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Sonic Drive in App – How to help in Increasing Sales

Every time I walk out of my house, I must have my phone. I would rather forget anything else but have my phone with me. I do n’t even have to worry if I have cash or not. With it, I can pay, make calls, locate where I am and catch up with my friends via social media. I wonder how many people are like I am.


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Do you have your mobile phone right now? Probably yes. How many hours do you spend on your phone per day? Can’t tell, right? Do you have any app on your phone? Is it helping you in any way? Well, you will admit with me that the use of technology makes things easier, right?

Currently, technology and innovations have been on the rise. Companies have come up with machines and gadgets to make works easier. Industries have embraced the use of technology to market themselves and increase sales. That is because they make their clients aware of their goods and services.

The aim of any business is to succeed and make a profit. The management uses all means to convince customers into buying their goods and services. One of the things that have been helping them market themselves is the use of a mobile app.

What is a Mobile App

You probably have one in your phone. It is an application that you download into your phone. They inform, educate, and make you buy certain products from their manufacturer. They are a mini website where you find almost every information about the brand in one place.

They are convenient in that they help you know,  buy, and also entertain yourself at the comfort of your phone. Since almost everyone has an android phone, it becomes easier for you to do things at the palm of your hand. One of the industries that have been embracing the use of the app is the hotel industry.

The industry is so large. There is a lot of competition that goes one. For fast food to keep up with the pace and be among the best, they must be smart and one of the best ways of doing that is embracing technology. They use a mobile phone app. Let’s have a look at the sonic drive in-app.

Sonic drive in-app

It is a product offered by sonic industries services.  It is an amazing product that every customer wants to have on their phone. That is because it is convenient for them especially when they want to know more about the sonic drive in.

Sonic drive in has been in operation for more than 65 years. Since Troy Smith started the first branch in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1953, they have been striving to remain the best in the industry. While many come and go, they have been in operational by selling the best fast foods in the industry.

If you have had a chance to drive on their premises, you will agree with me that they have the customer trusts in their heart. That is by making sure their customers are contented when they drive in. They have food and drinks that make the customer come over and over again.

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Sonic drive embraces technology and applies it in their production. They understand that by the use of innovations, they will make things easier and market themselves to increase sales. That is why they came up with the brilliant idea of a mobile app. So, what is the benefit of the app?

5 Benefits of Sonic Drive in Apps

Before you go ahead and download the app, how does the app benefits the sonic drive in fast foods? What makes them encourage their customers to download their app. The following are the reasons why sonic drive in-app is essential to them;

  • Market them in a direct manner

Nothing pleases an entrepreneur than to know they are reaching their customers in a direct way. It means that they are delivering the message in a direct way. That way, they can be able to convince their customers into buying their goods and services.

Sonic drive in takes pride in knowing their customers are getting their messages in the palm of their hands. They are able to communicate with their customers in a more direct manner. It creates confidence that their product and intended messages are reaching the required audience.

  • Brand recognition

An app is a small website of a certain brand. For you to download the app, you must see it and take an interest in the brand right? Having many users of the app means people are recognizing the brand and are interested in using their products.

The sonic drive in-app has over one million downloads. Sonic drive in management should make a happy dance since that shows that people recognize their brand and want to be part of them. Through their app, people can know their existence and hat they offer.

  • Increase productivity

Hen an entrepreneur decides to have an app, it is to make things easier. They are able to communicate with their customers in a direct manner. People are more aware of their products and services and are willing to try them out.

With a sonic drive in-app, you can be able to know what is new, make your order, and go ahead to know what they have on offer. That will increase activities in their outlets since people are driving n to have what they saw through their app. With that, they will increase production to cope up with the demand.

  • Makes things faster

You don’t have to go to queue at any of their outlets when you have an app on your phone. You can simply go to the app and make your order. You can be able to track it and only go there when the order is ready. That saves you time and makes it convenient for them to manage their outlets with no congestion.

  • Shows value for their customer
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For customers to trust and buy products or services, a company must show that they value them. That is by giving them a more personalized product like the mobile app. Billboards and press advertisements are meant for everyone but having a mobile app means that the company values their customers

Giving a more personal approach creates confidence in their customers. Sonic drive in are able to push their messages and sell their products to the customers. Sending offers of rewards and happy hours in a more personalized way through the app shows how much they value you as their customer.

8 Ways You benefits From Sonic Drive App

It’s not all about the sonic drive in but also about you. What will you gain from the app? It will help you decide if you need the app or not. The version 3.49 mobile app is worth taking 31.85 MB of your phone space because of the following reasons;

  • You can order with your phone

That is amazing and convenient with you, right? You don’t have to drive all the way to their location and made to wait in the queue for your order. You can do it at the convenient of your hand. That saves you time, the agony of waiting in the car and you get time to do other things.

You may be in the office or at home and you don’t want to wait. You have so much to do that waiting in the queue for your turn is the last thing you want to do. Having the app on your phone will be convenient for. Tap and make your order then go for it when it is ready.

  • Pay

You also get to pay your order using the convenience of your phone. Use any mobile money transfer system to pay for your order and the money go to them.  The amazing part of the app is that you will be able to track all the transactions that you make with your mobile phone.

Paying with your phone is convenient. You will not have the temptation of doing impulse buying. You pay for what you want with no extra expenses and tipping. It is also safe since you don’t have to drive around with cash to pay for your order.

  • Have a look at the menu

with the app, you have a chance to look at the men closely before you make your order. There is no pressure for you to make a choice as it is in the case hen you are in the queue. You browse slowly and choose what you want . it gives you a chance to notice new items on the menu.

If you are a weight watcher, it is convenient with you since you will be able to choose the perfect combination the suite your diet. You don’t have any temptations when you are away from their premises. That helps you in making healthier decisions.

  • Find out what is new
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Sonic drive in is the best when it comes to having new items on the menu. They always have something to make their customer come into their premises. That is why they want their customers to be aware of any changes when they make them.

They have over 13o thousand types of slushes. Each day, they come up with a different combination of a concoction that they want you to try. Having an app in your phone is a perfect way of making sure you won’t miss out when they have something new for you to try out.

  • Get rewards

I am sure you like rewards, right? Especially it involves food. It is a perfect way of showing their customers how much they value them. They do that through their happy hours, coupons, and specials. You can only see them a fast hand by having their app on your phone.

That way, you will be able to schedule your visit to dine with them, you will be able to order and also save a lot by taking advantage of their specials and offers. Dining has never been this fun. With the Sonic Drive in App, you have a sure way of enjoying the dishes they make at your palm.

  • Nutritional information

If you are choosy when it comes to what you eat, the app will be of help to you. You get to know the nutritional information of every food that you consume at their premises. You will be able to know what to avoid at what to eat when you finally drive into their premises.

If you are a weight watcher, counting calories is your thing, right? With the app, you can go through the menu and know all the nutritional information of what you are about to order. That way, you can make an informed decision about your meal before you finally decide what you not to have.

  • Get location

While on the road, you cannot be able to know where to eat, right? The good thing about the app is you can be able to know the sonic express near you. Knowing the information will make you decide where to have your meal and at what time.  You don’t have to stray around looking for one.

How do you appreciate your loved ones? Buying a free gift will sound nice to you and also to them. Sonic drive in enables you to pay a meal for a loved one. you can go ahead and make a reservation. Say thank you, happy father’s day or happy omens day in a special way.

An app is a good tool to inform, educate and makes things easier for you as a customer. With the sonic drive I app,  you can conveniently locate one of their branches, go through the menu, know what is new, make your order and track it until you finally go down to the premises to enjoy your food or drink.