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www sportclips com survey

The www.sportclips.com survey is a customer satisfaction survey that allows individuals to provide feedback on the quality of services received at Sport Clips hair cutting salons.

It takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and can be accessed at www.sportclips.com/survey.

The survey is specifically targeted towards men and boys and aims to provide a sports-themed experience.

Customers can provide both positive and negative feedback, which is valuable for the management team to make improvements.

By participating in the survey, customers have a chance to win rewards such as a Mac Book Air Laptop Computer, cash cards worth $100 and $25, or a grand gift card reward of $1500.

In order to take part in the survey, participants need to be 18 years old, have proof of citizenship, a valid purchase receipt, and a device with internet access.

Additionally, participants should have English language skills and a valid email address.

The survey requires entering a 5-digit store code, receipt number, and visit date, and the questions will assess the customer’s satisfaction level and experience, as well as collect personal details.

Sport Clips Haircuts is a male-focused hair cutting chain with 88 operational outlet stores, known for its sports-inspired environment experiences and logo items.

The survey aims to gather customer complaints, opinions, and suggestions, allowing for changes to be made to customer services based on the feedback received.

The survey is open to legal residents of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada who are 18 years or older.

Participants are limited to one survey entry per purchase, and there is no cash alternative for the rewards.

To take part in the survey, individuals need a receipt with an invitation to participate and access to a computer and internet.

Basic understanding of English is necessary.

Personal contact details must be provided to enter the survey.

Key Points:

  • The www.sportclips.com survey is a customer satisfaction survey for Sport Clips hair cutting salons.
  • The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete and can be found at www.sportclips.com/survey.
  • The survey is targeted towards males and aims to provide a sports-themed experience.
  • Customers can give both positive and negative feedback to help improve the services.
  • By participating in the survey, customers have a chance to win rewards such as a Mac Book Air Laptop Computer, cash cards worth $100 and $25, or a grand gift card reward of $1500.
  • To take part in the survey, participants need to be 18 years old, have proof of citizenship, a valid purchase receipt, a device with internet access, English language skills, and a valid email address.

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Pro Tips:

1. Sport Clips, a hair salon franchise, was founded in 1993 by Gordon Logan, a former aircraft engineer and navy veteran.
2. The first-ever Sport Clips location opened in Austin, Texas.
3. In addition to haircuts, Sport Clips offers various services such as neck and shoulder massages, steamed towels, and scalp treatments.
4. Sport Clips has a partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to provide free haircuts to veterans and active-duty military personnel.
5. Sport Clips has been recognized as one of the top franchises in the United States, consistently making it onto prestigious lists like Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding customer satisfaction is paramount to success. Sport Clips Haircuts recognizes the importance of providing quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations. To gather valuable insights and feedback, they have introduced their customer satisfaction survey accessible at www.sportclips.com/survey. By participating in this survey, customers can share their experiences, opinions, and suggestions, ultimately helping Sport Clips Haircuts enhance their services and strengthen customer relationships.

  • The customer satisfaction survey is available at www.sportclips.com/survey
  • Participating in the survey allows customers to share their experiences, opinions, and suggestions.
  • Sport Clips Haircuts aims to enhance their services and strengthen customer relationships through the feedback received.

Quality of Services

Sport Clips Haircuts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to their valued customers. They recognize that a great haircut experience goes beyond a simple trim; it encompasses a sense of satisfaction and confidence in the final result. Through their customer satisfaction survey, Sport Clips Haircuts aims to comprehend the aspects of their services that resonate with customers and those that may require improvement. By emphasizing quality, Sport Clips Haircuts strives to constantly enhance the customer experience and guarantee that every visit to their salons is exceptional.


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3 Minutes To Complete

Sport Clips Haircuts understands the importance of time for its customers and values it greatly. In order to make the feedback process convenient and efficient, they have designed a customer satisfaction survey that can be completed in just three minutes. This survey is both short and comprehensive, allowing customers to express their opinions and provide feedback on their most recent haircut experience. By dedicating a few minutes of their time to this survey, customers play a crucial role in helping Sport Clips Haircuts constantly improve and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and service.

Access At Www.Sportclips.Com/Survey

Convenient accessibility is a crucial element in ensuring customer participation. Sport Clips Haircuts understands this and has made their customer satisfaction survey available at www.sportclips.com/survey.

Customers can access the survey using any device with internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This user-friendly online platform ensures that customers can easily share their feedback and be part of the continuous improvement process at Sport Clips Haircuts.

