Examining the Biodiversity of Reapers March through ESO Survey

Embark on a thrilling journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Reaper’s March in Elder Scrolls Online.

As you immerse yourself in the vastness of this mythical realm, prepare to unlock the ancient secrets of crafting.

Join us as we delve deep into the art of Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, Woodworking, and crafting writs.

Unleash your inner artisan and discover the wonders that await you in this captivating realm.

eso survey reapers march

The ESO Survey Reapers March provides survey maps for various crafting activities in the Reaper’s March area of Elder Scrolls Online.

These maps include alchemy, blacksmithing, clothing, and other crafting professions.

The survey maps provide coordinates for locations where players can gather materials for crafting purposes.

This helps players efficiently harvest resources and complete crafting writs.

Additionally, survey reports provide detailed information for enchanting, jewelry crafting, and woodworking.

Overall, the ESO Survey Reapers March is a valuable guide for players interested in optimizing their crafting activities in this region of the game.

Key Points:

  • ESO Survey Reapers March provides survey maps for crafting activities in the Reaper’s March area.
  • Maps include alchemy, blacksmithing, clothing, and other crafting professions.
  • The maps provide coordinates for gathering materials for crafting.
  • Helps players efficiently harvest resources and complete crafting writs.
  • Survey reports provide detailed information for enchanting, jewelry crafting, and woodworking.
  • Valuable guide for optimizing crafting activities in Reaper’s March.

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Pro Tips:

1. The ESO Survey: Reapers March is a region within the popular online multiplayer game, The Elder Scrolls Online, known for its vast landscapes and diverse quests.

2. The fictional region of Reapers March within The Elder Scrolls Online was inspired by the real-world areas of Africa and the Middle East, incorporating elements of desert terrain and ancient ruins.

3. The name “Reapers March” refers to a common practice in the local Khajiit culture, where they celebrate the new year by reaping the ripening crops during the month of March.

4. As part of the ESO Survey: Reapers March, players can encounter various races and factions, including the Wood Elves, Khajiit, and the Aldmeri Dominion—a powerful alliance in the game’s lore.

5. The Reapers March region is home to several hidden treasures and unique artifacts. Among them is the legendary “Dust of the Dawn,” a rare substance said to possess rejuvenating properties when used properly.

Eso Survey Reaper’s March Maps

Reaper’s March is a diverse and expansive region in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), offering a variety of landscapes such as lush forests, harsh deserts, and sprawling grasslands. Many explorers and adventurers are drawn to this area, eager to uncover its secrets and solve its mysteries. The ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps play a crucial role in assisting these individuals by providing them with invaluable information and guidance.

Craftsmen and artisans highly covet these survey maps due to their ability to pinpoint the precise locations of resource nodes for various crafting materials. Whether you specialized in alchemy, blacksmithing, or tailoring, these maps serve as indispensable tools that lead you to hidden spots brimming with valuable ingredients and materials.

In short, Reaper’s March in ESO is a captivating and diverse region, and the ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps are essential for anyone seeking rare and valuable resources within this area.

Key Points:

  • Reaper’s March: diverse and expansive region in ESO
  • Known for lush forests, harsh deserts, and sprawling grasslands
  • Attracts explorers and adventurers eager to uncover secrets
  • ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps: invaluable assistance for resource-seeking
  • Craftsmen and artisans covet these maps
  • Pinpoint locations of resource nodes for various crafting materials

Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates

For alchemists in search of rare and potent ingredients, the Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates in Reaper’s March are a treasure trove of knowledge. These maps lead alchemists to hidden plants, mushrooms, and other foliage with unique properties, perfect for concocting powerful potions and poisons.

Some notable survey map coordinates for alchemy include:

  • The Cave of the Hidden Moon: Here, you can find the rare moon-sugar plants.
  • The Moonhenge: This location is home to the elusive Nirnroot, a key ingredient in many magical potions.

Exploring these coordinates will not only enrich your alchemical arsenal but also provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the exotic beauty of Reaper’s March.

Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates

Blacksmiths looking to enhance their skills will find the Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates in Reaper’s March highly valuable. These maps provide the precise locations of valuable mineral deposits and resource nodes, crucial for crafting top-quality weapons and armor.

