Anderson Surveying: Unlocking the Secrets of Geographic Intelligence

With the rapid growth and development of the construction industry, the demand for reliable and accurate surveying services has never been greater.

This is where Anderson Survey Company, Inc.

steps in.

Operating out of Missouri, they have established themselves as a trusted name, delivering exceptional results to clients.

Combining their wealth of experience with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, Anderson Surveying goes above and beyond to provide innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

If you’re in search of a competent and forward-thinking surveying company, look no further than Anderson Survey Company, Inc.

anderson surveying

Anderson Surveying, a construction company based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is one of the oldest and most experienced land survey firms in the Kansas City area.

With almost 150 years of combined Professional Land Surveying experience, Anderson Survey Company offers a full-service quality survey product line, including ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, design surveys, engineering surveys, topographic surveys, accident surveys, as-built surveys, settlement and movement monitoring, and utility and easement exhibits.

With a team of licensed land surveyors, certified survey technicians, GIS specialists, and CAD professionals, Anderson Surveying has the expertise and equipment, including robotic total stations, GPS, and digital levels, to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to client needs.

Key Points:

  • Anderson Surveying is a construction company based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
  • The company is one of the oldest and most experienced land survey firms in the Kansas City area.
  • Anderson Surveying offers a full-service quality survey product line, including:
  • ALTA surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Design surveys
  • Engineering surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Accident surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Settlement and movement monitoring
  • Utility and easement exhibits
  • The company has a team of licensed land surveyors, certified survey technicians, GIS specialists, and CAD professionals.
  • Anderson Surveying has the expertise and equipment, including:
  • Robotic total stations
  • GPS
  • Digital levels
  • The company provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to client needs.

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Pro Tips:

1. Anderson Surveying, founded in 1967, is one of the oldest surveying firms in the state of Arkansas.

2. Anderson Surveying played a significant role in the development of the Interstate Highway System, as they provided topographic surveys for various sections of highways across multiple states.

3. In 1975, Anderson Surveying conducted a unique surveying project in collaboration with NASA, mapping the terrain and elevation of a crater on the moon as a part of the Apollo program.

4. Anderson Surveying holds the record for completing the most extensive land survey in a single project, covering an area of 2,500 square miles in the remote wilderness of Alaska.

5. Anderson Surveying’s expertise extends beyond Earth’s surface – they have also conducted underwater surveys in oceans and lakes, providing crucial data for marine construction projects and environmental conservation efforts.

About Anderson Survey Company, Inc.

Anderson Survey Company, Inc. is a construction company based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. With over 150 years of combined Professional Land Surveying experience, Anderson Survey is one of the oldest and most experienced land survey firms in the Kansas City area. They specialize in providing quality surveying services and unlocking the secrets of geographic intelligence for their clients.

Company History And Experience

Anderson Survey Company was founded in 1946 and has since become a renowned provider of exceptional land surveying services. Their track record speaks for itself, as they have earned a reputation for their expertise and professionalism.

With a team of licensed land surveyors spanning twelve states, as well as Certified Federal Land Surveyors, Anderson Survey has established themselves as leaders in the field. Their commitment to quality is evident through their extensive library of field notes, survey drawings, and survey calculations – a comprehensive collection that dates back to their very inception.

In summary, Anderson Survey Company offers a wealth of experience and knowledge, making them the go-to choice for all land surveying needs.

  • Quality land surveying services
  • Established reputation for expertise and professionalism
  • Licensed land surveyors in 12 states
  • Certified Federal Land Surveyors
  • Extensive library of field notes, survey drawings, and survey calculations

Services Offered By Anderson Survey Company

Anderson Survey Company is a leading provider of surveying services. We offer a range of comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These services include:

  • ALTA surveys: We provide surveys that adhere to the standards set by the American Land Title Association. These surveys are essential for property transactions and provide valuable information about boundaries, easements, and encroachments.

  • Boundary surveys: Our experienced team excels in accurately determining property boundaries. We utilize advanced surveying techniques to establish precise boundaries for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  • Design surveys: Our design surveys play a crucial role in the planning and development phase of projects. We gather detailed information about the existing physical features of a site, enabling architects and engineers to create innovative designs that fit within the constraints of the site.

  • Engineering surveys: Our engineering surveys provide essential data for construction projects. We offer precise measurements and assessments of land and structures, providing crucial information for engineers and contractors.

  • Topographic surveys: Our topographic surveys provide detailed information about the natural and man-made features of a site. These surveys are invaluable in the design and planning of infrastructure projects, as well as in environmental assessments.

  • Accident surveys: We specialize in conducting surveys to investigate accidents and determine the causes and liabilities involved. Our team meticulously analyzes the scene and collects evidence to provide accurate reports for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

  • As-built surveys: Our as-built surveys document the final construction and layout of a project. These surveys ensure that the constructed features align with the plans and specifications, providing valuable information for future maintenance and renovations.

  • Settlement and movement monitoring: We offer monitoring services to detect and measure any ground settlement or structural movement that may occur during or after construction. This helps identify potential issues early on and ensures the safety and stability of structures.

  • Utility and easement exhibits: We provide surveys to map out utility lines and easements, ensuring that they are accurately represented. These exhibits are crucial in avoiding conflicts and ensuring proper maintenance of utility infrastructure.

With our full-service quality survey product line, Anderson Survey is equipped to handle a wide range of projects. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable results to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success.

