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potbellylistens survey: Unveiling Customer Satisfaction Secrets and Improving

Do you enjoy sinking your teeth into a warm, toasted sandwich filled with delectable ingredients?

Then you’ll have all the more reason to indulge in Potbelly’s mouthwatering offerings.

But here’s where it gets even better: by completing the Potbelly Listens survey using your unique 20-digit survey number, you could be in for a tantalizing treat – free food!

Get ready to savor every bite as we uncover the secret to taking your Potbelly experience to a whole new level.

potbellylistens survey

The Potbelly Listens survey is a separate website hosted by SMG where customers can provide feedback on their experience at Potbelly.

The survey is available in English and Spanish and requires the input of a 20-digit survey number from a Potbelly receipt.

It asks questions about overall satisfaction with Potbelly and, upon completion, offers a validation code for a reward such as a free cookie, bag of chips, or even a free sandwich.

The survey is an opportunity for Potbelly to understand their shortcomings and improve the customer experience.

Participants have 3 days from the purchase date to complete the survey, and multiple entries are allowed with each receipt.

Key Points:

  • Potbelly Listens survey is hosted by SMG and allows customers to provide feedback on their Potbelly experience.
  • The survey is available in English and Spanish and requires a 20-digit survey number from a Potbelly receipt.
  • It asks questions about overall satisfaction and offers a validation code for a reward upon completion.
  • Potbelly uses the survey to identify areas for improvement in the customer experience.
  • Participants have 3 days to complete the survey from the purchase date.
  • Multiple entries are allowed with each receipt.

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Pro Tips:

1. The Potbelly Sandwich Shop was inspired by the owners’ travels through the Middle East, where they fell in love with the traditional ovens known as “tandoors.” This led them to open the first Potbelly location in Chicago in 1977.

2. The name “potbelly” comes from a potbelly stove that was originally in the first Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Customers used to gather around the stove, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, which they wanted to replicate in all future locations.

3. Potbelly Sandwich Shop conducted its first customer satisfaction survey, known as the “potbellylistens survey,” in the early 2000s. The survey aimed at gathering feedback to improve customer experience and has since become a regular practice for the company.

4. As a token of appreciation for completing the potbellylistens survey, customers are entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a validation code for discounted or free food on their next Potbelly visit.

5. The potbellylistens survey not only covers feedback on food and service but also asks questions about the overall ambiance and decor of the Potbelly Sandwich Shop, as the company believes in creating an enjoyable dining experience beyond just the food itself.

Separate Website For Potbelly Listens Survey

Potbelly, the popular sandwich chain, has implemented the Potbelly Listens survey to gain insights into customer satisfaction levels. The survey is conveniently accessible through a separate website, independent from the main Potbelly site. By utilizing a dedicated platform, Potbelly prioritizes easy accessibility for customers to provide feedback, uninterrupted by other distractions. This initiative reflects Potbelly’s dedication to enhancing the customer experience by actively seeking input from their valued patrons.

Survey Available In English And Spanish

To ensure that all customers can participate and express their opinions, Potbelly offers the Potbelly Listens survey in both English and Spanish. This allows customers to provide feedback in their preferred language, eliminating any language barriers that may hinder effective communication of customer satisfaction. By offering the survey in both languages, Potbelly demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and recognizes the diverse linguistic preferences of its customer base.

  • Both English and Spanish versions of the Potbelly Listens survey are available.
  • Language should not be a barrier in communicating customer satisfaction.
  • Potbelly aims to be inclusive and cater to the linguistic preferences of its diverse customer base.

“By offering the survey in both languages, Potbelly emphasizes inclusivity and acknowledges the diverse linguistic preferences of their customer base.”

Survey Managed By SMG

The Potbelly Listens survey is managed by SMG, a reputable company specializing in customer feedback management. SMG’s expertise guarantees a well-designed and user-friendly survey that provides valuable insights for Potbelly. With SMG overseeing survey management, Potbelly can be confident in the accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of the data collected for identifying areas of improvement.

Inputting The Survey Number From Receipt

To participate in the Potbelly Listens survey, customers must input the 20-digit survey number found on their Potbelly receipt. This survey number is essential as it validates the customer’s recent purchase and ensures that the feedback provided is specific to their visit to Potbelly.

Benefits of the survey number validation:

  • Tracks customer feedback more accurately.
  • Provides insights into specific locations, staff members, and product offerings.

By linking the survey to individual receipts, Potbelly gains valuable information that helps them improve their services and offerings.

“Customer feedback is crucial for our growth and improvement.”

  • Potbelly spokesperson

Remember to check your Potbelly receipt for the survey number and participate in the survey to share your valuable feedback!

Questions About Overall Satisfaction With Potbelly

The Potbelly Listens survey focuses on gauging customers’ overall satisfaction with Potbelly. It asks questions about different aspects of the experience, such as food quality, service speed, establishment cleanliness, and staff friendliness. By capturing customers’ sentiments on these important factors, Potbelly can gain a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately leading to enhanced customer experience.

Validation Code For Redeeming A Reward

Upon completion of the Potbelly Listens survey, participants are rewarded with a Potbelly Listens Validation Code. This code serves as a token of appreciation from Potbelly for taking the time to provide valuable feedback. With this code in hand, customers can redeem a reward during their next visit to Potbelly, such as a complimentary cookie, bag of chips, or even a free sandwich. This incentive not only motivates customers to participate in the survey but also encourages them to continue patronizing Potbelly as a loyal customer.

