Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru Reviews

Why Panda Express Drive Thru is a Success? Do you love driving around? I do that a lot with my kids. If I get bored and want to just stroll around with no specific place in mind, I take my children with me so that we can bond along. A drive relaxes your mind and gives you time away from your house.

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My daughter has this policy that for me to take her along, we must drive thru our favourite chicken in for some chicken wings. She believes for a stroll to be complete, you must have something in your mouth and I tend to agree with her.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

A good meal and a talk with your loved one will always relax your mind. For you to get your favourite food when you are on the road, you must pass through some joint for the meal, right? Well thanks to the restaurant on our way, they keep us full along the road.

Do you do like I do? It must be an amazing experience especially if you are doing it with the one you cherish. You might also be driving to or away from work and you haven’t had a meal in hours. Sing a drive-through will go a long way in filling you.

What is a drive through?

You might be acquainted with them but you just don’t know they are called drive-throughs. It is a food joint or restaurant where you place an order and picks up your food without living the comfort of your car. You get to drive in and depending on how it is designed, you get to order and pay.

They are strategically located along the high way to make sure they serve the customers along the road. They are convenient because they serve something that almost everyone on the road can eat and get filled up. So, have they been around for long?

Drive through have been something that has been around for ages. People might think the Mc Donald was the first one but the truth is that they have been around for a while. They used to have a big burger sign on their premises and people passing by would stop for a snack or a meal.

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The main characteristic of a drive-through is a driveway around it. You just drive in and make an order for your food and on the other side, you get to have your order and you get to pay. They have come a long way in helping people along the road.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

Characteristic of a common drive though

A drive through should be strategically located in a place where people are freely driving in and out without causing ant traffic. There should be enough space for cars to drive through without difficulty. For any drive through to be efficient, it must have;

  • A speaker and microphone

They are vital for communication. When you drive in with your car, you will use the microphone to make your order. That will ensure that the workers inside hear your order so that they can start preparing it. on the other side, the workers need a speaker.

A speaker is connected to the microphone. It amplifies what the customer is saying on the microphone. A speaker on the other side makes sure that the employee of the eat out hears your order and attends to it.

  • Freestanding sign menu

You will have to know what is being sold for you to make an order right? Having a free-standing menu ensure that you know what is being offered at the place. Since you are not getting out of the car, you need to have a visible menu for you to choose what you want.

Having a free-standing menu will be convenient for the customers as well as the one selling inside. That is because when you get to order, you will have an idea of what is there to be ordered and by doing this, it will avoid time wasting and slowness on the drive-through.

  • The window for payment and customer interaction

Once you place an order, you need to drive to the other side where you get your order and get to pay for it. that is where you will find a window to do that. There is a worker who attends to the window and makes sure the customer order is as made.

After you get your order and you are certain you have what you want, you get to make your payment here. if the order is not what you wanted, the food is replaced with what you wanted. The window is vital for customer interaction for a better-satisfied customer.

How does a drive through works?

It is important for you to know how it operates. That will avoid any confusion when you want to drive through one. Being confused while on the driveway can inconvenience the one behind you and can cause traffic build up.

  • Know what you will get at which drive through

Different driveways offer different fast foods. There can be one signature fast food depending on which fast food joint it is but in general, you need to know which specific drive through have which specific food that you like. That can be done with a simple google.

  • Place your order

Once you know what you will get once you drive a specific drive through, you need to drive through and where you see a microphone, you need to speak and ask for your order here. this is after you have done a quick glance at the menu as you drive in.

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The attendance on the other side of the microphone will listen to your order keenly and if possible write it down. This s thanks to the speakers which are placed inside the eatery. Once you have placed your order, you need to continue driving to the other side where there is a window.

  • Take your order and pay

By the time you are on the other side, your order is ready to pay. The attendant on the window will hand over your food and once you are certain it is what you ordered, you go ahead and pay for it as you drive out. If it is not what you wanted, you can communicate and get is replaced.

About Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda express is not left behind. Being in existence since 1983, they have managed to stay in business and compete with the big sharks in the industry. They have been successful in making sure their customers love what they serve and always come for more each time they are hungry.

With the founders and the owners being of the Asian origin, they have brought a totally different twist in making fast food, that is because they offer fast food from the Asian origin with some American twist in it. that makes their customer satisfied and coming for more.

Having a drive-through is every fast food goal. In a drive through, you get to maximize your profits through the many customers who drive through to have a snack. With so many people on the road every day, every drive-through would be a success with a good management.

Why venture into drive-through?

Drive though are known to generate a good income if managed well. That is because many people are on the road most of the time and due to their busy work schedule, they are not able to prepare a meal for themselves at home. that is where drive-through comes in.

You get to drive through a fast food joint and get a quick breakfast, snack or a late lunch at the comfort of your car, that way, you won’t have to waste time looking for a food joint or go the trouble of ordering for a delivery. They are meant to make life simple.

It has been an industry that has been ventured by the big in the fast food industries. With companies like McDonald having many branches of the drive-through, panda express has come to fill in a gap of serving snacks and meals of the Asian cuisine in a drive through.

Why is panda express drive through a success?

Panda express has over 107 drives though. They have been one of the most successful fast food joint with unique food to offer. One wonders what they do differently from the rest. Well, here is what was discovered that they do to make them a success;

  • They are unique

Yes, being the only fast food restaurant offering Chinese food makes them stand out. Asian cuisine is known to be delicious and healthy and when panda express offers to give fast food of that origin, people tend to want to have what they are offering.

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They are also known t have unique items on the menu. With what, they are guaranteed that people would want to come and have a taste of orange chicken or any other unique food that they may have on their menu. Having uniqueness makes them peoples favourite.

  • Fast

When you drive through h any of their fast food joints, you are served fast and your order was given to you within a minute. That way, you will not have to wait for a meal on the driveway for a long time before it is given to you.

  • Polite workers

Many are times that complains arise about certain driveways employees who tend to be slow and rude. The panda express worker is known to be polite and professional. They keep the customer needs first and do their best to make sure their customers are well attended to.

If you were to be served by polite and well-mannered workers chances are you will want to go back for, more right? Well, their workers keep people driving through for more due to their professionalism and the way they handle the customers.

  • Their hours are convenient

Each join has its own operating hours. The hours are set in such a way that each customer who needs a fast meal will get one at their joint. Most operate from 9.30 am in the morning to 10 pm at night. Those hours are enough for anyone who wants a snack or a meal while on the road.

  • Strategically located

Panda express knows well that for you to make the best sales, you must be close to your customers. That is why they always look for a location that has many customers to drive through. The success of most outlets is since the driveway has a lot of people who pass by.

  • Well managed

A well-managed outlet means employees are happy and work is delegated the way it is supposed dot. That, in turn, will go down to the way the customers are handled leaving everybody in the chain happy and satisfied. Panda Express is known to have good managers who delegate work well.

Future of panda express drive through

According to the founder, there is more to come. They have plans of opening more and more drive through ones the necessary plans are complete. They say will work hard to make sure the delicious Asian meals and snacks reach anyone on the road.

To stick to their word, they have continued to open more and more drive through. With one drive though, the local area is guaranteed of employment hence bringing development in that area and more reason to believe that they have their customer and employee in mind every time.

With many drive-through, there will be more people being employed so that they can serve many customers driving to have a taste of their meals. That way many households will benefit from the outlets that they will open in the future.

Drive through comes with convenience and saves time to a hungry customer. Panda express drive-through knows that very well. They have been working hard to make sure they are the best when it comes to offering the best snack and meal that a road user may want.