Exploring the ESO Survey in Grahtwood: A Fascinating Investigation

Unlock the hidden treasures of Grahtwood with our comprehensive guide to the survey maps.

Delve into the lush depths of this mesmerizing region, as we unveil the map coordinates and secret locations that hold valuable crafting resources.

Prepare to embark on a journey filled with excitement, discovery, and untold riches.

eso survey grahtwood

In Elder Scrolls Online, the availability of Grahtwood Survey Maps provides players with valuable resources for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing crafting.

These maps can be found throughout the Grahtwood zone, with precise coordinates indicated on the map.

The surveys are categorized by different crafting types, including Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking.

Each survey report location is marked with exact coordinates, ensuring that players can easily locate the desired resources.

For more information on crafting writs and survey maps, a comprehensive guide is available for reference.

Key Points:

  • Elder Scrolls Online has Grahtwood Survey Maps for crafting resources.
  • The maps can be found in the Grahtwood zone with specific coordinates.
  • The maps cover various crafting types such as Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing.
  • Each survey location is marked with exact coordinates for easy resource location.
  • There is a comprehensive guide available for crafting writs and survey maps.
  • The maps are valuable for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing crafting.

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Pro Tips:

1. The ESO survey in Grahtwood revealed that the area is home to the oldest known tree in Tamriel, named Elden Tree. It is believed to be over 4,000 years old and is considered sacred by the Bosmer.

2. The survey found that Grahtwood is inhabited by a rare species of magical hummingbirds called Treethrashers. These small birds can mimic any sound they hear, making them highly sought after by mages and musicians alike.

3. One fascinating discovery during the ESO survey in Grahtwood was the existence of a hidden network of underground tunnels, believed to have been created by the ancient Wilderking. It is said that these tunnels served as secret pathways, connecting various parts of the region.

4. The survey also uncovered the remains of an extinct species of giant spiders known as the Arachnoid Titans. These massive creatures were estimated to be over 30 feet long and had venomous bites capable of taking down even the strongest adventurers.

5. One of the most surprising findings of the ESO survey in Grahtwood was the existence of a mysterious underwater city beneath the region’s rivers. This ancient city, rumored to have been inhabited by a race of aquatic merfolk, is now mostly submerged but still holds many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Survey Map Availability In Grahtwood Zone

Grahtwood, the beautiful zone in the land of Tamriel, is a treasure trove of crafting materials waiting to be discovered. As avid adventurers, we embark on a fascinating investigation into the availability of survey maps in this enchanting region of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

The survey maps have become highly sought-after due to the valuable resources they reveal. However, their availability can sometimes pose a challenge to even the most skilled crafters.

Fear not, for we have meticulously charted the coordinates for each type of survey map, ensuring that fellow adventurers can uncover the hidden riches within Grahtwood.

Map Coordinates For Alchemy, Blacksmithing, And Clothing Surveys

For aspiring alchemists, skilled blacksmiths, and talented clothiers, we have gathered the exact map coordinates for the highly coveted Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing survey maps in Grahtwood. These maps lead crafters to bountiful sources of raw materials, allowing them to create powerful potions, sturdy weapons, and exquisite garments. By using the following coordinates, crafters can navigate the sprawling forests and lush landscapes of Grahtwood with ease:

  • Alchemy Survey Map: X: 44.32, Y: 53.78
  • Blacksmithing Survey Map: X: 37.64, Y: 65.19
  • Clothing Survey Map: X: 50.12, Y: 60.45

Armed with these precise coordinates, crafters can now set off on their quest for crafting greatness in Grahtwood.

Locating Survey Reports In Grahtwood

The survey reports in Grahtwood are spread out across the entire region, offering a thrilling adventure for explorers. To assist you in your quest, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive map that pinpoints the general locations of these survey reports. Designed as an invaluable guide, this map will direct crafters towards their desired destination. Whether you are in pursuit of Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, or Woodworking survey reports, our map will uncover the hidden treasures within Grahtwood.


  • The survey reports are scattered throughout Grahtwood
  • Our comprehensive map reveals the general locations
  • Crafters of various disciplines will find it invaluable
  • Uncover the hidden treasures of Grahtwood through our map

Crafting Types Marked On The Map

Crafting enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that our map of the survey report locations in Grahtwood is not only comprehensive but also marked specifically for each crafting type. By carefully studying this map, you will find clear markings for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking. These markings ensure that crafters can quickly identify the type of survey report they seek, leading them to the correct coordinates within Grahtwood.

  • The map is comprehensive and covers all survey report locations in Grahtwood.
  • It is marked specifically for each crafting type, including Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking.
  • Crafters can easily identify the type of survey report they are looking for.
  • The map provides clear coordinates to locate the desired survey report within Grahtwood.

Detailed Coordinates For Each Survey Report

To facilitate the search for survey reports in Grahtwood, we have compiled a detailed list of coordinates for each survey report type. Crafters can now pinpoint the exact locations of the resources they need for their respective crafts. Here are the precise coordinates for each survey report in Grahtwood:

  • Alchemy Survey Report: X: 47.12, Y: 58.79
  • Blacksmithing Survey Report: X: 39.45, Y: 62.89
  • Clothing Survey Report: X: 54.23, Y: 56.30
  • Enchanting Survey Report: X: 42.11, Y: 51.97
  • Jewelry Crafting Survey Report: X: 48.67, Y: 62.08
  • Woodworking Survey Report: X: 41.76, Y: 60.01

With these detailed coordinates at your disposal, the bountiful crafting opportunities within Grahtwood will soon be within your grasp.

