Who Owns Panda Express

Who Owns Panda Express?

We all love success, right? The feeling of doing something and getting the right results is rewarding. In the business world, you want to start a venture and see it flourish. That is why when it is not, you wonder why and want to know more to make it better.

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For you to make your business a good venture, you need to learn from the best. You need to know what they are doing to make their companies work so that you can apply in your own job. That is why you need to read along and know about these ordinary people.

Who Owns Panda Express

Who Owns Panda Express

When you are into business, it can be a wild venture. Sometimes you don’t know what to do or what to expect. You need to research and know what others in the same line as yours are doing so that you can compare yourself, that is hay you need to read about panda express owners.

About panda express

If you are into Chinese food, then you must be familiar with the restaurants. They have been in existence for over 25 years with excellent performance. That is by serving the public with delicious food that is unique and enough for someone be full.

Giving satisfactory services has seen them gaining popularity all over the world. That led to the opening of over 2000 branches globally serving the same delicious dishes to people from all walks of life. So, what has been their driving force? Read along and know.

If you ask the workers about their employer, they say they love working for the panda express. They say they are treated like family and the salary is fair compared to others in the industry. The staff work hard with a lot of passion for the success of the company.

With that, you need to learn a lot from panda express founder. The college sweetheart who later got married has been the couple behind the company. The power couple as they have been referred have been successful in managing and keeping the panda legacy.

They are termed as wealthy and prosperous. With a net worth of $3 billion, it is evident that they are icons that should be emulated. They have been role models for many entrepreneurs. For you to understand and get a thing or two, you need to know the founders individually.

Andrew Cheing

Andrew Cherng

Andrew Cherng

He is the co-founder, CEO and the chairman of the panda express group of companies. The humble man has a lot to do with the company since his father had a background of working in a restaurant. He has worked against all odds to remain in the industry and succeed.

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Andrew was born in April 1948 in Yang Zhao, Jiangsu province in China. He was a young boy like any other so focused and ready to face life from a humble background. His father, Ming Tsai Cheing was a chef and so they had skills of how a hotel runs.

In 1963, his family moved to Taiwan Yokohama after his father received an invitation to working as a chef. While here, he continued his schooling and attaining some extra cooking skills but he did not venture into the restaurant industry.

In 1966, at the age of 18, he migrated to the USA to further his studies. He enrolled for a bachelor degree in mathematics at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. He struggled and strive to be the best and in 1970, he graduated.

He later proceeded to further his studies at the University of Missouri. While here, he started to notice some gap in the field industry after standing for long in a queue for a snack.in 1972, he graduated with a master’s degree in applied mathematics.

He worked for a months before finally deciding on venturing into the restaurant industry. With the little savings he had, he started a panda in at Pasadena California in the year 1973. With his father as the chef and his mother’s consistence prays, he was good to go.

Peggy Cheing

She is an American billionaire businesswoman with her origin tracing back in China. The co-founder and co-chief executive officer and is the only ranked wealthy businesswoman out of America. She too has a humble background that saw her become what she is right now.

Born in Burma now known as Myanmar, she is a lady who knows well how to get what she wants. She attended Clementi secondary school after moving to Hong Kong from her birthplace. She graduated in 1966 and she too migrated to the USA to further her studies.

She went to Baker University for a degree in applied mathematics and graduated in 1970 before moving to the University of Missouri here she did her masters in computer science and a PhD in electrical engineering and graduated in the year1972.

She landed many jobs among them at 3M and Mac Donne Douglas where she did code simulators for the US Navy. She exercised her skills in various fields during her working. The skills proved to come in handy when she later joined her husband.

Mr and Mrs Cheing

As mentioned earlier, they are college sweethearts. They met while mastering their education when Andrew as a senior and Peggy was just beginning her studies. They got married and each continued with their venture until after the death of Andrews father.

Peggy decided to join Andrew in 1982 and together they opened their first panda express at a mall in Glendale, California. It came at a perfect time when the president of the USA and China decided to end wars between them. Panda name was given as a symbol of friendship between the two countries.

