How to Make Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken

As a mother, I love spending time with my kids. They entertain me and keep me laughing every time I am with them. As they grow up, I realize they are changing and adapting to the world in a very fast way than in my generation. I must make sure I spend more time with them to know them well.

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If you have kids around you, you can relate to that. Raising a small human being into a responsible grownup needs you to constantly be on your toes. You need to know what they are up to, what they are thinking and what they are going through.

Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken

Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken

You can do that by spending time with them, but how do you do that? Well, there are several ways in which you can do that. One of them is by doing what they love doing with them. You can watch tv, play a favourite game or you can go for a tip with them.

All that can work in one way or another but there is one thing that adults and kids can agree on, food. Kids as much as adults love food. That can be a key toward bonding if you were to find time with each other while enjoying the food.

The magic of food

There is a reason why there is always food in a family. It is through sharing a meal that a family come together. That is why many families make rules when it comes to meal time to make sure they spend the little they have together. You get to bond and know a lot about each other during meal time.

You can decide to dine out occasionally, like pizza night, Chinese Wednesdays or have a once in a monthly dinner out as a family. For me, I always have a Chinese out every month. Unlike my husband, the kids are a big fan of Chinese takeouts and I always treat them when their dad is away.

When it comes to Chinese, am comfortable. That is because their meal tends to be mostly traditional. Made from vegetables and herbs. They are also mostly seafood which is considered healthy, unlike other fast foods.

A night at Panda express

When I came to know about the place, I knew it is a place I want to take my kids to. That is because there is Chinese food which they love most and the food there is delicious. As a paranoid mum, I also love the place because the menu gives calories details of every meal.

You know as well as I do it is the goal of every parent to make sure what your children eat is healthy. At panda express, they make it easier for me. Immediately they walk in, they get to order the meal that they are dying t have and we enjoy as we catch up.

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If you love spending time with your kids, that is the place to be. With orange chicken, kung pao chicken and other meals, you have a lot to choose from. Once you have had one too many meals, you can also decide to make the meal at home with them, a good example of a meal to make is teriyaki chicken.

Making teriyaki chicken at home

It is a meal that is involving and exciting to make. Something that you would need an extra hand while making. Children love that, feeling that they are helpful in the house. You can make plans to make sure you make a meal once in a week with them, it is absolute fun.

Unlike other meals at panda express, teriyaki chicken is one meal that you get to enjoy a whole thigh without being sliced. That is because it is prepared and grilled whole and the meat is chopped in front of you to enjoy.

The meal is all about sauces. There are a lot of sauces to choose from. Like when you at panda express, you get to use panda express mandarin teriyaki chicken which is sweet and thick. You can also make your own sauce at home to bend some of the rules.

Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken2

Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken2

Origin of teriyaki sauce

If you were to look at the origin, it will give you an idea of why the chicken is known so. The word teriyaki basically means a style of cooking. It means a way of cooking in which meat or fish is coated with a sweet and salty sauce and grilled over open fire.

Teri which means the lustre the sauce provides in food and Yaki which means cooking over high open heat, it is a way of cooking in which you use a sauce to spice up your meat and roast it over high heat. That is where the chicken teriyaki came about at panda express.

If you don’t know so much about the sauces, you might be confused why the teriyaki sauce. Well, it is because of its distinctive taste and the way it was used since the origin of it. here are some of the uses of the sauce

Uses of teriyaki sauce

In places like Japan and other Asian countries, teriyaki is used to flavour grilled seafood. That include flavouring fatty foods like yellowtail, tuna or the eel. The fat in the seafood taste better when roasted and flavoured with the sauce.

Coming to America and other western countries, the sauce is used to flavour salmon, beef or chicken. They have also modified the sauce by changing the ingredients. Americans also use it as a deep sauce through it was originally made for a cooking sauce.

Well, whatever the origin of the sauce and the uses, what we both know is the use of the sauce surely brings an amazing taste to the meat or chicken. You can also get to make yours at home like you will learn as follow.

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Things to use at home

Making the meal at home is fun and enjoyable at the same time. That is because you get to use what you have to make what you want. Since your aim is to have something to do with your kids, make sure safety come first. You will be open fire and can be unsafe for the kids.

