Why Panda Express Steamed Rice is Trending

With the great love of food that we have, it is hard to resist rice, right? it has been a staple food in our houses. We cannot go without having a meal of rice in our homes. This leaves the question, is rice healthy to eat?

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Back to the basics, we all need to make sure our body don’t accumulate fat and cholesterol in our bodies. That is because they can have severe consequences when it comes to our health. When you accumulate them, you will be susceptible to obesity that will be followed by diseases.

panda express white steamed rice

panda express white steamed rice

It is through eating that we gain weight. It is therefore vital for you to watch what you eat if you want to remain in the right shape and keep diseases away. In addition to eating right, you need to exercise your body and drink a lot of water. What is termed as eating right?

Eating right is eating a balanced diet. A meal with the right portions of every nutrient that you are supposed to eat. It includes having carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins in the right servings. What food is associated with gaining weight?

The food that is associated with gaining weight is the carbohydrates. That is because excess carbohydrates or starch in our body is stored as fat which is what we don’t want. How do you know you have enough carbohydrates in our body?
carbohydrates are energy giving food in our body. This means we need the carbohydrates in form of calories for our body to function. as much as you may want to avoid the carbohydrates, it is a fact that you need them to function. how much do you need?

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According to the study, you need to consume as many calories as you consume. This means if you are active, you need to consume more and hen you are less active, you need to consume less. If you are losing weight, you need to consume less than you consume to lose weight.

That brings us to the issue of rice.  Rice is a carbohydrate in form of starch. There has been a lot of controversial information about rice leaving the question whether rice is healthy or not. For you to understand more, read along as we look at the origin or rice.

Origin of Rice

Rice is a cereal grain. Unlike other grains, rice has been consumed for decades. It is predominant in the Asian countries as a stable food. This explains why restaurants offering Asian cuisines including panda express must have rice on their menu. It has been around and is included in most of their dishes.

The rice is not only found in the Asian countries. Over the years, different countries have adopted rice to be their staple food due to their availability and ho cheap it is. The thing that is keeping the debate is that it is widely consumed, and it is a refined, high calories food linked to obesity.

Why is a staple food favourite among many be linked to obesity and chronic diseases? To understand this more, you need to know the component of rice. Just like any other cereal grain, a rice grain has three major parts;

  • Bran

This is the rough and hard outer layer of the rice. The part protects the seed from any harm and usually contain the fibre, minerals and antioxidants. This part plays a vital role when it comes to the nutritional value of the rice grain, you will notice as you read along.

  • Gem

It is the heart core of the nutrients of the rice grain. This is because it houses all the nutrients of the cereal. You will find all the carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients inside the gem.

  • Endosperm

It happens to be the largest. This is where you will find the rest of the carbohydrates in form of starch and some small traces of protein. Being the largest means that in a rice grain, we mostly find a lot of starch which is around the endosperm.

Understanding these parts of the rice grain will help you understand the types of rice grain that we have. They have found many different species, but the common types are the;

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Brown rice

This is the most preferred over other types. It is considered healthy and good to consume. People worth certain medical conditions like diabetes are advised on consuming this kind of rice. All this is because the brown rice contains the bran and the gem in them

White rice

This is another common rice type. It is widely available because it is cheap and readily available, unlike the brown rice. The white rice has the bran and the gem removed. The only remaining part of the grain is the endosperm, and this is where the problem lies.

Like you have read earlier, the endosperm carries almost all the starch found in the rice. That means if you are consuming the white rice, you are only consuming the starch part of the grain without the nutrients part of it. this is what leads to obesity, a lot of calories.

This is where nutritionists derive they’re saying from. They consider rice to have a lot of starch and people trying to lose weight are always advised to keep off rice especially the white one.

Comparing white rice and brown rice

While both are rice grain, there is a theory of preference of brown over the white rice. It is true consuming brown rice is healthy. That is because you will be consuming other beneficial nutrients that comes with the rice grain. That is hay the brown rice is gaining popularity.

Does that mean brown is a good option? A certain write associated this like eating a candy with the rapper, does that means consuming the candy is safe? When you consume the brown rice, you ill getting more nutrients, but you will also be consuming the starch in the endosperm.

Panda express steamed rice

Panda Express has been known to be in operation since 1973. That means it has evolved and grown to over 1200 branches all over the world. When you look at their menu, they have the best Asian cuisine you can find in a fast food all at affordable prices.

In their menu, they try their best to show that they are all about Asian food. From the kung pao chicken to shrimps and Mongolian beef, you will have a heavenly feel once you have a taste of their meals. The chef makes sure that you get what is in your order.

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When you look at the menu, what you will love about it if you are watching your calorie count is the way they elaborate the nutrient content of every meal. They make sure you know what you are ordering with no hidden agendas. This has helped people when it comes to choosing the meal to eat

There can be no Asian cuisine without the rice. Being a staple food of the Asian people, it is right it cooperates in the menu. This is to maintain the culture of the Asian people in the meals just like they did in the past. Most of the Asian meals have rice as an accompaniment

With the evolution of many studies, people have come to realize that the rice served at the panda express may not be healthier than they thought. This is because, in a single serving, you can get a full 380 calories in the which are considering to be empty since the nutrition part of the grain is not there.

Is consuming the steamed rice at panda express unhealthy?

According to experts, you need your daily dosage of calories. That means that the starch you consume from the rice will also contribute to the calories needed to energize your metabolism. The problem is getting the portion right. just how much of the rice should you have?

When you decide to have the steamed rice, you need to watch the potions that you consume. Is eating the rice make you surpass your daily calorie count if it does, then don’t consume the rice. If you are on track with your calorie count, there is no harm in enjoying the meal.

Now that rice at panda express has got people talking, they have come to the rescue by adding a meal of brown rice. This is to accommodate customers who prefer brown over white rice. With this, they will continue to maintain their ever-flowing customers who come for their dishes.

Though it is trending, there is nothing to fear about panda express steamed rice. With the way they cook the rice with no additional ingredients, you can still have the rice and be safe. All you need to do is watch your portion and calculate yours overall calorie intake. If the math is right, get the rice and a low calories accompaniment and enjoy what panda express has to offer.