China Chef

China Chef: the Place to Go for Authentic Chinese Cooking Around Chicago

Everyone is occasionally struck by the keen desire for something new, delicious and exciting for dinner. When that urge hits you, if what you are looking for is a delicious, authentic option for a Chinese restaurant in the greater Chicago area, China Chef should be on the top of your list. This family-owned restaurant has been around for decades, which is a true testament to the dedication of the founders and all the staff. Founded all the way back in 1977, the owners, Joyce Fong and Arthur Fong, made a commitment to serving only the most delicious Chinese food, using good ingredients and making everything fresh for their customers. They wanted to provide Chicago diners with an option for authentic, home-style Chinese cuisine. To that end, they prepare dishes in several different styles, including Cantonese and Filipino cooking, and have several dining options. So whether you want to eat in a beautiful atmosphere at the restaurant, or have a delicious, reasonably priced, fresh option for carry out, China Chef has something for you.

Chinese for every occasion: They have so many options, every diner can enjoy their amazing Chinese cooking in whatever setting is suitable to the occasion at hand.

China Chef

China Chef

Casual carry out for anytime


If you are looking for something casual, yet delicious, China Chef has an extensive carry out menu. They have a wide range of appetizers and main dishes, so no matter the size of your appetite, you’ll be able to find the perfect dish to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. They also have an entire section in the carry out menu specifically for lunch specials. These are an ideal option for a quick, tasty and freshly made lunch in the middle of the work day. The lunch specials are a great price and will give you the energy to make it through the work day.

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Family dining


Are you and your family looking for a delicious option for a big dinner out together without breaking the bank? China Chef has several options for fixed-menu dinners for the whole family. Their packages range from 3-4 people, all the way up to their family dinner specials for 10-12 people. These family dinner menus will save you time and money. By ordering a fixed menu, there will be a wide range of delicious foods for the whole family to taste, share and enjoy without the hassle and time of waiting for each person to order an individual dish. They prices are a great deal, as well, making this a fabulous option for the whole family, whether large or small.


Banquet room dining


If you are looking for something fancier, perhaps for a special occasion with your friends or family, China Chef has several options for you in their banquet room packages. They have options for a range of budgets so that you will be able to choose the package that best suits your needs. They even have an option for a children’s table menu with food the kids will love, like chicken fingers and and chicken wings. The banquet room is an elegant setting and suitable for all occasions, though would be especially good for celebrations. Booking a package in the banquet room will also make planning your even incredibly easy, the staff at China Chef will take your booking, find out about your occasion and handle the rest of the details for you, allowing you to enjoy the event just as much as all of your guests.

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Catering for all occasions

China Chef

China Chef

China Chef also offers a catering service so you can bring delicious, authentic Chinese cooking to any event or venue. Whether you are hoping to impress your boss and co-workers with a business lunch, provide a unique option for a festive occasion, or treat your friends and family in your own home without the hassle of cooking and clean up, catering is a wonderful option. With reasonable prices and a large menu from which to choose your favorite assortment of dishes, China Chef’s catering service will always make a good impression without making a huge dent in your budget.


Leave room for a delicious bubble tea


If you have never tried a bubble tea, make sure you to get one from China Chef so you can taste it and find out what you have been missing. Bubble tea is a beverage made from a tea base, which is then mixed with fruit, milk or ice cream. The bubbles are actually made of tapioca and look like black bubbles resting at the bottom of the tea. These drinks are served with a wide straw so that you can suck the bubbles into your mouth without needing a spoon. Bubble tea was originally created in Taiwan in the 1970s, but has become increasingly popular around the world in the following decades. China Chef has a full range of bubble teas, including some traditional flavors like green tea, and taro, and some more unique flavors like coffee, green apple, and avocado. Be sure to leave room for this fun beverage experience when you order your meal, or just grab one to carry out on a hot summer day.

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Special deals and coupons


China Chef wants to provide the best experience for its customers, and that includes offering rotating deals, specials and coupons. If you check their website,, the home page has a list of the current specials, with tantalizing photographs to make your mouth water. They also have a coupon page, these are especially useful for carry out orders. Be sure to check often and see what kind of deals they are offering, knowing that you saved money is the only way to make a delicious, authentic meal even more enjoyable!


Treat your taste buds


After 40 years in the restaurant business, it is safe to say that the founders of China Chef are clearly doing something right. Their promise to offer authentic and delicious Chinese food to the people of the greater Chicago area is a commitment they and their staff have honored over the years. Go and see for yourself what has made this restaurant a popular choice for family dining, business lunches and special events for the past four decades, your taste buds will be delighted.


You’ll find them at:


5920 Lincoln Ave

Morton Grove, IL 60053