Clothier Survey Greenshade: Explore the Secrets of Fabrication

Embark on a thrilling journey into the lush lands of Greenshade, where the secrets of clothier craftsmanship lie concealed amidst the sprawling forest.

Delve into the depths of this mysterious realm as we unveil the enigmatic Clothier Survey, offering a map to untold riches and rare crafting materials.

Prepare to be enchanted by the wonders that await in this verdant sanctuary of Elder Scrolls Online.

clothier survey greenshade

The clothier survey for Greenshade in Elder Scrolls Online is a crafting survey map that is used to locate specific crafting materials in the Greenshade area.

This survey provides a report on the location of these materials, which can be found northwest of the Falinesti Wayshrine in Greenshade.

For more detailed information on this survey and its findings, you can refer to The UESPWiki.

Key Points:

  • The clothier survey for Greenshade in Elder Scrolls Online helps players locate crafting materials in the area.
  • The survey provides a report on the exact location of these materials.
  • The materials can be found northwest of the Falinesti Wayshrine in Greenshade.
  • Players can find more detailed information on the survey and its findings in The UESPWiki.
  • The clothier survey is a crafting survey map.
  • It is used by players to find specific crafting materials in Greenshade.

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Pro Tips:

1. Greenshade, a region in the game Elder Scrolls Online, is known for its diverse plant life. Interestingly, Clothier Surveys in Greenshade often lead players to discover rare, vibrant flowers with unique properties, which can be used to create powerful potions and enchantments.

2. Clothier Surveys in Greenshade often highlight the renowned skill of the Bosmer, the wood elf race native to the region. With their exceptional craftsmanship, Bosmer clothiers are famous for incorporating enchantments into their finely woven garments, granting wearers unique magical abilities.

3. In Greenshade, Clothier Surveys often reveal hidden groves that serve as sacred gathering places for the Bosmer. These groves are said to possess a mystical aura, believed to enhance the clothier’s abilities to weave intricate and enchanted garments.

4. It is said that ancient Bosmer legends tell of a mystical thread named “Veridust,” only found in Greenshade. According to these tales, this rare thread possesses the ability to change color according to the wearer’s emotions, making the garments woven from it a prized possession among clothiers.

5. The mighty Ominous War Loom, an ancient artifact of unknown origin, is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the depths of Greenshade. Clothier Surveyors who stumble upon this powerful loom gain exceptional insight and craftsmanship skills, enabling them to create legendary garments capable of bestowing extraordinary powers upon the wearers.

Southeast Of Rootwater Grove Wayshrine

Located in the expansive region of Greenshade in the celebrated game Elder Scrolls Online, the Clothier Survey offers an exciting opportunity for skilled crafters to delve into the secrets of fabric manipulation. Situated southeast of the Rootwater Grove Wayshrine, this survey provides eager participants with a map showcasing the precise locations of valuable crafting materials.

With its lush landscapes and mysterious allure, Greenshade serves as an ideal setting for adventurers and craftsmen alike to explore and uncover the secrets of clothier craftsmanship.

As you embark on your journey to the southeast of Rootwater Grove Wayshrine, be prepared to navigate through dense forests and ethereal glens. The survey map will guide you through this picturesque yet treacherous terrain, leading you to hidden locations teeming with clothier materials. With each step, the air becomes heavy with anticipation as you draw closer to uncovering some of the most coveted materials in the realm of Elder Scrolls Online.

Southwest Of Drowned Coast Wayshrine

Venture further into the Greenshade to embark on the Clothier Survey, where crafters can explore the mystical southwest region surrounding the Drowned Coast Wayshrine. This area holds secrets of clothier craftsmanship waiting to be discovered. Traverse the sun-drenched beaches and mysterious caves with the guidance of the survey map, leading you to hidden troves of valuable crafting materials.

In the southwest of the Drowned Coast Wayshrine, unexpected treasures await. Discover rare strands of enchanted fabric and collect exotic dyes sourced from elusive plants. However, caution is advised as formidable creatures inhabit this area and will fiercely defend their territory. Only the most skilled and determined crafters will triumph over these challenges and emerge victorious, securing their much-desired loot.

Northeast Of Cormount Wayshrine

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of Greenshade, the Clothier Survey invites adventurers to unveil the secrets of the fabric trade. Located northeast of the Cormount Wayshrine, this particular area is shrouded in both beauty and danger.

As you embark on this leg of your journey, the survey map reveals hidden nooks and crannies where a wide array of crafting materials can be found.

Prepare to traverse enchanted clearings, where the gentle lull of nearby waterfalls provides a soothing backdrop to your search. However, beauty can deceive, for lurking within the shadows are creatures both mesmerizing and deadly. Keep your wits about you and let the map guide you through the twists and turns of this ethereal landscape, ensuring you extract the greatest treasures Greenshade has to offer.