One notable survey map coordinate for blacksmithing in Reaper’s March is the Halls of Ichor. This location boasts abundant veins of Quicksilver Ore, known for its exceptional strength and resilience. Blacksmiths seeking to forge powerful weapons should not overlook this valuable resource.

Additionally, skilled blacksmiths can uncover the secrets hidden in Jode’s Light. At this location, Moonstone Ore awaits, offering an opportunity to enhance the crafting of exquisite armor.

Enhance your blacksmithing journey with these valuable survey map coordinates:

  • Halls of Ichor: Rich in Quicksilver Ore, ideal for crafting strong and durable weapons.
  • Jode’s Light: Uncover the secrets and find Moonstone Ore to enhance your armor crafting skills.

Remember, mastering your craft requires determination and exploration. Use these coordinates wisely to gather the resources needed for your blacksmithing endeavors.

“The Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates in Reaper’s March hold the key to unlocking valuable resources for skilled blacksmiths.”

Clothing Survey Map Coordinates

Tailors and fashion enthusiasts will be delighted by the Clothing Survey Map Coordinates in Reaper’s March. These maps hold the key to locating exquisite fabrics, dyes, and other materials needed to create fashionable garments and stylish accessories.

Reaper’s March offers a variety of fascinating locations for clothing enthusiasts. The Moonmont, for instance, contains elusive Silken Ring Silk, a rare and luxurious fabric with mystical properties perfect for crafting enchanting robes and garments. The Hidden Grove, a serene and secluded area, is home to Jute, a simple yet versatile material much sought after for its durability and affordability.

Exploring these survey map coordinates will not only expand your wardrobe but also allow you to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and exquisite craftsmanship of Reaper’s March.

– Discover exquisite fabrics and materials
– Craft elegant and enchanting garments
– Find rare and luxurious Silken Ring Silk
– Seek out versatile Jute for durable and affordable creations
– Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and craftsmanship of Reaper’s March

“Clothing Survey Map Coordinates in Reaper’s March hold the key to locating exquisite fabrics, dyes, and other materials needed to create fashionable garments and stylish accessories.”

Survey Report Map

The Survey Report Map is a comprehensive tool that brings together the information from all the survey maps in Reaper’s March. It acts as a guide, offering a bird’s-eye view of all the available crafting materials and their respective coordinates within the region.

For those lacking the time or patience to scour each individual map, the Survey Report Map provides a one-stop solution. Craftsmen and adventurers can use this map to plan their expeditions efficiently, ensuring they make the most of their time in Reaper’s March.

Crafting Activities

Crafting in ESO is not just a simple matter of combining random materials. It is an intricate process that requires skill, knowledge, and careful planning. Reaper’s March offers a wide range of crafting activities, each with its own unique challenges and rewards.

Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking are three key crafting activities in Reaper’s March, providing enthusiasts with endless opportunities for creativity and ingenuity. Whether you seek to enhance the power of your weapons through enchanting, fashion exquisite jewelry, or craft sturdy wooden tools and furniture, Reaper’s March has something for all crafting enthusiasts.

  • Enchanting allows you to imbue your weapons with powerful enchantments, enhancing their effectiveness in combat.
  • Jewelry Crafting lets you create stunning pieces of jewelry, perfect for adding style and flair to your character.
  • Woodworking is essential for creating durable tools and furniture, ensuring that you have the necessary equipment for your adventures.

With such a diverse range of crafting activities available, Reaper’s March is a haven for crafting enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and produce exceptional items. As the saying goes, “The craft is in the details.”


Enchanting is an intriguing art that involves imbuing items with magical properties, ultimately enhancing their abilities and increasing their power. In the captivating region of Reaper’s March, enchanters have the opportunity to create remarkable weapons with additional fire damage, armors with strengthened defenses, and jewelry with heightened magical prowess.

The magical energies in Reaper’s March are abundant, making it an ideal environment for enchanters to sharpen their skills. To create potent enchantments, obtaining rare and exotic runes is essential. This is where the ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps come into play, serving as a valuable tool in locating these valuable resources.

