Discover Chili’sMee Survey: Uncover Tasty Deals & Rewards

Have you ever had a dining experience at Chili’s that exceeded expectations?

Or maybe you had some suggestions on how they can improve?

Well, here’s your chance to make your voice heard and even win a cool $1,000 in the process!

The Chili’s MEE survey at is waiting for you.

Let’s delve into this opportunity together!

chilis-mee survey

The Chili’s MEE survey is a customer satisfaction survey available at

By completing the survey, participants have the chance to enter a prize draw to win a $1,000 coupon for use at Chili’s MEE.

To enter the survey, participants need to visit the website, select their preferred language, and provide information such as the restaurant number, date and time of visit, survey code, store number, and total bill amount.

They will then need to answer survey questions and rate statements about their experience before submitting the survey.

The survey can be completed in about 5 minutes and is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Key Points:

  • Chili’s MEE survey is a customer satisfaction survey available at
  • Participants have the chance to enter a prize draw for a $1,000 coupon for Chili’s MEE.
  • To enter the survey, participants need to visit the website and provide information such as restaurant number, date and time of visit, survey code, store number, and total bill amount.
  • Participants need to answer survey questions and rate statements about their experience.
  • The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.
  • The survey is available in English, French, and Spanish.

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1. Chili’s MEE Survey: Win $1,000 Cash Prize!

Chili’s MEE survey offers an exciting opportunity for customers to win a generous cash prize of $1,000. By participating in the survey, customers can provide valuable feedback and stand a chance to be rewarded for their time and input. The survey can be accessed at the official website, This survey not only allows customers to share their dining experiences but also gives them the chance to win a substantial cash prize that can enhance their future visits to Chili’s MEE. So, let’s dive into the details of this survey and discover the tasty deals and rewards it has to offer!

2. MEE: A Restaurant Chain Founded In 1975

MEE, a renowned restaurant chain, was founded by Larry Lavine in 1975. With over four decades of experience, MEE has gained a strong reputation for providing delicious food and exceptional dining experiences.

This restaurant chain is known for its commitment to quality and their dedication to offering a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. MEE has successfully cultivated a loyal customer base over the years, and their continued success is a testament to their ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

3. Over 1400 Casual Dining Restaurants In The US And Canada

Chili’s MEE is a prominent player in the restaurant industry, with over 1400 casual dining restaurants in the United States and Canada. This extensive network ensures that customers can easily find a Chili’s MEE location nearby, making it convenient to enjoy their favorite dishes without traveling far. Whether you’re in a city or a small town, chances are you’ll come across a Chili’s MEE restaurant, ensuring convenient access to their mouthwatering menu.

4. MEE: Owned By Brinker International

MEE is proudly owned by Brinker International, a leading name in the restaurant industry. Brinker International has a rich history of successful ventures, and their ownership of MEE underscores their commitment to excellence. Brinker International’s expertise and resources enable Chili’s MEE to maintain its high standards and continue providing outstanding dining experiences to its customers. With Brinker International’s backing, MEE can confidently pursue new opportunities, expand its reach, and uphold its reputation as a go-to restaurant for a fantastic meal.

  • MEE is owned by Brinker International, a leading name in the restaurant industry
  • Brinker International has a rich history of successful ventures
  • Brinker International’s ownership of MEE highlights their commitment to excellence
  • Brinker International provides expertise and resources to maintain high standards at MEE
  • MEE can pursue new opportunities and expand its reach with Brinker International’s backing
  • MEE is a go-to restaurant for a fantastic meal.

5. Extensive Menu – From Appetizers To Seafood

One reason for the popularity of Chili’s MEE is its diverse and expansive menu. This menu offers a wide array of options to suit various culinary preferences. From delectable appetizers that tantalize the taste buds, to savory soups and enticing salads, Chili’s MEE provides excellent starters to kick off a delightful dining experience.

Apart from these appetizers, the menu also includes an impressive selection of sandwiches, burgers, fajitas, tacos, chicken dishes, and seafood delicacies. This extensive variety ensures that every diner can find something to satisfy their cravings and indulge in a truly satisfying meal at Chili’s MEE.

6. How To Enter The Survey: Online Or Via Mail

Participating in the Chili’s MEE survey is easy and convenient. Customers can choose between two methods to enter the survey: online or via mail.

For the online option, participants require an electronic device with internet connectivity. They need to visit the official survey website,, and follow the instructions provided to access the survey.

Alternatively, participants can opt for the mail-in entry method. They need to submit their information via mail by following the details provided in the survey invitation.

Regardless of the method chosen, customers have the opportunity to share their feedback and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win the coveted $1,000 cash prize.

7. Eligibility: Must Be A Resident Of Specific Countries

To be eligible for the Chili’s MEE survey and the accompanying sweepstakes, participants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Residency: Participants must be legal residents of either the United States, the District of Columbia, the United Kingdom, Canada, or the Republic of Ireland.
  • Age: Participants must be of legal age in their respective jurisdiction.

