Nike Survey Guide

Nike Survey to Win $10 Gift Card

Whenever I want to buy new apparels, shoes, and another type of wear, I mind ones with the Nike label. And since I’m not sponsored by Nike, I‘ve to decide whether to buy Nike, gears, shoes and other of their gorgeous commodities. Of course, Nike commodities aren’t cheap, and as I always work on a budget, wearing Nike apparels right form the head to toe, is like a dream come true.

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However, the Nike survey provides me with an opportunity to get what I want. I just answer some Nike survey question, make them be a better, if not a bigger brand, more than they are now, and in return, I get to enter a sweepstake, possibly win the survey grand price.

Though nothing comes that easy, you have first to save some minutes of your precious time, visit the survey official site, read the survey instructions, checking if you’re eligible to enter the survey. It’s a matter of utmost importance to do the latter, so as not to waste your time and company’s

About Nike.

This’s a reputable apparel and shoe brand, selling some quality products. Nike produces a different set of commodities, operating in a global niche. Their products are loved by most consumers, and it will be sensible to say that they are among the greatest global gear ad shoe company.

Nike has also ventured into the sportswear business sponsoring some big name clubs in multivariate sports competition. Their rapid growth and an increase in fame have made them become a reputable fashion brand for plenty of people.

Of course, this’s an American company, founded in the 16th century, then referred as blue Ribbon sports. The guys behind Blue Ribbon establishment are Phil Knight and Bowerman, which grew to become, Nike sportswear and fashion brand. Whichever you like.

Nike Survey Reward.

It’s sensible to understand this survey reward and see if it’s worth your while.  Once you enter and complete the survey, which is a sequential process that will be discussed later in this article, you‘ll receive a $5 coupon discount. So boring! For a company of Nike Statue

However, you will see why the discount is set at that price. First a lot of folks complete this survey online, and Nike rewards each participant.  Doing the math, a slight increase in survey price could have a bad effect on their future profit.

Secondly, there are other survey grand prices. If it’s your lucky day you’d receive; $20 coupon code, or a $10 survey gift grand price. So you could weight your option, seeing if the Nike survey is something you’d sign up for.

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Nike Survey Requirements.

You must be an eligible participant to enter this survey, not to mention winning the survey grand price. There’s certain requirement that you must have; to either enter this survey via mail or online.

Have The Nike Survey Receipt.

If you’re to complete this survey online, having this receipt is mandatory. Therefore if you’re fond of wrapping your receipt, then throwing it away, its high time you change that, as you might be missing out on an opportunity of winning the survey grand price, and coupon.

Understandably, there’s where one will get this receipt; shopping at Nike outlets or their affiliates brands. If you’re thinking of forging some credentials, that will allow you to complete this survey, stop dreaming as it’s impossible.

Also, it’s vital understanding that, Nike receipt is valid for a period of seven days, and failure to use the same within that period, the receipt becomes invalid. You’ll have to get a new one; praying hard that you‘ll be on time.

Device That Can Connect To Internet.

The survey is run; by sending a mail or completing it online. If you’re planning to complete this survey online, which is perfect, make sure you got your hands on a device that can connect to the internet. Also, mind your internet speed; the faster it is, the quicker will you get done with this.

Understanding of English, Spanish, French, or Chinese.

Nike survey is unique from other surveys, which operate using two languages; Spanish and English. By them doing this, they provide you with a greater platform to complete this survey with ease, submitting your candid feedback.

Also, it’s vital understanding that, Nike uses a basic version of these languages making it easy for a participant to digest the question, answering them correctly. These are some of the survey requirement, the moment, you‘re on the survey official page, you’ll understand them all.

Nike Survey Rules.

These survey rules exist to get the better feedback, ensuring that you’re in a perfect state to complete this survey with ease.

  • Nike employees and other parties’ that have prior done business with Nike at ay capacity are barred from entering the survey
  • Employees close relatives and household’s members are not eligible to enter the survey.
  • The survey is open to residents of the United States that are of 18 years and older.
  • You will have seven days to enter Nikes Survey, If not, your survey receipt will expire.
  • Nike survey grand prize cannot be transferred to another party
  • You cannot use Nikes Coupon code alongside gift card prize.
  • You should also claim your prize within 60 days.
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These are some of the Nikes Survey rules. However to be informed of what is required of you, be sure to visit the survey official rules online. This will make you be on the same page as Nike, enabling you to complete this survey with ease.