  • Nestled in the northeastern reaches of Greenshade
  • Clothier Survey: unveil the secrets of the fabric trade
  • Located northeast of the Cormount Wayshrine
  • Hidden nooks and crannies: array of crafting materials
  • Enchanted clearings with soothing waterfalls
  • Lurking creatures in the shadows
  • Keep your wits about you
  • Map guides through twists and turns of ethereal landscape
  • Extract the greatest treasures Greenshade has to offer

Crafting Materials

Within the vast realm of Greenshade, the Clothier Survey presents crafters with a bountiful array of crafting materials. From intricate threads spun by ethereal spiders to colorful feathers plucked from exotic birds, Greenshade is a treasure trove for those skilled in the art of fabric manipulation. The survey map unveils the exact locations of these coveted materials, guiding crafters through meandering paths and forgotten alcoves.

Venture deep into the heart of Greenshade, and you may stumble upon valuable ingredients that will enhance your clothier creations. Silk of unparalleled quality, imbued with magical properties, can be discovered in hidden grottos. Vibrant plants, their leaves shimmering with otherworldly hues, provide the perfect dye for fashion-forward garments. With the precise guidance of the survey map, crafters can unlock the full potential of their clothier skills, creating masterpieces that are as beautiful as they are powerful.

Similar Maps

For those eager to further explore Greenshade or uncover additional crafting secrets, Clothier Survey maps are not the only source of guidance. The UESPWiki, a renowned resource for Elder Scrolls Online players, offers a wealth of information on the region of Greenshade and its myriad of crafting opportunities. From detailed maps highlighting the locations of rare materials to comprehensive guides on clothier crafting, the UESPWiki is a veritable treasure trove for knowledge-thirsty crafters.

Additionally, other similar maps exist, each leading crafters on a unique and rewarding journey. Exploring the vast realms of Elder Scrolls Online, one may stumble upon surveys for other crafting disciplines, such as blacksmithing and woodworking. These surveys, like the Clothier Survey in Greenshade, provide crafters with the chance to expand their skills and unlock the secrets of different trades. Embrace these opportunities, for they are gateways to the boundless wonders that await within the realm of Elder Scrolls Online.


You may need to know these questions about clothier survey greenshade

Where is the clothier survey in Eastmarch?

The clothier survey in Eastmarch can be found in the southeastern part of the region. To reach this area, head toward the Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine, the closest waypoint. From there, simply travel east in a straight line, and the plants for the survey will be waiting along your path. Keep an eye out for them as you explore the diverse and scenic landscapes of Eastmarch. Happy gathering!

Where is clothier survey stormhaven?

To find the clothier survey in Stormhaven, one must venture to the northwest of the region. Begin by making your way to the Alcaire Castle Wayshrine for convenience. From there, set off on the small path leading west and continue until you reach a turning point on the left. Keep an eye out for the clothier survey among the picturesque landscapes of Stormhaven’s northwest area.

In search of the clothier survey in Stormhaven, you’ll find it nestled in the charming northwest region. Begin your journey at the Alcaire Castle Wayshrine, a perfect starting point. Follow the charming small path heading west and keep your eyes peeled for a left turn along the way. Delve into the enchanting landscapes of Stormhaven’s northwest to discover the much-sought-after clothier survey awaiting your arrival.

How do you get jewelry survey maps in eso?

In the expansive world of Elder Scrolls Online, acquiring jewelry survey maps requires the completion of crafting writs. Engaging in these daily tasks rewards dedicated crafters with either a material box brimming with useful items specific to their chosen crafting profession or a valuable survey map. By diligently undertaking these crafting writs, players gain access to intricate jewelry survey maps that lead them to hidden troves of precious resources, enabling the creation of exquisite jewelry pieces.

Crafting writs bestow crafters with the coveted opportunity to obtain jewelry survey maps in ESO. Whether it is a material box or a map, these rewards offer crafters a sense of adventure and provide access to valuable materials. By actively participating in crafting dailies, journeying through the lands, and discovering these hidden maps, crafters can unlock a realm of endless possibilities for crafting magnificent jewelry in the realm of Elder Scrolls Online.

Where is Greenshade in eso?

Greenshade is a mesmerizing region situated in the southwestern part of Valenwood within the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This enchanting land embodies the captivating beauty of flowing rivers and fertile plains, creating a harmonious blend of nature and tranquility. Within its borders, one can discover the bustling port city of Woodhearth, which graces the western shoreline with its vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, towns like Marbruk and Greenheart enrich the land, offering their own unique charm and cultural richness to the verdant landscape of Greenshade.

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