These requirements are in place to ensure that the survey and sweepstakes are accessible to a wide range of customers who can provide valuable feedback based on their experiences at Chili’s MEE.

8. Chance To Win $1,000 Cash Prize Through Sweepstakes

The Chili’s MEE survey not only provides a platform for customers to share their opinions, but it also presents an enticing opportunity to win a cash prize of $1,000. By completing the survey, participants are automatically entered into a sweepstakes, creating a chance to add excitement and elevate their dining experiences at Chili’s MEE. This generous reward underscores Chili’s MEE’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their strong value for feedback, creating a mutually beneficial situation for the restaurant and its esteemed patrons.

9. Steps To Complete The Survey: Language Preference, Restaurant Number, Name, And Employee Number

To effectively complete the Chili’s MEE survey, participants need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Select preferred language: The survey is available in English, French, and Spanish. Participants can choose the language they are most comfortable with.

  2. Enter 4-digit restaurant number: This number can be found on the store receipt. It is important to enter the correct number to ensure accurate feedback.

  3. Provide name and employee number: After entering the restaurant number, participants need to provide their name and employee number. This helps Chili’s MEE identify and acknowledge their employees’ input.

  4. Answer multiple choice and open-ended questions: Once the initial details are provided, participants will be presented with a series of questions about their recent store experience. These questions may be in a multiple choice format or require written responses.

By following these steps and providing comprehensive feedback, participants contribute to the enhancement of Chili’s offerings and help create an exceptional dining experience for customers.

Remember to verify the accuracy of the restaurant number before proceeding.

Key steps for completing the Chili’s MEE survey:

  • Select preferred language: English, French, or Spanish
  • Enter the 4-digit restaurant number from the receipt
  • Provide name and employee number
  • Answer multiple choice and open-ended questions

[Blockquote] “Your feedback is valuable in improving our services and ensuring an exceptional dining experience at Chili’s.”

10. Survey Conclusion: Submit Your Feedback.

After answering all the survey questions, participants reach the conclusion of the Chili’s MEE survey. At this stage, they have the opportunity to review their responses and make any necessary changes. Once satisfied, participants can submit their feedback by following the final instructions provided. This submission completes the survey process and enters participants into the sweepstakes for a chance to win the $1,000 cash prize.

By offering this exclusive opportunity, Chili’s MEE demonstrates its commitment to continually improving its services based on customer input. So, don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard and potentially win a fantastic prize!

  • Review and make changes to your responses
  • Follow the final instructions to submit your feedback
  • Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 cash prize


You may need to know these questions about chilis-mee survey

1. What are some of the different types of questions asked in the Chilis-Mee survey?

The Chili’s-Mee survey includes a variety of questions to gather customer feedback and preferences. Some common types of questions asked in the survey may include rating scales, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, and demographic questions.

The rating scales help assess customer satisfaction and opinions on specific aspects such as food quality, service, ambiance, and overall dining experience. Multiple-choice questions offer respondents a range of options to choose from, enabling them to indicate their preferences on menu items, food options, or their dining habits. Open-ended questions allow customers to provide detailed feedback or suggestions, giving insights into their specific likes, dislikes, or improvement areas. Finally, demographic questions gather information about respondents’ age, gender, location, or frequency of visits, which help in analyzing data based on customer segments or preferences.

2. How can participating in the Chilis-Mee survey benefit customers?

Participating in the Chilis-Mee survey can benefit customers in multiple ways. Firstly, it provides them with a platform to share their opinions and feedback, allowing them to have a voice in shaping the future of Chilis-Mee’s offerings. This not only gives customers a sense of ownership but also gives Chilis-Mee valuable insights into their preferences and needs, enabling them to make improvements and provide a better dining experience.

Secondly, participating in the Chilis-Mee survey often comes with rewards or incentives, such as discounts, coupons, or even the chance to win prizes. This gives customers an additional incentive to take part and makes them feel appreciated for their time and effort. Overall, participating in the Chilis-Mee survey offers customers a sense of empowerment, the opportunity to contribute to the development of their favorite dining establishment, and the possibility of receiving valuable rewards.

3. Are there any incentives or rewards for completing the Chilis-Mee survey?

Yes, there are incentives for completing the Chili’s-Mee survey. Upon completion of the survey, customers are often rewarded with a validation code or a coupon that can be redeemed for a discount or a free item on their next visit to Chili’s. This encourages customers to provide their feedback and helps in enhancing the dining experience at Chili’s. The incentives serve as a way to thank and motivate customers for taking the time to participate in the survey.

4. How frequently does the Chilis-Mee survey take place and how can customers participate?

The frequency of the Chilis-Mee survey may vary depending on the company’s policies, but typically it takes place on a regular basis to gather customer feedback. This could range from monthly to quarterly surveys, allowing customers to share their opinions and experiences with the restaurant. To participate, customers can visit the Chilis-Mee website or use their mobile app, where they will find a link or option to take the survey. They may be asked to enter some basic information such as their visit date, receipt code, or location to ensure the feedback is relevant and accurate.

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