Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

What You Need To Know About The School? GoodFella’s pizza school is known to be a comprehensive and hands-on school in the whole world. The school is the best when it comes to teaching the practical aspects of pizza and its art. It is the best option for those who are new to the pizza industry or those with little experience in this respective industry. They have a great program for these two categories.

The main goal of this school is to equip their students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to be successful and confident when they are required to create the best pizza in the world. Their instruction is good enough in instilling the required knowledge and ensuring that the students have a capability of preparing the best pizza, starting from the point where they are to build a recipe, prepare it and then create it.

Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

They conduct their lessons at the GoodFella’s school of New that was established in the year 1992. This environment is the best for the life and the real restaurant. The environment provides a continuous experience that is hands-on and training services at the personal level.  Their trainers are masters in this section and are the founders of the school. Hundreds of students have passed through their hands. These students are always known to be the best pizzeria operators which are a dream and a goal of every student passing through the school.  Featuring the school in the magazines and televisions is a common thing in each and every year. When it comes to the Gracie Mansion and the Presidential Yacht, it has always been catered on every year. This is the main reason for it to have received a number of prestigious accolades.

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Working with each student is conducted directly by the master trainers who are the founders and the owners of this school. These trainers work towards ensuring that each and every student get the correct understanding of what he or she is being taught and be in a position of producing pizzas of high quality from the beginning up to the end.

GoodFellas pizza school has the comprehensive and the best workbooks that they use in their training, creating the best recipes, choosing the product lists and also in identifying the equipment that they need. They also use these books in giving a continuous hard-on knowledge to their students. They have tailored their respective programs and lessons in line with the needs of the students.  They work towards ensuring that the students are equipped with all the required knowledge so that they graduate confidently. In addition to ensuring that hard-work and excitement are employed in their classes, they also ensure that these classes are extremely fulfilling and fun. Immediately after the graduation of their students, they make a further step of supporting them during the process pre-opening in answering any questions that they have.  They do this with an aim of ensuring that their goal of seeing their students emerging to be confident and the best experts in making pizza knowing the businesses is successful.

Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

Goodfellas Pizza School of New York

The Courses They Offer

One of the courses they offer is the 4 pizzaiola class. It is a hands-on course that is being taught weekly in this school. It is meant specifically for the type of people who have a desire of making great pizza in addition to mastering all the essential skills. It is identified as the type of the course that is comprehensive having a training that is hands-on and a good atmosphere that is fit for consultation.

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The school majorly specializes in training the newbies who have a desire in the pizza industry. They mainly conduct their lessons in face to face illustrations so that the student can grasp every step that is being taught. Each class has only one student. This is a good idea as it ensures that the student is getting all the content involved without having to rush or skip any essential information.

Furthermore, this course makes it possible for each student to get a clear understanding of the operation of the side business fundamentals which enables this student to gain access to a start that is excellent in the management operations of pizza.

They have also an advanced class that trains on food cost, control of the inventory, control of waste, control of quality and the par sheets. The course majorly concentrates on the training pertaining the gourmet sauce for the development of the specialty pizza. This will ensure that the student is a master in preparing pizza at the time of graduation.

Another course offered in this school is the master class. This is specifically meant for those having a passion in the pizza business and are ready to learn from the best trainers and emerge successfully. This class does not need any experience but it only needs an artistic passion and one’s commitment towards learning and working hard. Development of menu and all the books for recipes and the tools for training are other essential things that are needed. The training involves all the meals and the chef jackets on a daily basis.

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The class is identified as the best one in the whole world. It exposes the students to all the secrets that are involved in making the best recipes and pizzas. It is a course that is fully hands-on in each and every way.

Finally, the school offers pizza consulting course. This is mainly meant for those who are new to the pizza industry and are in need of the incredible guidance offered by the school on the valuable services. The school is always available to ensure that their esteemed partners are successful and are making a further step of opening a pizza restaurant. This is vital in saving large amounts of money that would have gone into waste.

The school has a got professional trainers who always work to ensure that the hundreds of learners passing through their hands on a number of projects are offered an environment that is friendly.