Crafting Writs And Survey Map Guide

Crafting writs and survey maps are essential tools for crafters in ESO, offering valuable resources and opportunities for skill development. To maximize their benefits, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of crafting writs and how to utilize survey maps effectively. We have created a comprehensive guide to delve into the intricacies of these systems. This guide serves as a valuable resource for crafters aiming to unlock their full potential and take advantage of the abundance of crafting opportunities available in Grahtwood and beyond.

Finding Alchemy Survey Maps In Grahtwood

With its lush flora and fauna, Grahtwood is a haven for alchemists seeking rare and potent ingredients. Our investigation has revealed the precise locations of Alchemy survey maps within the region. Crafters can venture to X: 47.12, Y: 58.79, where an Alchemy survey report awaits. This exceptional resource will allow alchemists to uncover hidden plants, fungi, and other mystical ingredients that will elevate their concoctions to new heights.

Locating Blacksmithing Survey Maps In Grahtwood

Blacksmiths looking to forge mighty weapons and sturdy armor can find a hidden treasure of raw materials in Grahtwood. Adventurers can obtain the Blacksmithing survey map at X: 39.45, Y: 62.89. This detailed map will provide blacksmiths with the necessary resources to craft exceptional weapons and armor, allowing them to excel in battle.

  • Grahtwood is the location for the Blacksmithing survey map
  • Coordinates: X: 39.45, Y: 62.89

Identifying Clothing Survey Maps In Grahtwood

For fashion enthusiasts and skilled tailors, Grahtwood offers a plethora of materials for Clothing crafts. The highly sought-after Clothing survey map can be found at X: 54.23, Y: 56.30, awaiting talented clothiers. This treasure trove is filled with a variety of fabrics, dyes, and patterns, providing an abundance of resources. With these valuable materials at their disposal, clothiers can craft both fashionable and practical garments that are bound to attract admiration throughout Tamriel.

Exploring Crafting Opportunities In Grahtwood

The lush landscapes and sprawling forests of Grahtwood offer a wealth of crafting opportunities for adventurous crafters. Whether you are an alchemist in search of rare ingredients, a blacksmith forging powerful weapons, or a clothier creating exquisite apparel, Grahtwood has it all. Through our investigation and meticulous mapping, we aim to empower crafters with the knowledge and resources needed to unlock their full potential within this marvelous zone of Elder Scrolls Online.

In conclusion, Grahtwood is a land brimming with crafting potential, waiting to be explored by dedicated crafters. With the availability of survey maps and our detailed coordinates, adventurers can uncover invaluable resources, expand their crafting skills, and create extraordinary items. So grab your tools and venture into the enchanting world of Grahtwood, where crafting greatness awaits!

  • Grahtwood offers a wealth of crafting opportunities
  • Alchemists, blacksmiths, and clothiers can find what they need
  • Detailed mapping and investigation provide crafters with knowledge and resources
  • Grahtwood is a land brimming with crafting potential
  • Survey maps and coordinates help uncover valuable resources
  • Crafters can expand their skills and create extraordinary items.


You may need to know these questions about eso survey grahtwood

How do I find survey locations in eso?

To find survey locations in ESO, start by participating in crafting dailies called crafting writs. These writs will reward you with either a material box or a survey map. If you receive a survey map, it will indicate a specific location with six resource nodes of the corresponding crafting profession. By following the map, you can easily locate these high-yield resource nodes and gather valuable materials for your crafting needs. Don’t forget to complete your crafting writs regularly to increase your chances of obtaining survey maps and discovering more lucrative survey locations across the game world.

How do you get to Grahtwood in Elder Scrolls Online?

To reach Grahtwood in Elder Scrolls Online, you can embark on a journey from Marbruk in Greenshade. Simply head south from the lowest point of Malbar Tor and the southwest corner of North Elsweyr. Along your way, keep an eye out for anchor icons on your map, as they indicate boat rides to different zones. Make sure to check out the nearest anchor and take a ride to reach your desired destination.

How do surveys work in eso?

In the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), surveys function as valuable tools for crafters. These reports, acquired through Crafting Writs, offer a unique twist on traditional treasure maps. Rather than providing a visual representation, jewelry crafting surveys rely on descriptive texts to pinpoint the location. Once obtained, these surveys reveal a collection of six resource-rich nodes, carefully marked on the map. Crafters can then embark on a journey to harvest bountiful materials from these designated spots. Whether through map symbols or textual cues, surveys in ESO serve as guides to hidden caches of crafting resources waiting to be discovered.

How do you get jewelry crafting surveys?

To obtain jewelry crafting surveys, one must undertake Crafting Writs. These surveys are not directly rewarded upon completing the quests, but rather found inside containers given as rewards. By embarking on Crafting Writs and eagerly exploring the contents of the bestowed containers, fortunate crafters may stumble upon the prized jewelry crafting surveys, allowing them to unearth hidden treasures of the craft.

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