Sonic Drive-in Menu

Sonic Drive-in Menu – Delicious Food and Drinks

Fast food comes with convenience. You get to quench your thirst or settle your growling tummy with a snack or meal of your choice. It is an industry that has been in existence to make sure you do not stave while you are away from your house.


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While it is easy to choose what to have at home, it comes totally different and difficult to choose what to eat while you are out of your home. That is because you probably do not know what your favourite fast food joint has on the menu.

It is vital to have information. Knowing what is in a menu helps you plan. You get to know how much you are going to spend on a certain meal. You also know the healthier choice by calculating the calories and get to know the ingredients in each menu.

Many restaurants have been going an extra mile of showing the public what they have on their menu. That is by displaying on social media and other places so that the customers can know what to have. A good example is the Sonic drive in.

Sonic drive in

The founder had a vision of making sure no one gets hungry. That is why since from the start, he was supplying bread and milk in Oklahoma. With his saving, he started the root beer called the top hat. The business eventually flourished into what it is today.

While all the other drive-ins come and go, sonic drive in have been there since 1953. All along, they have managed to deliver the best to their client. That is by making sure, while you are enjoying your ride, you have a delicious snack with you.

They have kept their concept of driving in to get your food, something that the customers see as a convenient and original thing to do. Through what they do, they manage to keep their own share of the customers in the industry, so what do they offer the public?

If you are curious and want to know what they offer, you need to read along. You will know the different entrées that they have on their menu. The information will help you the time you drive in to have a drink or a snack. It might surprise you to find they have your favourite dish and you never knew.

Sonic Drive in Menu

If you have ever eaten their food, you will agree with me they have many entrées for you to have. You will be lost in the menu wondering what to have. Knowing the menu before helps you to make a plan before you drive in and indulge.

Their entrees are divided into sections. Depending on the type of food or drink, you get to choose from the list on what to have. You will find the following in  their menu;

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You wake up and you are late for work, what do you do? Drive into one of sonic drive in and order your favourite breakfast dish. You do not have to go to the office with an empty stomach. You get to choose one of the following that comes with medium tots, fries and a medium soft drink or regular coffee;

  • Breakfast burritos.
  • Cinna snacks.
  • Fresh tots stick with syrup.
  • Breakfast toaster.

Each of these entrées comes with its own price and specifications. Depending on whether you are hungry or just want a small snack, make the order and the carhops will come to deliver your order at the comfort of your car. You will start the day with a smile and full of energy.


If you go to restaurants or fast food joints, chances are you have a combo. It is a combination of different kind of dishes and comes with a drink. At Sonic, you can have a combo too. You can choose to have a large or small one depending on how hungry you are.

So, what are the characteristics of sonic drive in combo?  All combos from their place come with medium tots or fries and a medium soft drink. You can order one of the following items from the menu as a combo;

  • Cheeseburger.
  • Bacon burger.
  • Chicago dog.
  • New York dog.
  • Chilli beef Coney.
  • All American dogs.
  • Foot quarter pound comely.
  • Chicken wrap.
  • Jumbo popcorn chicken.
  • Chicken sandwich.

With any of the above, you are sure that your ride to your destination will be full of satisfaction. They give you good servings at an affordable price for you to be full and enjoy. You didn’t know this right? Yes, if you have a combination like of above, you have a combo.


They are dishes you get beside the main entrée. It is to accompany the entrée. A side is a small serving that is delicious quick to have. Can you have a side on it is on? Yes, you can do, it depends on how hungry you are or how you want your meal to be.

At the sonic drive in you will get a variety of side, they come in different sizes starting from small, medium, large, and family. They give you a good option of the portion you or your family want to have. You will get the following dishes according to the size you want;

  • Mozzarella sticks marinara.
  • Ched ‘R’ bites with ranch.
  • Chili cheese tots or fries.
  • Handmade onion rings.
  • Jumbo popcorn chicken.
  • Apple slices.
  • Soft pretzel.

Hot dog

Who does not love hot dogs? They know it is Americans favourite snack. That is why they want to serve them at their premises. When you drive in the sonic, you will get two types of hot dogs all under$3. That is amazing, right? The hotdogs are;

  • The original pretzel.
  • Cheesy bacon pretzel.


People love chicken. Whether at home or eating out. Chicken is delicious to have. It is also a good source of lean meat. That is why sonic makes it available for you to enjoy. They have various entrees for you to have while you drive on the road.