How To Enter Nike Survey Online.

If you’ve decided to enter this survey online, which is a nice choice, first, make sure that your internet connection is up to speed, same as your device. This will enable you to complete this survey easily.

Visit Nike Survey Home Page.

You don’t have to pull many strings locating the official survey site. Check your Nike receipt that has the invitation message to complete this survey. The invitation message is inclusive of the survey link, and your duty will be copying the link in your browser!

The moment you do that, you’ll be on Nike official homepage; where you‘ll choose your appropriate survey language. There‘re four; English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Choose your best language.

Enter Nike Survey Code.

Minus entering this code, you’ll not be able to complete this survey. The code is found on your receipt, and to my understanding, it’s too conspicuous. You can’t miss it. The code has 15 digits and the Nike homepage has same corresponding boxes.

You will input each code digit on each box, till you’re done. This way, you’ll not be in a position to make errors, you’ll also enter another receipt credential; time and date of your visit. And afterwards, you‘ll proceed with the survey; if you entered correct details.

Answer Nikes Survey Questions.

Nikes are interested in these feedbacks. Therefore, it’s an instrumental matter to answer these questions candidly. This way Nike will be able to know    what you feel about their products and services

These are easy questions to answer; in fact, they‘re close-ended, and you’ll choose whether you ‘e highly satisfied, least satisfied, not satisfied and more.   The Drill is simple, read the question, proceed to submit a suitable answer, till you’re done.

These question will need you to lament on, the nature of their goods, pricing; is it high, low, or commensurate to quality, cleanliness of their joint, washroom, and other locations. Their inside décor and more

Also, they will be interested to know if you’d recommend Nike to your family, and other close associates.  Lastly, if you‘ll visit their store again. These’re some of the many questions, you‘ll be expected to answer.

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Submit Your Comment.

Once you’ve answered all survey questions submitting your candid feedback, Nike will need your comment. This can be about anything. If you’d like to congratulate them on a given apparel brand or express your dissatisfaction about anything that’s Nike, You‘ll have the room to do that.

However is of utmost importance to agree and disagree politely. Not only will you look professional, you will also make Nike take your comments seriously.

Choose Whether You’ll Enter Sweepstake.

This‘s an optional stage, and if you’re interested to enter the Nike sweepstakes, you’ll click the okay button. That’s it. But wait! Why should you enter sweepstakes?  Entering this sweepstake’s provide you with an opportunity to enter Nike’s survey grand draw.

Entering the draw will enable you to win the survey grand price, which is a $10 gift card price. I recommend you enter the sweepstakes, as I see no need to go this far only to skip this step.

Submit Your Personal Details.

If you’ve been following this survey closely, you’ll realise that you haven’t submitted your contact details anywhere. Of course, Nike probably has your name, printed on your receipt. But if they have to contact you they’ll need further contact info.

You will need to submit your names; as they appear on your legal identification document Zip code, email address, day and night telephone number. Or to make it easy for the Nike survey sponsor to contact you; submit all your contact info, that you think are applicable. You can now pop a bottle of champagne, as you’ll be through with this survey.

How to Contact Nike.

There are the different method you could use to reach out. You could contact them using their email contact [email protected]. Or give these guys a call .on 800 806 6453. However, you will have to be patients, as Nike receives plenty of calls per day, making a direct contact sometimes is an upheaval task.

Also, visit the Nike official site, and on the contact we page. There you‘ll have multiple contact options. It’s thus upon you choosing one that you seem is best. The good thing is that there‘re some Nike FAQ and other pages that could be of help.

If you happen to be social media savvy, Nike is active on different social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You just have to subscribe to their notifications and you’ll be updated on what’s cooking.

You could also try their live chat contact method; it’s fast reliable and super easy. You just have to be internet connected, and that’s it.