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They decided to venture into Chinese food since they had some knowledge about the culture, having been from the background and there as demand for the food. Over the years, they have overseen the empire to become what it is no, over 2000 branches all over the world.

Together they run the company. Each bringing his or her expertise to make sure the restaurant is among the best. The founder, Andrew once said they want to be like Mc Donuts but over the years, they have become more than that by providing the best to their clients.

Peggy is good in technology, which she has introduced to the company by starting inventory tracking and in the ordering of ingredients. It is technology that was first used by panda express and made running of errands easier.

Together, they have three daughters. Two of them are active in the running of the company. They believe in the success of the company and respect what their parents started. That has made the business to remain as a family business and run with great passion.

What you should learn from panda express owners

With a great success story comes the lesson that needs to be learnt. It is through the footsteps of such people that you can compare and make your business run. They have a lot that you can learn and it is for this reason that you need to continue to read along and learn.

The Cheing have become role models to a lot of entrepreneurs. They want to learn and emulate what they are doing so that their business can strive like the panda express. The following are some of the values that you also can learn from the panda express owners;

  • They have the skills

They may not have the skills of the hospitality industry, but they have the skills that have become handy in running the business. Peggy has the skills that have helped to streamline the company operation and statistics.

When it comes to Andrew, he has been chairman of the company. He oversees the running and the entire management of all the branches something that he learnt from his studies and from his father. Skills have been helpful in the smooth running of the company.

  • Humbleness

They say humbleness takes you far, Well that is true. the couple from a humble background which has kept them routed to date. They still follow their culture and stay true to themselves. that has made them go far when it comes to business running.

It has tough them that you can start small and rise. Mr Andrew once told a story of when his mum used to sprinkle salt water at the entrance of their restaurant to chase away bad omen. That humbleness has seen them rise to what they are now and they remain to be humble.

  • Hardworking

Indeed, the power couple has shown how hardworking can take you far. They have been hardworking since their school life. Both have worked hard to gain the skills they have and continue to run the business remotely up to date.

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That shows that hard work really pays. They have worked their way up to opening many branches all over. The many outlets mean that they must work extra hard to make sure all the branches up and running.

  • Value their manpower

They treat their workers like family. Something that they have done over the years. That has motivated the workers into working had to make the restaurants successful. They delegate work and only supervise here necessary.

They have gone an extra mile in making the workers own the shares of the company, that making them more like family. With the many benefits that they give the worker, they make them feel appreciated and work hard towards the success of the company.

When it comes to their workers, they are driven by the virtue of love. Something they value so much that they have a statue of it at their headquarter. They say without the culture of love, nothing will be possible. They have taught the workers to love one another and love what they do.

  • Family affair

They have kept the business to themselves. that is what has made them unique from the other companies. They say that keeping the business under them makes them cherish the company. They see it as their baby and just like the way a parent cannot give way their child, they also cannot.

Keeping it under them makes them work extra hard to make it work. It is their brand and they want it to strive. They want to make a name from what they do with their brand that is why they want to keep it closer to them. They have grown to love what they do over the years.

Franchising the business as never an option for them. There came a time where they started selling shares of their company but they keep the majority shares making them the bigger shareholders of the company. That means they have a lot to do with the running of the restaurants.

  • Charitable

It is always good to give back to the community. Something panda express owners know very well. Over the years, they have been donating and taking part in community events in the aim of giving back to the community that they live in.

They have given out scholarships, cash donations and other charitable deeds to make the community feel part of panda express. That has made the community love and appreciate them and, in the process, want to know more about them through eating their food.

Being charitable is an act of kindness. That is what panda express is all about. They have taught people the act of kindness within themselves and in the community. That has made them acceptable and be recognized in making the community a better place than they found it.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to be successful, you need to know who owns panda express. Once you know them, you need to know what their background is and what they do best to make panda express the successful empire it is. Once you do that, apply to your business to be successful like they are.