

Work In Progress: Finishing Annie’s Branch And Adding Hange’s Branch

While Attack on Survey Corps already offers an impressive roster of characters and branching storylines, AstroNut Games is hard at work to expand the game even further. With future updates, players can look forward to the completion of Annie’s branch, which will undoubtedly provide thrilling new gameplay opportunities. Additionally, the developer plans to introduce Hange’s branch, allowing players to delve into the fascinating world of this enigmatic character. These upcoming additions will undoubtedly provide even more depth and excitement to the already captivating game.

New Events Added To Shower Room And Steam Room Locations

AstroNut Games recognizes the significance of gameplay diversity and has introduced new events to different locations in the game, including the shower room and the steam room. These additions offer players unique opportunities to interact with characters, uncover hidden secrets, and obtain valuable rewards. By expanding the range of gameplay possibilities, AstroNut Games guarantees that players will have countless engaging activities to explore and enjoy throughout their Attack on Survey Corps journey.

Redrawn And Updated Older Backgrounds/Scenes

To enhance the visual experience and ensure the game’s aesthetic remains consistent, AstroNut Games has revisited and redrawn older backgrounds and scenes. This meticulous attention to detail not only improves the overall appearance of the game but also demonstrates the developer’s commitment to delivering a polished and immersive gaming experience. Players can expect stunning visuals that truly transport them into the fascinating world of Attack on Titan.

Introduction Of A New Character To The Game

In an exciting development, Attack on Survey Corps introduces a new character to the game’s roster. This addition adds another layer of complexity and intrigue to the already rich storyline, providing players with new relationships to explore and uncover. The new character seamlessly integrates into the Attack on Titan universe, offering fresh perspectives and unique gameplay experiences that will thrill longtime fans and newcomers alike.

  • Adds new character to the game’s roster
  • Expands the storyline with more complexity and intrigue
  • New relationships to explore and uncover
  • Seamless integration into the Attack on Titan universe
  • Provides fresh perspectives
  • Offers unique gameplay experiences that will thrill fans

“This addition brings a thrilling new aspect to the game, creating exciting opportunities for both longtime fans and newcomers alike.”

Ymir/Christa’s Stories Continue With New Events

For fans of Ymir and Christa, AstroNut Games has exciting news. The developer has continued these characters’ stories in Attack on Survey Corps with new events that further develop their compelling narratives. This ensures that players who are particularly invested in these characters can enjoy a deep and satisfying storyline that expands upon their journeys within the Attack on Titan universe.

AstroNut Games’ release of Attack on Survey Corps with version 0.14.1 brings the captivating world of Attack on Titan to gamers worldwide. With familiar characters, frequent updates, and additional content, players can expect an immersive and ever-evolving gaming experience. The game’s updated scenes, introduction of new characters, and expanded storylines only add to the excitement and anticipation for what the future holds in the Attack on Survey Corps universe.

Positive reviews and player support are sure to be highly appreciated by the dedicated developer, AstroNut Games. So, join the ranks of the Survey Corps and be prepared to defend humanity against the Titans in this fan-based parody that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Key points:

  • AstroNut Games has continued the stories of Ymir and Christa in Attack on Survey Corps.
  • The game offers a deep and satisfying storyline for players invested in these characters.
  • Version 0.14.1 brings the world of Attack on Titan to gamers worldwide.
  • Expect an immersive and ever-evolving gaming experience.
  • The game introduces new characters and expands the storylines.
  • Positive reviews and player support are highly appreciated by AstroNut Games.

Join the ranks of the Survey Corps and be prepared to defend humanity against the Titans.


You may need to know these questions about attack on survey corps

1. How did the attack on the survey corps impact the overall goals and strategies of the organization?

The attack on the Survey Corps had a significant impact on the organization’s overall goals and strategies. Firstly, it severely weakened their fighting force and disrupted their ability to gather valuable information beyond the walls. The Survey Corps was primarily responsible for exploring the world outside the walls and learning about the Titans, so this attack hindered their ability to fulfill this crucial mission.

Additionally, the attack highlighted the vulnerabilities of the organization and the urgent need for improved defense and protection measures. The organization had to reassess their strategies and focus more on fortifying their bases and creating better defenses against future attacks. This incident forced them to prioritize their safety and survival and resulted in a shift from purely offensive strategies to a more defensive approach.

2. What were the main factors or motivations behind the attack on the survey corps?

The main factors behind the attack on the survey corps can be attributed to the overwhelming fear and resentment towards the organization. The survey corps were known for their dangerous expeditions outside the walls and searching for the truth about the Titans and the world. However, their actions also brought constant threats and casualties to humanity. This led many to view them as reckless, arrogant, and even responsible for the deaths of countless soldiers. Additionally, the government and higher-ups may have used this attack as a way to maintain control and prevent the citizens from discovering the truth they were trying to uncover.

3. How did the attack on the survey corps change the dynamics and relationships among the different factions within the story?

The attack on the Survey Corps in the story of Attack on Titan radically altered the dynamics and relationships among the different factions. Prior to the attack, the Survey Corps was seen as the underdog, often ridiculed and dismissed by others due to their seemingly futile mission of exploring outside the walls. However, the attack revealed the truth about the Titans and the existence of the Titan Shifters. This not only shattered the preconceived notions held by other factions, such as the Military Police and the government, but it also highlighted the importance and bravery of the Survey Corps. Consequently, the attack on the Survey Corps prompted a shift in power and influence within the story, as other factions had to reassess their understanding of the world and acknowledge the value of the Scouts.

Additionally, the attack on the Survey Corps led to a significant transformation in relationships between characters. The once divided factions were forced to unite and collaborate in order to survive and combat the real threat of the Titans. This newfound cooperation and understanding between previously antagonistic characters, such as Eren and Levi, Jean and Connie, resulted in the formation of trust and camaraderie. The shared trauma and loss experienced during the attack bound these characters together, erasing many of the previous divides and animosities. As a result, the attack on the Survey Corps not only changed the power dynamics, but it also forged stronger alliances and connections between the different factions within the story.

4. What were the long-term consequences of the attack on the survey corps for the characters involved and for the society in which they live?

The attack on the Survey Corps had profound and long-lasting consequences for both the characters involved and the society they lived in. For the characters, the attack led to the loss of many comrades and friends, sparking feelings of grief, anger, and vengeance. This experience dramatically changed their outlook on life and their motivations, pushing them to develop a greater sense of determination and a will to fight against the Titans. Furthermore, the attack also highlighted the corrupt system and government that controlled society, leading some characters to question their loyalty and further fueling their desire for change and revolution.

In terms of society, the attack on the Survey Corps created a sense of fear and vulnerability among the general population. It shattered the illusion of safety and exposed the reality that their walled society was not impervious to the Titans. This event significantly affected the trust and belief in the government, as people started questioning their motives and ability to protect them. The attack ultimately fueled a growing discontent and rebellion within society, as people started demanding change and pushing for a new order that would lead to a safer and fairer life for all.

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