Panda Express Burrito Review

Why Panda Express Burritos is A Must Have? I have been a fan of panda express food since my young age. Over the years, my parents have been treating us to delicious outings at their eating joints. Each time we had a meal here, it tasted better than last time. We grew knowing a lot about Chinese food, all thanks to panda express.

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Why Go for Panda Express Catering?

Bringing Panda Express at your room with the Panda Express Orange Chicken receipe

When I was dating my husband, I remember him telling me to suggest a good place to dine and my answer would always be panda express. That is because there is a lot of food to choose from and they always have what I need in any mood.

Panda Express Burrito

Panda Express Burrito

Flash forward to now, whether we are having a meal at home or out, our choice will always be them.  Our kids have adopted the tradition of Chinese out on Wednesday and they enjoy every time they have a meal here. so, you can see how far we have come with panda express.

I am not their stalker but every time they have something new on their menu, I am always aware. That is because I love food and cooking. New ideas and recipes are always welcome in my mind. It is not a surprise when I had about their innovation kitchen. But first, let me tell you about Panda

About panda express

Call me a stalker, when it comes to panda express, I will admit. That is because I have been one of their number one fan since my childhood. I have been treated to their delicious meal for over 20 years and each time, I fell like it is my first time.

Whether I am in my home town or travelling, I always look for a panda express near me to treat mu hunger and all thanks to their delicious meals. They have meals worth tasting and taking away. I am talking about their meat, chicken, their Chinese sauces and not forgetting their signature meals.

Their chef always knows what the customer wants and do their best to deliver. Each meal has a distinctive taste and that is why you will always feel like it’s your first time each time you walk into their premises.

The founders who are of Chinese origin ventured into the market with the aim of offering Chinese cosine to the rest of the world. That, they have done it well and has seen them being accepted all over the world with over 2000 branches. They must be doing something right, right.?

Panda Express Burrito

Panda Express Burrito

Panda express innovation kitchen

With acceptance from all corners of the world comes with responsibility. That of ensuring that their customers get what they want and are happy. To that, they do without fail. That is hay they go to an extra mile of trying new things to make sure their customers get a new experience.

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That is why the innovation kitchen came to be. It acts just like a normal eatery joint and one may not distinguish it from the rest. What makes them unique is their way of doing things. yes, they offer the normal food found in all panda express but they go to an extra mile of modifying any order.

So, to my understanding, a panda express innovation kitchen is a modern panda express. Yes, a place where you can have a new version of their usual offer. To understand more of the panda express here are their features;

  • They are limited

You will not find the joints in every time you go. No, they are found in specific towns. Those that are known to have a unique taste of things and food, that is where they go to try out new ideas to people of that area.

If you are not in Macedonia, Monterey Park, California, west hood, Hacienda height, am sorry you won’t get an opportunity to taste have a taste of what innovation kitchen has to offer. If you want to have a taste, go to the towns and have a look at their premises.

  • Modern

Yes, if you have a look at how they are designed, you will know why they are innovation kitchen. Even their setting is unique. I remember the first time I was in one of them, I was shocked. I was so used to the Asian theme you find in their joint and I almost had doubt if I was in panda express.

  • The menu

They have the usual menu that you would find in any panda express. The orange chicken breast, the Chow Mein, mushroom chicken breast, and many others are found here. what is unique is the way they modify the meals to suit the customer preference. That is what innovation kitchen is all about.

When you talk about the modification, there is one meal I found interesting and delicious at the same time. It is only found at the innovation kitchen and to be honest, the first time I had a taste of it, I felt like I have tasted the whole panda express menu. I am talking of Panda express burritos.

What is a burrito?

If you have been to a Mexican restaurant, this might not be new to you. that is because it is of Mexican origin. To best explain what it is, I will describe it as a flour wrap called tortilla that is filled with other ingredients. Yes, that is my simple way of saying what it is.

I remember my first burrito due to its sweetness. It was wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder-like the shape I picked from the plate. For you to have a burrito, you can have it grilled, steamed or softened. The one I usually have at panda express is a wet burrito, meaning it is covered with a sauce.

Panda express innovation chicken has made this a signature meal for their customers. You can walk in and get to enjoy the delicious rolling filled with other tasty ingredients that make your mouth water before you even have a bite. So, why are they the best burrito to have?

