China Buffet Prices

China Buffet Prices

China buffet famously known for the various Bars filled with rows of great Asian, Mexican French and American varieties of food. The China Buffet in Omaha for instance, has bars including the commonly known Mongolian bar that has rows of food ingredients and diverse sauces that diners randomly choose from to create meals of their choice. The diners get to choose 3 to 5 ingredients then give the available chefs in the open kitchen where they get to witness their ingredients converted to very tasty meals. The other bars include the Chinese, salad and desert bar. Moreover, the Chinese Buffet has all these foods and cuisine at the most favorable prices are conspicuously placed at the buffet area such that diners get to view the prices before they get to dining.

The prices displayed in the price chart at the buffet area, are meant for the clients who come in and eat in the restaurant. These prices are different from those customers who order take outs and deliveries from home since these orders are weighed and apportioned price as per the weight. The prices also differ according many reasons such as the location of the China Buffet, the age of the diners, the day of the week as well as the time of day as well as the occasion in which the diners are celebrating such as birthdays, cooperate and business events among other reasons.

The China Buffet located in Westfield can cater for a capacity of 140 guests with ample parking, conducive dining environment and atmosphere. The buffet prices vary with time of day and age of the diner. From Monday to Saturday, the lunch buffet is offered from 11am to 4pm at roughly 7dollars for adults, 4 dollars for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years and 2 dollars for kids below 4 years. The dinner buffet is served from Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 9.30pm at roughly 9 dollars to adults, 5 dollars to children between the ages of 4 and 10 years and 3 dollars for kids below 4 years. Friday to Saturday, dinner buffet run from 4pm to 10pm for adults at rate of roughly 10 dollars. Sunday buffet is also charged at the same prices as Friday and Saturday but from 11.30am to 9.30pm.

At the China Buffet in Westfield, the dine in customers also enjoy soft drinks to a fair price of 1.5 dollars with a free refill, milk and hot tea at an extra dollar hence the prices couldn’t any better than that. The customers that make orders on the To-Go Buffet enjoy favorable prices as well since during lunchtime they get to enjoy prices ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 dollars per pound of food while dinner prices range from 7.5 to 10 dollars per pound.

The China Buffet in Ohio is also known for favorable prices but differently from the one in Westfield. For appetizers such as egg rolls, spring rolls, French fries, fried chicken and dumplings, boneless and BBQ spare ribs vary from as low as a dollar to 10 dollars. Soups made from eggs, chicken rice and noodles, wontons and hot peppers also have varied prices from a dollar to 5 dollars. All other foods have favorable prices not exceeding 10 dollars each. These foods include fried rice, vegetables, roasted pork, sea food, poultry, beef among many other delicacies.

The China Buffet in Boston also has the same favorable prices and is served in the same days as the other China Buffet in Westfield. Lunch is offered from Monday to Saturday at a fair price of 3.5 dollars for kids between 2 to 5 years, 6.5 dollars for kids between 6 to 11 years and roughly 10 dollars for adults. Dinner, on the other hand, is served for children below 5 years at 5 dollars, kids below 11 years a price of 9 dollars and adults at a price of 13 dollars.

Sunday the prices are equal for all meals such that 5 dollars is for kids below 5 years, 9 dollars for kids between 6 and 11 years and 13 dollars for adults. Children that are under 2 years get a pass to eat for free at the restaurant. The China buffet also have the ‘Carry out” service where customers make order that can be delivered to them. These food orders are weighed and apportioned a price as per their pounds. For lunch and dinner buffet, the price is roughly 5 dollars per pound.

Finally, there is the China Buffet in Omaha, which is the best-known restaurant in Omaha for customer satisfaction and flavor filled food. Being a huge China Buffet franchise competitor, the China Buffet still retains favorable and fair prices. Monday to Saturday, lunch is served at 7 dollars for all dine in customers. On Sunday, the prices for lunch are 11 dollars all day. Dinner on the other hand, from Monday to Thursday, begins at 4pm at a price of 10 dollars, while on Friday to Saturday is it priced at 12 dollars. Kids between the ages of 4 to 6 years enjoy lunch and dinner for as low as 5 dollars, kids between 7 to 9 years for as little as 7 dollars while kids between 10 to 12 years enjoy lunch for as little as 6 dollars and dinner for 8 dollars. Kids under 4 years get a pass to eat for free in the restaurant. More so seniors, who are 65 years and above, who come to dine in the China Buffet in Omaha also enjoy 10 percent discount on the adult prices.

The carry out buffet is also apportioned prices according to the weight of the meal. For lunch, Monday to Saturday, the prices are fixed at 4.5 dollars per pound while Sunday lunch goes for 5.5 dollars per pound. For dinner, the prices are fixed at 5.5 dollars every day. China Buffet is evidently viewed to have customer friendly prices for the value of the food flavors, customer service and ambiance exceed the cost.