You and your kids need to have fun and bond, right? There is no big deal in making the meal. You just want a delicious dish and, in the process, have fun while doing it. with that said, here are some items that will help you prepare the meal;

  • Lodge grill pan

For the recipe, you need to grill. That will be a perfect time to ask the boys to watch over the chicken legs and make sure it doesn’t burn. Use a double-sided pan for a big surface to grill on. It will surely go a long way in helping you out.

  • Pigtail flipper

If I were to use it in my house, I will have to look for it because my boys like to play around with it. in the kitchen, you will find it more helpful than the tong. It is used for flipping food in the grill without the risk of mashing it.

  • Oil Mister

You will need the panda express mandarin teriyaki sauce if you want your meal to turn out like that of panda express. It sounds crazy but it is super easy to make the sauce your self at home. read along and know how.

Ingredients of making the Panda express teriyaki chicken

The ingredients are readily available n your house and super simple to find it in the market. They are for making a serving of 8.  The amazing part is that it will take you a total time of 25 minutes to make the meal and enjoy with your brood. The ingredients include;

  1. 2 pounds of chicken thighs.
  2. 2 tablespoon canola oil.
  3. 1/3 cups of sugar.
  4. ¼ cup of soy sauce. Make sure it is of low sodium.
  5. 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  6. ½ teaspoon of garlic powder.
  7. ¼ teaspoon ground ginger.
  8. 1/3 cup of water.
  9. 2 tablespoon cornstarch mixed with 2 tablespoons of water.

Step by step guide on how to make panda express teriyaki chicken

  1. First, you need to take one big bowl. In it mix the canola oil and the chicken thighs. For that, you can ask the girls to help while the boys heat up the grill pan. They should ensure the grill pan is super-hot for the grilling.
  2. Ask the girls to add the chicken to the grill pan and grill on high heat for 3-5 minutes on each side. The boys can do the grilling while the girls help you in the next step. Ensure safety is observed especially the boys since they like fire.
  3. While they are cooking the chicken, you and the girls need to take a bowl and in it, add the sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic powder, ground ginger 1/3 of water and bring to boil under high heat. Girls like this kind of staffs and will enjoy doing it with you.
  4. Ask them to lower the temperature to medium-low and cook the mixture for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. At this point, you can add the water and cornstarch mixture that you had made earlier and cook at low heat until it thickens.
  6. Give it to the boys for them to apply it over the chicken on the grill and the chicken is ready
  7. Sit around together and enjoy the teriyaki chicken with brown rice or any serving of your choice.
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Advantages of making teriyaki chicken at home

  • Quick

From the procedure, you can judge that to right? Yes, making the meal is quick for you and the kids. That way they will not get bored in the process. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and make the meal. You will be done before you know it and have a delicious dish.

  • Easy

From the procedure, what is the difficulty in making the meal? That is something you can seat and watch s you kids do it for you. probably it is because the meal does not involve a lot of ingredients and cooking which is good for the kids.

  • Delicious

Kids just like adults love good food and chicken is one favourite meat that you cannot have enough of it. grilling chicken gives it a distinctive sweet taste and once you add the sauce, the taste is out of this world. You will have a deliciously made meal that was full of fun to make.

  • Nutritious

When you look at the nutritional value of the meal, you will find that the calories are good for one serving. You are sharing the meal so it won’t be alarming considering chicken is considered white meat which is good diet wise.

  • Fun to make

Am sure you had fun, right? The meal is something you can make even with your guest. Call friends over for a barbecue and with the sauce ready, you can grill and indulge in chicken thighs with your friends and family while catching up on the lost times. That way you get to bond more.

Disadvantages of making the teriyaki chicken at home

  • Watch out for safety

Probably that is the only thing I noticed in my boys. Men and boys love danger and will always want somewhere they will risk doing something. That can cause harm especially the open fire. Caution them enough before you give them the work of grilling.

Panda express teriyaki chicken is a wonderful meal served at the panda express. You can have it made for you at their premises or you can decide to make one at home. it is a dish that your kids will enjoy helping you make and, in the process, you can bond and catch up with them as a parent.