  • Customers receive a Potbelly Listens Validation Code after completing the survey
  • The code can be used to redeem a complimentary cookie, bag of chips, or even a free sandwich
  • This reward system motivates customers to participate in the survey and encourages loyalty

“With the Potbelly Listens Validation Code, customers feel appreciated for their feedback and are encouraged to keep coming back for more delicious meals.”

Improving Customer Experience With Survey Results

Potbelly takes the feedback received through the Potbelly Listens survey seriously. They utilize the survey results to gain insights into their shortcomings and identify areas where they can improve the customer experience. By analyzing the collected data, Potbelly can make informed decisions to enhance their operations, train their staff, and refine their menu offerings. The commitment to addressing customer concerns and making necessary changes demonstrates Potbelly’s dedication to continuously improving and providing an exceptional dining experience.

Participate Multiple Times With Each Receipt

Customers have the opportunity to participate in the Potbelly Listens survey multiple times with each receipt they receive. This feature shows that Potbelly values ongoing feedback from their customers and understands that individual experiences may vary from visit to visit.

By allowing multiple entries, Potbelly encourages customers to provide feedback consistently, ensuring that their voice is heard and their opinions are considered throughout their relationship with the brand.

  • This feature allows customers to provide feedback each time they visit, enhancing the accuracy of the feedback received.
  • Potbelly’s recognition of the importance of individual experiences demonstrates their commitment to providing a personalized customer experience.
  • Encouraging customers to provide consistent feedback helps Potbelly identify areas for improvement and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

“Potbelly values ongoing feedback from their customers and understands that individual experiences may vary from visit to visit.”

3-Day Deadline For Completing The Survey

To ensure the freshness and accuracy of the feedback received, customers are given a 3-day deadline from the purchase date to complete the Potbelly Listens survey. This time limit emphasizes the importance of timely feedback and prompts customers to provide their opinions while their experience is still fresh in their minds.

As a result, Potbelly can rely on up-to-date information to make prompt adjustments and improvements, maintaining the high standards that their customers expect.

  • Customers have a 3-day deadline from the purchase date to complete the survey
  • Timely feedback is crucial for maintaining freshness and accuracy
  • Up-to-date information allows for prompt adjustments and improvements

“The 3-day deadline for completing the Potbelly Listens survey underscores the significance of timely feedback and ensures that Potbelly receives up-to-date information to meet their customers’ expectations.”

Incentive Of Free Food For Completing The Survey

One of the key incentives for participating in the Potbelly Listens survey is the opportunity to receive free food. Upon successfully completing the survey, customers are rewarded with complimentary items, such as a free cookie, bag of chips, or even a free sandwich. This incentive not only adds value for customers but also fosters a sense of appreciation and loyalty towards Potbelly. By rewarding customers with tangible benefits for their feedback, Potbelly ensures that customers feel valued and motivated to continue their patronage.


You may need to know these questions about potbellylistens survey

1. How frequently does Potbelly conduct the PotbellyListens survey and gather customer feedback?

Potbelly conducts the PotbellyListens survey and gathers customer feedback on a regular basis. While there is no specific information on the exact frequency of the survey, Potbelly is known for valuing customer opinions and making improvements based on their feedback. Therefore, it can be assumed that the survey is conducted relatively frequently, possibly on a quarterly or monthly basis, to ensure they are staying connected with their customers and consistently seeking input to enhance their services. This regular feedback gathering helps Potbelly maintain a strong customer focus and continually improve their offerings.

2. What type of questions are typically asked in the PotbellyListens survey to assess customer satisfaction?

The PotbellyListens survey typically asks questions to assess customer satisfaction in various aspects. These questions may include inquiries about the overall experience at Potbelly, the quality of the food and beverages, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, the speed of service, and the value for money. Customers may also be asked to rate their likelihood of recommending Potbelly to others and provide any additional feedback or suggestions for improvement. These questions aim to gather insights into different aspects of the customer experience to understand and enhance customer satisfaction.

3. What incentives or rewards are typically offered to customers who complete the PotbellyListens survey?

PotbellyListens typically offers a reward to customers who complete their survey. This reward may vary, but it commonly includes a validation code or coupon that customers can redeem during their next visit to a Potbelly restaurant. By offering this incentive, Potbelly encourages customers to share their feedback and opinions, while also providing them with a tangible benefit for their time and effort.

These rewards serve as a way to thank customers for their participation in the survey and also motivate them to continue engaging with the Potbelly brand. By giving customers a discount or free item, Potbelly not only increases customer satisfaction but also encourages repeat visits and loyalty, ultimately benefiting both the customers and the company.

4. How does Potbelly actively utilize customer feedback from the PotbellyListens survey to improve the customer experience at their restaurants?

Potbelly actively utilizes customer feedback from the PotbellyListens survey to improve the customer experience at their restaurants in a few ways. First, they analyze the feedback to identify common themes or issues that customers are facing. They then use this information to make specific improvements or changes to their menu, service, or overall experience. For example, if many customers mention that the wait times are too long, they may implement strategies to speed up service or add more staff during peak hours.

Second, Potbelly also uses the survey feedback to train their employees. They share the feedback with their staff and use it as a learning opportunity to address any areas of improvement. This helps them to enhance the overall service and make sure that customer concerns or complaints are better handled in the future. By actively listening to customer feedback and taking action based on it, Potbelly is able to continuously improve and provide a better dining experience for their customers.

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