  • Convenient accessibility is essential for customer participation
  • Customer satisfaction survey available at www.sportclips.com/survey
  • Survey accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • User-friendly platform for easy feedback sharing

“Convenient accessibility is a crucial element in ensuring customer participation.”

Hair Cutting Salons

Sport Clips Haircuts is a reputable salon chain that specializes in men and boys’ haircuts. With 88 operational outlet stores, they have established a strong presence in the industry, attracting a wide customer base. Sport Clips Haircuts takes pride in offering a distinctive and sports-themed experience for their customers, allowing them to immerse themselves in an environment inspired by their favorite sports. From sports-themed decor to logo items, every detail is designed to create a unique and enjoyable haircutting experience.

Men And Boys

Understanding the unique needs and preferences of their target audience is at the core of Sport Clips Haircuts’ success. By focusing on men and boys’ haircuts, they tailor their services to cater specifically to their customers’ requirements. Sport Clips Haircuts’ stylists are well-trained in men’s grooming techniques, ensuring that each customer receives a haircut that aligns with their personal style. The salon chain’s expertise in men and boys’ haircuts sets them apart and reinforces their commitment to providing exceptional services in this niche market.

Sports-Themed Experience

The sports-themed experience offered at Sport Clips Haircuts adds a touch of excitement and familiarity to every visit. From the moment customers enter the salon, they are greeted with an atmosphere that celebrates sports. Customers can enjoy watching their favorite sports on large HD televisions while receiving their haircuts. The sports-themed environment, coupled with friendly and professional stylists, creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.


Customer feedback is a valuable source of information, and Sport Clips Haircuts encourages all customers to share their thoughts and experiences. By leaving feedback, customers contribute to the continuous improvement of Sport Clips Haircuts’ services.

  • Positive feedback helps to reinforce and celebrate what the salon chain is doing well.
  • Negative feedback highlights areas for improvement.

By actively seeking and listening to customer feedback, Sport Clips Haircuts strives to create a customer-centric environment where every suggestion and complaint is taken seriously and used to refine their services.

Management Team

Behind the scenes, Sport Clips Haircuts has a dedicated management team responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the salon chain. This team works closely with salon owners and employees to ensure that customers receive the best possible experience. By analyzing customer feedback and identifying trends, the management team can make informed decisions regarding improvements and adjustments to enhance customer satisfaction. The management team plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Sport Clips Haircuts and ensuring that the salon chain remains at the forefront of the industry.


Sport Clips Haircuts is committed to continuous improvement and regularly reassesses their services based on customer feedback. Through their customer satisfaction survey, they capture valuable insights that guide their efforts to enhance the overall hair cutting experience.

  • Improving the training provided to their stylists
  • Implementing technological advancements
  • Refining their salon ambiance

Sport Clips Haircuts is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and constantly adapting to meet the changing needs and preferences of their customers.

“Through a collaborative approach with their customers, Sport Clips Haircuts strives to create an environment where every visit surpasses expectations and leaves customers feeling satisfied and confident.”


You may need to know these questions about www sportclips com survey

How much do you tip for a haircut at Sports Clips?

At Sports Clips, tipping for a haircut is recommended and considered customary. The amount typically ranges from 15% to 20% of the service cost. However, it is important to remember that tipping is not mandatory, and you can adjust the amount based on factors such as the quality of service and your overall satisfaction with the haircut. Ultimately, the choice of how much to tip is up to you and should reflect your personal experience at the salon.

How does online check in at Sports Clips work?

To facilitate a seamless online check-in at Sports Clips, users are required to create an account. This ensures that the online check-in is directly linked to their physical visit once they arrive at the store. By doing so, Stylists promptly mark them as arrived in the system and prioritize them for their haircut, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience. This innovative approach allows customers to save time and enables Stylists to better manage their appointments.

Who is the owner of sports clips?

Gordon Logan is the owner of Sports Clips. In the early 1990s, he identified the untapped potential in the men’s and boys’ haircut market. With a vision to cater specifically to this demographic, Logan founded Sports Clips, capitalizing on the relative lack of competition at the time. Today, he remains the owner of the successful chain, providing specialized haircuts and a unique sporting experience to customers.

Is $10 a good tip for a $20 haircut?

According to the opinions provided, a $10 tip for a $20 haircut can be considered generous, as it exceeds the usual amount that most people leave, which is around $5. However, some individuals suggest leaving a tip similar to what one would leave at a restaurant, which translates to approximately 20% of the total cost. Based on this information, it can be concluded that leaving a $10 tip for a $20 haircut is an acceptable and commendable gesture.

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