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Discover the Fashion Trends of Stonefalls: Clothier Survey

Embark on a journey through the uncharted realm of Stonefalls, an enchanting province teeming with hidden treasures and untold secrets.

In the vast tapestry of Elder Scrolls Online, a new chapter unfolds as brave adventurers take on the role of master craftsmen.

Join us as we delve into the world of clothiers, unveiling a captivating survey with precise map coordinates (31.14×43.55).

Trust your instincts and prepare to discover the abundant riches that lie within.

clothier survey stonefalls

The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is a crafting survey map available in the game Elder Scrolls Online.

It provides players with a large amount of crafting materials in the specified location.

Stonefalls survey maps are readily available and can be found at exact coordinates.

For the Clothier Survey in Stonefalls, the map coordinates are 31.14×43.55.

Key Points:

  • Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is a crafting survey map in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Provides players with a large amount of crafting materials in a specific location.
  • Stonefalls survey maps are easily accessible with exact coordinates.
  • The coordinates for the Clothier Survey in Stonefalls are 31.14×43.55.

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Pro Tips:

1. Stonefalls in the Elder Scrolls Online is known for its loyalty to the Ebonheart Pact, but did you know that it is also home to a unique breed of sheep called “Stonewool Sheep”? The wool from these sheep is coveted by clothiers for its exceptional softness and durability.

2. The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls refers to a special quest that rewards players with a treasure map of the region, leading them to hidden riches. These treasure maps are highly sought after by treasure hunters and adventurers alike.

3. Stonefalls is renowned for its volcanic landscapes, but beneath its fiery surface lies a curious secret. The ancient Dwarven civilization once thrived in these lands, and remnants of their advanced textile industry can still be found in hidden underground chambers. These Dwarven machines and looms are prized by clothiers for their precision and ingenuity.

4. The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls provides valuable insight into the local flora and fauna, offering clothiers a unique opportunity to discover rare and vibrant materials for their garments. The survey often leads them to a hidden grove where they can harvest Crocus Nivis, a flower that is known to produce an exquisite shade of blue dye.

5. Stonefalls has a rich tradition of intricate embroidery, dating back centuries. The region’s clothiers are highly regarded for their skill in stitching elaborate motifs that depict the history and legends of the area. Hidden within the Clothier Survey are clues that lead to a secret embroidery pattern, passed down through generations, and is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who master it.

Clothier Survey: Stonefalls

Stonefalls, a region in the fantastical world of Elder Scrolls Online, is a haven for fashion enthusiasts and crafters alike. At the heart of this bustling region lies the Clothier Survey, a hidden treasure trove of crafting materials waiting to be discovered. This survey offers adventurers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of fashion and create exquisite garments for themselves and others. With its rich history and scenic landscapes, Stonefalls is the perfect destination for any aspiring clothier looking to make their mark on the realm of Tamriel.

Crafting Survey Map

The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is accompanied by a detailed crafting survey map, providing adventurers with precise directions to the location of these valuable resources. Crafters can use this map to:

  • Navigate the region
  • Collect necessary materials
  • Create high-quality garments

The map offers a comprehensive overview of the specific areas within Stonefalls where key materials can be found, ensuring that no resource goes overlooked by discerning crafters.

“Crafters can use the Clothier Survey map to easily locate valuable resources and gather the materials needed to create top-notch garments.”

Elder Scrolls Online

As one of the largest and most immersive online role-playing games, the Elder Scrolls Online has captivated millions of players worldwide. From its vast open-world landscapes to its intricate crafting systems, the game offers an unparalleled experience for both casual players and dedicated adventurers. The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is one exciting feature that awaits players within this expansive virtual realm.