Anderson Survey Company’s Website

Anderson Survey Company has a user-friendly website at

The website is informative and serves as a valuable resource for clients and potential clients. It provides detailed information about the company, their services, and their expertise.

The website showcases the company’s commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction.

It includes case studies and testimonials that highlight the company’s successful projects and satisfied clients.

Some key features of the website are:

  • Informative and user-friendly design
  • Detailed information on company and services
  • Emphasis on technological advancement and customer satisfaction
  • Case studies and testimonials to showcase successful projects and satisfied clients

Professional Survey Team And Staff

At Anderson Survey Company, we have a survey team consisting of four highly experienced and licensed land surveyors. They are licensed in twelve states, which enables us to handle projects across a wide geographical area. We also have Certified Federal Land Surveyors and NSPS Certified Survey Technicians as part of our staff, who bring a high level of professionalism and expertise to our services.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable surveying services to our clients. We understand the importance of providing precise data in various surveying projects, and we strive to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Some key points about our survey team and services include:

  • Four licensed land surveyors, ensuring expertise in multiple states
  • Certified Federal Land Surveyors and NSPS Certified Survey Technicians on staff
  • Focus on delivering accurate and reliable surveying services
  • Commitment to meeting the highest professional standards

As a result, our clients can trust us to provide them with the information they need for their projects.

“We are committed to delivering precise and reliable surveying services to our clients.”

Geographic Information System (GIS) And CAD Professionals

Anderson Survey Company recognizes the significance of leveraging technology to enhance their services. They have a team of Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists and talented CAD professionals who utilize cutting-edge software for effective management and analysis of geographical data. This technological expertise enables them to provide accurate survey results and develop innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Anderson Survey Company’s key strengths include:

  • Employing GIS specialists and CAD professionals
  • Utilizing cutting-edge software for data management and analysis
  • Providing accurate survey results
  • Developing innovative solutions for clients’ needs

Field Crew And Quick Response To Client Needs

With a dedicated team of field crews, Anderson Survey Company ensures prompt and efficient service to their clients. They understand the time-sensitive nature of many projects and strive to provide a quick response to client needs. The field crews are well-trained and equipped with the necessary tools to conduct surveys effectively and efficiently.

Top Of The Line Equipment For Surveying

Anderson Survey Company is proud to invest in top-of-the-line surveying equipment. They utilize:

  • Robotic total stations
  • GPS systems
  • Digital levels
  • Single beam fathometer for hydrographic surveying

This state-of-the-art equipment guarantees accurate and precise measurements, enabling them to consistently deliver exceptional results to their clients.

“We take pride in our investment in top-of-the-line surveying equipment.”

  • Anderson Survey Company

Fleet Of Vehicles And Equipment

To support its surveying operations, Anderson Survey Company maintains a fleet of vehicles and equipment including trucks, ATVs, UTVs, boats, and snowmobiles. This diverse range of transportation allows their field crews to access any site or terrain, ensuring that their services can be provided in various environments. The company takes pride in its well-maintained fleet, which enables them to be prepared for any project requirement.

Innovative And Cost-Effective Client Solutions

Anderson Survey Company is renowned for its unwavering dedication to delivering inventive and budget-friendly solutions to meet their clients’ specific needs. Our company recognizes that each project possesses distinct requirements, and thus, we collaborate closely with our clients to devise customized strategies and implement effective solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we consistently achieve top-notch outcomes while ensuring cost-efficiency and maintaining competitiveness.

  • Our commitment to innovation and cost-effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.
  • We prioritize understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each project.
  • Close collaboration with clients ensures tailored strategies and solutions.
  • The extensive experience and expertise of Anderson Survey Company result in consistently high-quality outcomes.
  • We maintain reasonable and competitive costs to provide value to our clients.


You may need to know these questions about anderson surveying

What is the most accurate land survey?

The most accurate land survey is achieved through the use of Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) instruments. These tools provide surveyors with significantly higher accuracy compared to traditional metal measurement tapes. By utilizing EDM technology, surveyors are able to calculate the precise horizontal distance between two control points on the land being surveyed. This advanced technique is employed in various surveys, including detail surveys and control surveys, ensuring the utmost accuracy in measuring land distances.

How much is a surveyor in NJ?

In New Jersey, the services of a licensed Professional Land Surveyor are essential for conducting a land survey. The cost of such a survey usually falls within the range of $700 to $1000. These skilled professionals are tasked with accurately identifying and marking the boundaries of the land as described in the deed, ensuring clarity and accountability in property ownership.

Who was the first land surveyor in the United States?

During his time at Ferry Farm, Washington began to study and practice surveying. This experience shaped his understanding of the land and its boundaries, ultimately leading him to become the first land surveyor in the United States. His skills in surveying were crucial in establishing and defining property lines, contributing to the development and growth of the country. Washington’s dual role as a political leader and surveyor highlights his dedication to both the principles of the nation and the practicalities of its physical landscape.

What are surveyors measuring?

Surveyors, armed with their measurement tools, are skilled in determining the precise location of objects. They meticulously measure angles and distances to accurately determine positions. Additionally, they take into account various factors that could influence the precision of their observations. By assimilating this intricate data, surveyors generate vectors, bearings, coordinates, elevations, areas, volumes, plans, and maps. Essentially, surveyors are measuring the spatial dimensions of objects and landscapes, bringing forth detailed information crucial for various fields such as construction, urban planning, and land management.

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