Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Why Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken Is a Must Have Meal? I love spending time with my friends. I have a close park of girls that we hang together. We have been friends since the senior class. Over the years, we have kept the friendship till now. You should see us together, we are indeed birds of the same feather.

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Why I love Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

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Why Go for Panda Express Catering?

All of us are married and have kids. We live in different cities and have great lives away from each other. We still find time to recap and spend time together. We make plans of travelling together, visiting one another, going for family camping and making weekend plans.

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

When I am with my girls, its rewind time. I take the time to laugh, hug a lot, eat and make merry. I smile every time I remember time spent with them because at times we cry when one is having issues, when tipsy or have sad memories.

What I love about my girls is the love for food. We all have a special liking for good dishes, especially chicken. We must have a chicken meal each time we are together. Do you want to know why we go for chicken? Read along and you will get to know why.

The love for chicken

The love affair that we have with chicken meals dates way back when we were in high school. I remember we used to have a canteen in our school that used to serve delicious chicken meals. We used to have the chicken almost every day and that is where the journey started.

Over the years, as we go over our daily activities and our lives, we have seen the love of the chicken meals going back to our kitchen. We visit each other and if we are asked to choose a meal, we always go for a chicken one. The following are the reasons why we always go for the chicken;

  • It’s delicious

You will agree with me that you can never go wrong with a chicken meal. Whether roasted, fried or backed, chicken is a delicious meat that anyone can enjoy anywhere. It is not a surprise that we are not alone. A lot of people enjoy a chicken meal at home or away.

  • Available

Chicken is available for you to have almost everywhere. At the eateries down the streets, in the restaurants and at your home, you will always find chicken in every eating place. That is because chicken is available in all local supermarkets and grocery stores outlets across the world.

  • It is healthy

Yes, compare chicken meat with beef, chicken is healthy to consume. When you skin it, chicken is known to have low calories that are good for weight watchers. A lot of myths circulate suggesting chicken is unhealthy but that is not true. chicken is healthy to eat.

  • Cooks fast
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Unlike other kinds of meat here you need to boil or cook for a long time to be ready, with chicken, you will require little time to have your meal on the table. That makes chicken a go-to meal when you are hungry and in need of a quick meal.

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Factors to remember when cooking chicken

With all the goodness that comes with the chicken meal, it is obvious you will want to spice your kitchen with a new recipe, right? It is good to occasionally have a chicken meal for your family like what my girls and I do. It gives a special difference and taste in your dining area.

Before you go trying to cook any chicken meal, it is essential for you to remember that for you to cook a good chicken meal too for you to enjoy you need to remember;

  • Your cooking method matters

Yes, that is here the issue of health comes in. The way you will cook your chicken will determine whether it is healthier for you or not. Chose your cooking method wisely to avoid the use of more oil that will add calories to your meal. Remember chicken already has calories. Don’t go adding more.

  • The skinless the better

Do you know why we skin the chicken? If you don’t know here is why. The fat in the chicken is usually stored in the outer skin. When you skin it, it means you have reduced the number of fat that you will consume in total.

So, next time you are going to buy a chicken, make sure it is skinless. If you already have one at home, you can remove the skin yourself to make sure your chicken is healthier to consume. That explains why most of the recipe insists on using skinless chicken.

  • Use vegetables

It is always good to add healthier aspects into your meal. Play around with healthier and low calories foods such as vegetables for your food. The main aim here is to make sure you have a delicious yet healthy meal at the end of the day.

  • Spice it up

If you know how to go around spices, you are lucky. That is because for your chicken to turn out delicious and tasty, you need to put some spices to burst the meal with flavours. Read a lot and know what spices are used for making chicken.

Some of the spices that make your chicken fingerpicking good are the black pepper, ginger, garlic and not forgetting the variety of sauces that go with the chicken. Choose well to enable your chicken meal to turn out just like you expect.

  • Share the meal

One of my girlfriends usually says a chicken meal is good when shared among the people who love each other. You need to have a chicken meal with the people who mean a lot to you. Make the meal for your family and friends and enjoy the goodness while making memories.

A trip down to the Panda Express

It is what I love most about my time with the girls. We get to go to a panda express joint near us and spoil yourself with a chicken meal. Since the time I introduced them to panda express meals, they have been in love with their meal.