Location In Stonefalls

Located within the magnificent region of Stonefalls, the Clothier Survey is tucked away in a scenic hideaway waiting to be discovered. Stonefalls itself is nestled between the Dunmer-ruled lands of Morrowind and the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh. Its diverse landscape showcases towering volcanoes, dense forests, and picturesque rivers. This breathtaking setting provides the perfect backdrop for clothiers to find inspiration and gather the necessary resources to create their latest fashion masterpieces.

Large Amount Of Crafting Materials

The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is renowned for its bountiful supply of crafting materials. Adventurers who venture into the survey area will be rewarded with an abundance of raw materials such as jute, flax, and rawhide. These resources provide the foundation for creating a myriad of garments, from simple tunics to ornate robes. With such a wealth of materials at their disposal, clothiers can experiment and push the boundaries of their creativity, producing unique and sought-after pieces.

Availability Of Stonefalls Survey Maps

Stonefalls survey maps are easily accessible for clothiers looking to start their crafting journey in the Elder Scrolls Online. These valuable maps can be acquired from different sources within the game world. They are rewarded through quests, sold in guild stores, and available from NPC vendors. By putting in some effort and being resourceful, clothiers can obtain a highly sought-after Stonefalls survey map. This map serves as a gateway to numerous crafting opportunities.

Here are the key points about Stonefalls survey maps:

  • They are essential for clothiers in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Clothiers can obtain them from quest rewards, guild stores, and NPC vendors.
  • Obtaining a Stonefalls survey map requires dedication and resourcefulness.
  • These maps give access to a wealth of crafting opportunities.

“Stonefalls survey maps are the vital key to unlocking a treasure trove of crafting possibilities.”

Exact Map Coordinates

Crafters who possess a Clothier Survey map for Stonefalls can navigate to the exact coordinates provided on the map to find the desired crafting materials. The map acts as a trusted companion, guiding adventurers to locations such as (55.91×39.08) for the Alchemy Survey, (67.18×57.41) for the Blacksmithing Survey, and (31.14×43.55) for the Clothing Survey. These precise coordinates ensure that clothiers can efficiently collect the materials they need, saving time and maximizing their potential for success.

The Clothier Survey in Stonefalls is a testament to the rich crafting traditions and fashion trends found within the world of Elder Scrolls Online. Crafters who embark on this journey will be rewarded with an abundance of raw materials and a chance to showcase their creativity. With Stonefalls survey maps readily available and exact coordinates to guide their way, clothiers have all the tools they need to discover the secrets of fashion in this captivating region. So don your crafting gear, grab your survey map, and embark on a thrilling adventure to Stonefalls – a land where fashion and creativity converge.


You may need to know these questions about clothier survey stonefalls

Where is clothier survey auridon?

If you venture southwest from Toothmaul Gully and reach the coast, continue your journey by heading further south. As you pass by crates and a small boat on your right, keep your eyes peeled for a particular spot just before the bear appears on the left. This is where you will find the clothier survey auridon, waiting to be discovered amidst the surroundings that unravel before you.

Where is the clothier survey in Eastmarch?

The clothier survey in Eastmarch is situated in the southeastern region. To reach it, one can start at the Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine, which is the nearest waypoint. From there, simply head east in a straight line, and the plants for the survey can be found along the way.

Where is clothier survey stormhaven?

To find the clothier survey in Stormhaven, venture to the northwestern region of the area. Begin your journey from the Alcaire Castle Wayshrine for a convenient starting point. Follow the small path leading westward and make a left turn. Continue along this route, and soon you will discover the sought-after clothier survey waiting to be claimed, abundant with valuable resources for your crafting endeavors.

How do you get jewelry survey maps in eso?

To acquire jewelry survey maps in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), one must actively engage in crafting writs. By undertaking these daily tasks, individuals can unlock various rewards, including the coveted survey maps. These maps are accessible through the rewards received from crafting writs, which may consist of material boxes containing crafting profession items or the sought-after jewelry survey maps. The acquisition of these maps allows players to embark on exciting expeditions in search of rare jewelry resources, enriching their crafting experience in ESO.

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