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To spice things over, they serve the chicken dish with garlic parmesan, honey BBQ, Asian sweet chilli, buffalo, island fire, or extreme habanero heat sauce. They add flavour onto your chicken and make it interesting for you to have. You will get the following chicken entrées in the menu;

  • Boneless chicken wings which come in 6, 12, and 24 pieces.
  • Ultimate chicken sandwich.

Kid’s meal

They are the bosses of tomorrow, they need the attention that adults receive. The little human beings do not need a whole plate. That is why sonic has special dishes for them to enjoy as you do. When you drive in with your kids, they too get a chance to choose their dish.

Each of the kid’s meal comes with an entrée, side and a kid-sized drink. They will love the visit and want to come for more. Guide your kids into choosing from one of the following dishes;

  • Burger.
  • Chicken strips.
  • Grilled cheese.
  • Beef hotdog.
  • Corn dog.

Everyday deals

In every fast food joint, it must have dishes that they serve every day. They know they are the people’s favourite and that is why they do not want their customer to miss them when they come over. The dish tends to be famous and delicious too.

For food to be on the everyday deal, it must be in many peoples order and must be fast growing. At the sonic drive in, the following are the dishes found in the everyday meal section;

  • Breakfast burritos.
  • deluxe burger.
  • Chicken strip sandwich.
  • Double chicken burger.
  • Jr deluxe
  • Grilled cheese.
  • Corn dogs.
  • Tots or fries small.
  • Ice tea small.
  • Soft drink small.
  • Famous slush
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla dish.
  • Real ice-cream sundae.

What is amazing about the everyday deals a dish is that they are all below $2. That makes it affordable for anyone passing by. You can easily combine what you want and enjoy.


The drinks they serve at their premises make them famous. When you drive in thirsty or when you want to wash that spicy chicken strips that you have eaten, they have many drinks for you to choose from. They have the originals that have been there for ages and they have slushes.

Slushes are drinks that they come up with after combining various drinks of different flavours. When you are thirsty and in the mood for a thrilling experience, the sonic is the place you need to be. They will take your taste buds for a ride with the following drinks that they serve;

  • Signature limeades that come in small, medium, large or route 44.
  • Famous slashes small, medium, large and route 44.
  • Candy slushes small, medium, large, route 44.
  • Real fruit slushes small. Medium, large and route 44.
  • Soft drink small, medium, large, gallon and route 44.
  • Sonic slush small, medium, large and route 44.
  • Ocean water small, medium, large and route 44.
  • Orange juice or cram berry juice cocktail small, medium.
  • Sonic wave bottled water.
  • Premium roast coffee regular and large.
  • Sonic energy drinks small, medium, large and route 44
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Frozen zone

It is the place to be when you are feeling hot and want something to cool you down. They have an amazing menu that you will enjoy. From ice cream tot, which is their on innovations, you have the following to choose from in the frozen zone section;

  • Their own sonic blast which comes in mini, small, medium and large sizes
  • Java chiller shakes small, medium and large
  • Master shakes mini, small, medium and large
  • Hand mixed classic shakes small and medium.
  • Master shakes mini, small, medium, and large.
  • Old school floats mini, small, medium, and large.
  • Cream slush treats mini, small, medium, and large.
  • Master blast mini, small, medium, and large.
  • Real ice-cream sundae.
  • Molten cake sundae.
  • Waffle cone sundae.

What you should know before you order

  • Know the sizes

As you can see from the items in the menu, most of the dishes and drinks that they serve come in sizes. Before you go ahead and make your order, it is good to know the size of the food or drink that you want. It is to avoid you getting the wrong serving and avoid confusion.

  • Mind your calories

For you out there who are watching your weight, you should remember to count your calories. Just like any other fast food joint, they have food with low calories and that of high calories. it is up to you to check the menu online or at their premises before you make your order.

  • Combination

You are free to break their rules and make your own combination. Yes, you can go ahead and make your own order depending on what you want to have. You do not have to follow their menu to the last writing. Go ahead and have what your heart s craving for.

  • Have it in the car

All the services you want from any sonic drive in takes place while you are at your car. You will drive in, choose what you want to have and make your order. The carhops will skate to here you are to deliver your order. You do not have to move out of your car to get the food.

Sonic drive in is all about good foods and drinks, something they have proven for years. Looking at their menu, they have a lot for you to choose from. From burgers, hotdogs to chicken dishes, you will have what your heart desires with the drink of your choice. Now you know what to get in their menu.