Panda Express Promo Code

How to Use the Panda Express Promo Code

Do you know that you can benefit from deals and coupons from Panda Express? Promo code is the “promotional code” which is a secret word such as TASTY or SAVE which can let you have access to huge discounts. It can come in various forms meaning it can be for online use or at the store. If you are a regular visitor of Panda Express, you should have an account on their site. In that way, you can have lots of advantages. If you are catering for a party and ordered before, you can obtain the last order details. In that way, ordering becomes easy. Also, you will get offers sent to your e-mail address.

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If you enter the Panda Express Promo Code, you can save $3 from an order than adds up to more than $5. There are various websites that can help you get the Panda Express promo code. Here is how you can sign up at Panda Express and use the Promo Code.

Panda Express Promo Code

Panda Express Promo Code

Signing Up at Panda Express

Go to their website or follow this and it will directly land you on the page for sign up.

Many people get confused upon visiting the Panda Express website when they search for ways to sign up. There is no “SIGN UP” or “Register” button. You have to scroll down rather than clicking the options at the top.

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If you have found the page, it is time to fill up the form. Start by writing your name and the e-mail that you use regularly. Enter your date of birth and other details.

You will see an order now on top.

Signing Up at Panda Express Further Explained!

There will be three options and pick the first one since it is for your personal order. Click on Sign in to your account. Your location should be with them already, and make the order.

While you check out, use the Promo Code that you found on other websites. Currently, for the $3 discount on purchases is “SWEET “When you add items from the menu such as Orange Chicken and Chow Mein, you have completed the order.

It is time to head to checkout. There should be a Promo Code box next to the total order. Copy the word SWEET and paste to the field where you have to mention the promo code. Press Apply and you will be able to see your savings.

Then, check out. Do not checkout without availing this offer. If your order totaled to $10, the bill will $7 only. If it is greater such as $20, it will be $17. You understand how this works.

Panda Express Promo Code

Panda Express Promo Code

Go to the Nearest Panda Express to Collect Your Order

 Since they will not bring the food to your doorstep, find out the pickup time. Then, go to the nearest Panda Express or where they have processed your order to collect the item.

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The promo code will not work if you do not have an account on their site and if you are not ordering via the internet.

Get Free Bottled Drinks With Your Promo Code

Another promo code that is a big hit right now at Panda Express is the free bottled drinks with a purchase of family feast. Not only one bottle, you get four! It consists of two large sides, three sides of protein and it is for four people.

Thus, they are giving four free bottles of drinks. You can go with Orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, Chow Mein and so on. While some people love to share with others, there are people who eat the Family Feast themselves! It is completely you wish, if you love Panda Express food it should be easy. You can also store in the refrigerator to eat the next day.

Make Sure to use the code FEASTU4

To make this offer work, you have use the code FEAST4U, the same way you used the last one. It is only going to work, if you order the Family Feast. There are many restaurants and grocery stores that uses promo codes for their marketing.

In here, you can benefit and they really do not need any marketing after all they are loved worldwide. They have more than 1900 branches in the United States. Still, they always try to keep their customers happy so that their reputation remains intact.

For example, another offer going on currently but that does not require a Panda Express promo code.

Different Customized Offers at the Panda Express

They have a line of Chicken Breast dishes and one of them that was gone was Honey Sesame Chicken Breast. Now it is back for a limited time. You know there was a time in October 2013, when they were giving this for free. That was also a part of their coupon and promotions.

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The difference between the promotion we are talking about here and that one is that it was for those who walked-in to the store. See, there is a difference. As mentioned above, Panda Express is always changing the way they promote their items or make coupons and deals for customers. If it was the same always, it would be boring.

During 2014, there was an offer to get a free Entrée with any purchase. You would have to take something from the A La Carte menu and you can get any Entrée for free. At that time, the promo code was No Line.

Panda Express Pricing

There are many items that are somewhat expensive in the A La Carte menu and the customers were happy because they could try the pricey Honey Walnut Shrimp.  When it is about pricing, Panda Express is cost-effective.

They do not want to rob people’s money. This is the reason along with cleanliness and nice behavior that made them so successful decades ago. Some people choose Panda Express over burgers, pizzas or other cuisines because of its taste and unbelievable prices.

Did you know that customers could have lunch at less than $3? They had broccoli beef and mixed veggies which cost $2.7. You can also get Honey Walnut Shrimp and Eggroll at $2 only. The offers, deals and the Panda Express promo codes really end up being cost-effective and money-saving.

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