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They were and still are blown away by the mouthwatering meals that they serve, when it comes to their menu, my girls who are into losing weight have no worries since they get to choose meals that go with their diet plan. We have been doing this over the years and we love it.

When we walk in, orange chicken breast, mushroom chicken breast is always in our mind, not until we discovered a chicken meal full of vegetables and still good tasting. I will come to how we discovered the meal later.

Panda Express black pepper Chicken

Panda express is all about good meals and good times. We discovered the meal when my girls and I were in a mission to lose weight. We had come to know that 4 of the girls were trying so hard to lose the baby weight and needed some morale from the rest of us.

We came up with a plan for eating healthy and exercising to help them cut some pounds. That is how we came across the black pepper chicken. We were on a mission at panda express to have a good meal that is delicious and still low in calories.

Black pepper chicken is a chicken meal that is delicious, full of vegetables and easy to make. It is every weight watcher’s meal to eat since you get to eat a tasty meal that is low n calories. The good thing about the meal is that it takes less time to make so it is a meal to go for when you are hungry.

Nutrition Factor of Panda Express black pepper chicken

Chicken is good for your weight. Combine it with vegetables to make it healthier. That is what black pepper chicken is all about. Full of flavour yet with low calories to maintain your daily calorie intake. Vegetables are low calories too making the whole meal healthier for you.

With a daily intake of 1500-2000 calories, panda express black pepper chicken has 280 calories. That is low enough to allow you to take other meals. So, if you are losing weight don’t be afraid of having the meal because it won’t have any impact on your waist.

Ingredients for making Panda express black pepper chicken

It’s easier to make the meal at home than must wait for it to be made at the panda express. That is why we prefer one of us to make the meal at home whenever we are meeting. Want to know how we make the chicken? The following are the ingredients you will require;

  • 1-2 pounds chicken breast.
  • 2 stalks of thinly sliced celery.
  • ½ an onion that is white chopped.
  • ¼ cup of soy sauce.
  • ¼ teaspoon ginger powder.
  • 1 tablespoon course grounded black pepper.
  • 2 tablespoon cornstarch.
  • 4 teaspoon cooking oil.
  • Vinegar.
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Step by step guide on how to make Panda express black pepper chicken

  1. To marinate the chicken, you need to cut the chicken into ½ inch cubes. In a bowl, you need to put 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, ½ teaspoon of chilly, vinegar, cornstarch and the ground ginger.
  2. After that, put the chicken and mixed it thoroughly before marinating in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. In a heavy bottomed pan, put two tablespoons of oil and heat it until it is super hot. Sway the pan and spread the oil before putting in the marinated chicken. After that, toss the chicken to cook.
  4. You need to cook under high heat until it is golden brown and ready.
  5. Once ready, remove the chicken and in the same pan, put in the celery.
  6. Cook the vegetables on high heat for 30-40 seconds.
  7. In it, add the remaining soy sauce, chilly, vinegar, the chicken and the black pepper.
  8. Cook for another 15 seconds.
  9. The meal is ready and should serve while hot.

Dos and don’ts of panda express black pepper chicken

If you are to make the meal at home, it is a perfect meal for your family. Each time I have it with my family or my girlfriend, I get to enjoy it more since each time it tastes better than the last time. With that said, there are certain rules that you must observe while cooking, they include;

  • The black pepper

The meal is all about the black pepper. It is, therefore, necessary to have its presence felt in the meal. Make it coarse enough for you to feel it while eating. If possible grind it yourself to have the right texture. If you are to buy, go for the one that is coarse for a better result.

  • The vegetables

Make sure you don’t overcook the veggies. When they are overheated, they tend to lose the water in it hence the taste is lost. Nutrients are also lost when you overcook vegetables. There is no rule as to which veggies you should use but make sure you cook them less.

  • The heat

As you might have noticed, the whole meal is cooked under high heat. That means you need to be attentive when it comes to the cooking. Make arrangement to have time for the cooking to avoid you doing other things when the meal is in the pan.

  • Marinating

I always say the longer you marinate the chicken, the better the taste it will have. 30 minutes is enough but if you have plans to have the chicken tomorrow, you can marinate it at night and leave it overnight for a better tasting chicken.

Spending time with the people you love matters a lot. You should do that with a good meal. Chicken is the way to go and if you were to ask, panda express has Black pepper chicken that is worth trying. You should make sure you have it at panda express or have the recipe and try it at home.