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Unique qualities of Panda express burritos

If you have a taste of panda express burritos, you will understand why they are the best. They are a snack that you can have repeatedly. The taste is out of this world due to the various ways they make it. here is why they are the best.

  • The tortilla

There is nothing discouraging than eating a burrito with the filling pouring all over the place. I once had one in a village I had gone to do some research work and I did not like it. a good burrito is supposed to have a tortilla that holds everything together.

My experience at the village made me miss the panda express burrito. That is because the rapping is usually intact and of good quality. It holds everything together and whether you are holding it or having it in a plate, everything inside will be intact for you to enjoy the meal.

  • The fillings

This is where all the juiciness lies. If you are to enjoy a burrito, you need to have the right ingredients for the filling. My favourite at the panda express is the orange chicken breast, some rice and lots and lots of sauce. They always give you a choice to choose what to have inside your burrito.

  • The sauce

The sauce I always used to enhance the taste. With that in mind, I always make sure I have a wet burrito at panda express so that I can choose the sauce to have. Whether I choose a sweet or sour sauce, the taste always comes out bursting all over the mouth for you to enjoy.

  • Toppings

Yes, at panda express, they go an extra mile of getting you to choose your own topping. They are meant to garnish the burrito and make it more interesting for you to eat, personally, I love a sprinkle of grounded peanuts.

How panda express burritos are made at panda express

When I walk into any innovation kitchen of panda express, of course I will have a burrito especially if I am in a mood for a tasty snack full of flavours. They always give me a choice to choose the following;

  • Choose how you want it

Yes, you can choose how you want the burrito. Do you want it in a plate, a bowl or you want as a take away to just hold and eat? That gives the chef ways on how to make the wrap and how to present it to you. I always prefer it on a plate before I pick it to eat.

  • Build your own burrito

Yes, you have a choice of making your own burrito. With that, you get to have all your favourite fillings is one bite. You can go for stir-fried chicken, Angus beef with your choice of veggies or you can decide to spoil yourself with a steak or grilled chicken as your filling.

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If you are a weight watcher like me, you need to have more of the vegetables and less of others. You have broccoli, string beans and grilled vegetables to choose from. So, I still get to maintain my diet plan with a burrito in my mouth.

  • They can make it for you

Yes, if you don’t know what to have or it is your first time at the place, you can request them to make it for you and they will gladly do so. With that, they will balance everything for a burrito for you. if you have a special liking for a certain filling, ask them to include it and they will do so.

What you will find in a typical panda express burrito

I am a very good observant and being the good cook that I am, I go noticing keenly on what in a dish for me to try out at home. that usually helps me when it comes to making my own recipes and modifying the one that I love, burritos are no different.

Each time I take a burrito at panda express, I make sure I have different fillings for a change. That has made me know what the best is to have and hat to avoid. For you to have a typical burrito at panda express, it must have the following;

  • A base

This is what holds the fillings and is usually the wrap which is the tortilla. Inside it, you will have the fillings which are made of a protein, vegetable and some starch. For the protein, you have the following to choose from;

  • Orange chicken.
  • Honey walnut.
  • Shrimp.
  • Bergin beef.
  • King Pao
  • Stir-fried
  • Grilled steak.

As for the vegetables, you also must choose. If you are on a diet, you can choose to have more of this than the protein. You get to choose from the following;

  • String beans.
  • Broccoli.
  • Grilled vegetables.

You can also have on the following;

  • Rice.
  • Chow Mein.
  • Orange chicken.
  • Noodles.
  • Sauce

To enhance the taste of the burrito, the sauce comes I handy. You have over five sauces to choose from. Make sure you go for your favourite. I go for the sour sauce from panda express for my burrito. Always choose the one that will enhance the taste in the best way possible.

  • Topping

That is what finishes the look and garnish the burrito. Personally, I go for papaya salad but you can also choose to have picked cucumbers, fried wontons, fried shallot and peanut for your toppings.  Once you are done, you can go ahead and enjoy your burrito.

I have been a fan of what panda express has to offer and when the innovation kitchen came up with the burrito, I had to have a taste of the snack. Since I had the first bite, it is the dish to go for if I want to have a taste of the whole panda express menu in my mouth. Try it and know why I love it.