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What is Panda Express Survey Website? If you are thinking of sharing your experience at Panda Express, follow the link above and you can also get a free entree. In that way, the owners can find out what the problems are and they will improve further. Panda Express has a huge customer base. It is popular for its friendly staffs, fresh and tasty Chinese food. Nonetheless, whenever you come across a disappointing review about Panda Express, they reply to the person, apologizing and hoping the same mistake will not happen again.

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For example, someone wrote, “I love the food of Panda Express. I have no complains about the customer service”. From the situation above, we can tell that the customer received nice behavior which you will not find in most places nowadays. Still the Panda Express Authority would reach them to apologize.

Rather than taking the side of the staff, the Authority of Panda Express, apologizes even though the customer service is excellent, they changed the food plus returned the money yet they would take action in the particular location.

Panda Express Survey Further Explained

Panda Express Survey Website

Panda Express Survey Website

Panda Express authority would never want to see a guest not coming in again no matter how many people they have every day.

Visiting the Panda Express Survey Website

Through visiting, Panda Express Survey Website, they hear from each and every client. It gets much more significant when a guest faced an issue. In the URL that takes you to the Guest Relations Team, you will put more details about where you ate.

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Put your order number, time of buying the food, the store’s address, city and state. After that, put details about you. Your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone and e-mail address. Most people do not want to put feedback here as nobody wants to get into a hassle.

The Best Thing about Panda Express Survey Website

Visit the Panda Express Survey Website. You can write a positive one or a negative review, you can write down what you feel like. Some restaurants would make zero efforts to improve the experience of the customer while others make slight effort.

That little effort can be as good as a zero. They would ask “How was the food today?” or “How did you like your experience here?” These questions will never get the restaurant honest answers that is necessary for success and fame.

Write a Review Online- Using Mobile Phone or PC.

Some people would not like to speak directly as there is a chance of the staff being rude. Also, some customers are more active online and they put a review online that would stop others from going there.

Some are too shy to protest if their cashier was impolite or their meal was drowning in oil. That is why this eatery gets the customers to finish a brief survey on through their PC in the comfort of their home, the latter facilitate honest comments.

Panda Express Encouraging Comments by Offering Coupons

Since some people do not want to participate in this, they also have come up with another intelligent wat to get to the people. They offer coupons and many of those who wrote their opinions got a free entrée.

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According to many researches, offering customers discount or a coupon as a motivation to complete online survey will get more of them to contribute. Also, a bonus for the eatery because they can improve the quality without any hard work.

If they did not care about the customers, guests and clients, they would not be able to operate more than 1800 eateries around the world.

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  1. Jessica

    Panda Express #2883 Survey Code: 2720-2369-4834-0282-1513-07
    Server: Kennedy M
    Ordered via drive thru server made me feel extremely rushed when I was the only person in line. Cut off my order half way through a proceeded to tell me to pull forward. Never asked “is that all I can get you?” Simple stated the total when I had more items to add to my order. I felt like I was burdening your employee by simply ordering food. Definitely need better customer service skills.


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