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For those who have got an opportunity to shop at Target supermarket, there must be high chances that they were issued with a transaction receipt. The supermarket greatly recognizes its potential customers. As a result, the experience the customers encounter while shopping in this supermarket as a great impact on its progress.

Therefore, Target supermarket gives these customers a chance of sharing their experiences through a survey identified as the informTarget survey. The only thing required to participate in this survey is the transaction receipt. Having this receipt, the potential customers can take part in the survey in less than 5 minutes.

Those who take part in this are in a position of winning 1,000 US dollars gift card.

All You Need to Know About InformTarget

Target Survey

Target Survey

InformTarget survey is specifically meant for the potential customers of Target Supermarket. Everyone can take part in this survey as long as he/she has the transaction receipt. Having this receipt, the survey is accessed by visiting the supermarket’s website at

At this site, you are in a position of dictating the growth of the growth through the feedback you give concerning the nature of experience you encountered on your last shopping in the supermarket.

It is through this method that they are going to make a tremendous change as per the feedback is given. This is the easiest survey that you can ever take as it takes only a maximum of 10 minutes. The survey contains questions that are related to your last visit and they are straightforward.

Answers to the survey questions are given as per the last experience encountered while in the supermarket. Through this survey, the potential customers are in a position of giving out their views in regard to the products and the services available in this company.

Having participated in this survey, the participants can emerge the winner of the gift card worth 1000 US dollars by joining the sweepstakes.

Requirements Needed in Order to Participate in this Survey

There are some essential requirements for you to participate in the informTarget survey. These are discussed as follows:

  1. An Internet Device

A device for accessing the internet is one of the essential requirements of this case. Here you need a smartphone or a computer through which you are in a position of joining this survey. Before entering in the survey, it is vital to check if the given device is connecting to the internet as needed.

As a result, installing a browser in any of this devices is an essential step to be made before participating. There are a number of browsers that work correctly with these devices. A good example is the Mozilla and many more.

  1. Access to the Internet

The second essential requirement is internet access. For any chosen device, it is always essential to check if it is in the position of connecting to the internet. In this, providing the internet the fast and stable internet access is the best option you can make.

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A stable internet connection is one way through which you are which to take part in this survey within a short period of time. There are chances of the survey page getting expired if you go for the slow internet connection.

  1. Target’s Transaction Receipt

The next thing is possessing the receipt issued by Target Supermarket. This is an indication that for you to participate in this survey you must have shopped with the Target Supermarket. A good case is purchasing a given item from one of the supermarket’s stores from where you are issued with a transaction receipt.

The transaction receipt of this supermarket is essential as it contains the information needed in the survey. This information includes the user ID together with the password that is required to be entered in the survey page.

How to Take Part in the InformTarget Survey

For you to finish this survey within the shortest possible time, there are a number of steps that you need to keep in mind. These are discussed as follows:

First Step: Visiting the Survey Website

The most important step to start with is grabbing the best internet device and begin launching the browser from where you are going to access the survey through It is on this page you find the survey page and have a chance of a winning a gift card worth 1,500 US dollars.

Second Step: Language Option

In this case, the potential customer is required to choose the language that he/she can easily understand. Here, you will find two options which are English option and Spanish option. It is on this page that you are going to select the desired language. After this, you will observe an automatic change of the survey page to the selected language.

Third Step: Filling of the User ID and the Password

Following the selection of the language option, the next step is filling with the details available in the transaction receipt. These details include the password and the user ID. The potential customers can avoid unexpected confusion by confirming the given details from the receipt.

The receipt or the invoice is full of the information that is needed in the respective survey page. After the completion of the filling process, the next step is clicking the start option from where you will proceed to the next step.

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Fourth Step: Answering the Survey Questions

Having provided the essential details, you will be exposed to the survey page from where you will be required to answer the available questions. These questions are mainly related to the last experience you encountered while in this supermarket.

The potential customers are needed to display honesty while in the process of answering the questions since it is through this answers that a change is going to be observed in the Target Market. Moreover, through your feedback, the market will realize the available opportunities in the market.

Fifth Step: Joining the Sweepstakes

It is obvious that every participant will wish to win the gift card worth 1,500 US dollars through this kind of survey. Then joining the sweepstakes is the best step you can make. This is an easy process to undertake as it needs filling of the blanks using the transaction receipt data.

The details needed to join the sweepstakes include the user’s name, the address, and the personal contact. In this case, it is good to provide a valid email address together with a valid mobile number. It is through this number and email address that you are going to be contacted in case you emerge the winner of the gift card.

The Prizes you are Likely to Win by Entering in the Sweepstakes of Inform Market

Many of us will always wish to know the kind of prizes offered to those who emerge the winners in the sweepstakes. As per the information, the main gifts offered in this case include the gift cards that are worth 1,500 US dollars.

The winners are awarded the prizes using the debit card method. Through the given gift cards, the winners can enjoy shopping at the Target Market without incurring any costs. However, checking of the available balance is essential as you are likely to have used all the allocated money.

The potential customers who emerge the winners of the gift card need to know that this card cannot be redeemed for cash or any other prizes. Moreover, reloading of the balance for this gift card is not possible. Also, it is important to note the expiry date of this gift card which is clearly specified in it.

Failure to use the available balance before the expiry date, it is impossible to use it again. This is because after the expiry date the gift card is pronounced to be invalid.

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Fixing of the Troubles Experienced in the InformTarget Survey

There are chances of experiencing troubles every time when accessing the survey website or while in the process of completing this survey. There is no need of losing hope when you have encountered this kind of troubles. All these issues can be easily sorted out. This can be done by following the essential ideas.

  1. Internet Issues

Before entering the survey page it is essential to check if the internet is stable or if it is disconnected. In this case, it is always vital to ensure that the internet is stable so as to finish the survey within the shortest possible time. There are chances of the unstable internet connection to make the user ID together with the password to be invalid.

There is a case where the server fails to loads. All these cases require you to go for a new receipt from the store.

  1. The validity of the Receipt

It is always necessary to check the validity of the transaction receipt before participating in the survey. This can be done by checking the date when you paid a visit to this supermarket. If the date is realized to be incorrect, visiting Target once more is an essential step to go for. Here you will be issued with a new receipt containing new user ID together with a password.

  1. The InformTarget Survey Being Down

You are not likely to access the survey page due to the server of informTarget survey being down. In this case, panicking is not the best solution to go for. The needed assistance can be accessed by contacting the customer care of Target market.

In many cases, the problem is going to be fixed following along a period of time from the reporting time. Here, you are required to be patient enough and wait for the time when the site will begin working normally.

The above are the main troubles experienced mostly while accessing the survey page of Target market. Never hesitate anymore in case you encounter you these troubles while trying to share out your experience concerning the visit you made to Target Market.

All the above troubles can be fixed by seeking an assistance from the support staff of Target Market. The help can be provided either the customer care employees or the technician who is highly experienced in that field.