Pizza Plus Restaurant

The Old Lyme Connecticut Pizza Plus Restaurant

This restaurant is highly re-known for its mouthwatering type of pizza. This makes their pizza to be categorized by a number of customers as the best one. In addition to making pizza, they prepare sea-foods that are fresh all to way to offer the best sites for attractions and a good place to have a walk.

What Makes Them Be Highly Rated? At this pizza plus, you will encounter cooks, one by the name Chris and the other one by the name John who are involved in the daily making of mouthwatering pizzas. They put much of their efforts into making dough starting from scratch. On the hand, there is Jorge who is work is mainly the addition of the extra kick that is essential in ensuring that the sauce is amazing. There is Yota on a daily basis that is used in the cutting of peppers that are fresh, cutting of onions and also cutting the toppings in order to add them to any pizza requested by the customer. Pizza plus avails all the desired necessities of the taste buds starting from those who wish to come up with their own, or those who are in need of having a nibble in one of the Old Lyme Connecticut’s gourmet type of pizza or those who are after indulging them in an oven grinder that is hot.

Pizza Plus Restaurant

Pizza Plus Restaurant

The ingredients that the Pizza Plus Restaurant uses are mainly purchased and then traded via the locally available markets and by the farmers. They ensure that their customers enjoy their pizzas by cutting the onions toppings, the peppers toppings, the cucumbers toppings, the tomatoes toppings, the garlic toppings and the cheeses while still fresh on a daily basis. The customers are in a good position of charging the nature of the food they prepare immediately they are their counter. The employees of pizza plus have a serious passion on their food which is the reason why they ensure that their customers encounter a great experience every when dining inside the restaurant or outside it or even if they take them while on their homes.

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For those who are not sure of the best to choose from. The best option is their cheese subs and the Philly steak that are so famous amongst their customers. The Philly steak is shredded thinly by the use of hot cheese that has melted on a crispy type of toasted sub using the secret sauce hint which keeps a number of customers to prefer this kind of menu and even begs for it. The purchases that are made on a daily basis on pizza plus are the grinders subs that are fresh directly from the family of Michele. This is a bakery that is found western Haven. The shredded type of blends of the 1950 brands, the 127 type of cheddar and the mozzarella type of cheeses for their respective pizzas including the produce products and the deli are purchased directly from the distributions of CityLine.

At this Pizza Plus Restaurant, they prepare ready-made lasagnas. The consume their time preparing directly from the scratch through the addition of the pasta layer that is fresh, grounded beef layer, tomatoes sauce layer and the layer of ricotta cheese.

The thing that makes this pizza plus restaurant to be proud is the presence of the Jorge in aboard. In the springtime, he plants seeds in his respective garden which grew and become ready for harvest in the summertime. This garden is capable of producing fresh lettuce, fresh cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers, fresh onions and even fresh herbs. This fresh produce is donated to the pizza plus which in turn sells it to their esteemed customers.  The Pizza Plus Restaurant is always proud of its effort of supporting the locally available growers who tirelessly working towards making easy for the pizza plus company to serve its customers with the ingredients that are always fresh.

Pizza Plus Restaurant

Pizza Plus Restaurant

The pizza plus company is also well known for the house dressing that is homemade. In making these dresses, they use the garlic and the oregano that are freshly chopped, the olive oil that is extra virgin, the red vinegar of the Italian style, the ground pepper that is fresh, salt, basil that is homegrown, in addition to other dishes that they obtain also from other types of ingredients.

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The pizza plus was started in the year 2001. In this year, it was situated on Shore road numbered 284 across the Hartford Ave. Street from the Beach Sound View entrance.  John is recognized as the owner of this pizza plus company and the proud one. John applied the knowledge and experience that he had gathered for a period of 20 years in the business that was owned and operated by his family. The reason for the success of this company is because John decided to push the knowledge and the experience that he had gained to higher heights. John runs the business along with Chris, who is the twin brother, Litza who is John’s wife, Despina John and Yota John who are his two daughters, Janine, who is the sister in law to John, Jorge, who is a friend to John for many days including C.J who is the creative director to this business.

The pizza plus business is always open on the seven days of the week. They open from 11 a.m to 9 p.m every day from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday they open from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. Thus, the Pizza Plus Restaurant is always open throughout the year be it summertime, wintertime, springtime or even during fall time. The restaurant is always accessible to their customers either through face to face communication, through Facebook page, through email, through a link or through making telephone calls from Monday to Saturday starting at 11 a.m to 9 p.m. Therefore, you can always access the restaurant for the best services they offer and the delicious foods that they always prepare.

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