To summarize:

  • Enchanting in Reaper’s March involves imbuing items with magical properties.
  • Enchanters can create weapons with extra fire damage, armors with enhanced defenses, and jewelry with increased magical prowess.
  • Reaper’s March provides a fertile ground for enchanters to refine their skills.
  • Rare and exotic runes are necessary to create powerful enchantments.
  • The ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps are crucial in locating these valuable resources.

Jewelry Crafting

Jewelry Crafting is the art of fashioning exquisite and valuable jewelry pieces. In Reaper’s March, the demand for fine jewelry crafted from precious metals and gemstones is high. Jewelry crafters can create stunning rings, necklaces, and other adornments that not only enhance the wearer’s appearance but also grant potent bonuses and abilities.

  • Reaper’s March is renowned for its abundance of precious metals and gemstones.
  • The Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates and the Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates provide valuable insights for jewelry crafters seeking rare and valuable materials to create their masterpieces.

“Jewelry Crafting in Reaper’s March offers opportunities to create exquisite pieces using precious materials.”


Woodworking is a timeless craft that involves creating objects out of wood. From basic tools and weapons to intricate furniture and architectural elements, the possibilities are endless. In the region of Reaper’s March, there are expansive forests filled with a diverse range of wood types, each with its own special properties.

To excel as a woodworker in Reaper’s March, one must have sharp senses and a discerning eye to spot the ideal trees for harvesting. Fortunately, the ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps come to the rescue by providing valuable assistance to woodworkers in finding the best areas for gathering wood materials. By utilizing these maps, woodworkers can ensure the production of exquisite and durable items that showcase their skill and expertise.

Crafting Writs Guide

Crafting writs are daily quests provided to craftsmen in Reaper’s March, challenging them to create specific items within a set time limit. These quests not only serve as an excellent source of experience points and rewards but also enable craftsmen to hone their skills and showcase their talent.

To excel in crafting writs, it is essential to plan carefully and be aware of the resources required for each quest. The various survey maps and coordinates discussed above play a crucial role in ensuring the availability of the necessary materials for completing crafting writs efficiently.

In conclusion, the ESO Survey Reaper’s March Maps offer a comprehensive and invaluable resource for craftsmen and adventurers alike. Whether you are an alchemist searching for rare ingredients, a blacksmith seeking to forge powerful weapons, or a clothing enthusiast looking for exquisite fabrics, Reaper’s March has something to offer. With the help of survey map coordinates and the Survey Report Map, crafting activities such as enchanting, jewelry crafting, and woodworking can be pursued to their fullest potential. And for those engaging in crafting writs, proper planning and utilization of the available resources are vital for success. So, venture forth into the vibrant biodiversity of Reaper’s March and unlock the secrets it holds for you!


You may need to know these questions about eso survey reapers march

Where is Reapers march located in eso?

Reaper’s March, an extraordinary region in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), can be found at the crossroads of Elsweyr’s grassy savannahs and the enchanting forests of northern Valenwood. This embattled zone, previously known as Northern Valenwood, shelters bustling cities such as Arenthia, Rawl’kha, and Dune. Whether you traverse the wild savannahs or venture deep into the mystical forests, Reaper’s March holds a captivating blend of both regions’ natural beauty and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered.

How do I get to the Reapers march from Auridon?

To travel from Auridon to the Reapers March, start by reaching Skywatch town in Auridon. From there, board a boat headed for Grahtwood. Upon arrival in Grahtwood, head northwards and make your way through the lush forests until you reach Malabal Tor. Traverse the eastern side of Malabal Tor until you reach Baandari, where you will find a gateway that leads to the intriguing Reapers March.

How do I find survey locations in eso?

To locate survey locations in ESO, you can start by participating in crafting writs. By completing these daily quests, you have a chance to obtain survey maps as rewards. These maps provide valuable information on where to find six resource-rich nodes specific to your crafting profession. By following the coordinates indicated on the map, you can easily locate these high yield resource nodes. So, keep on completing crafting writs to gather valuable survey maps and uncover the bountiful resources waiting to be discovered.

How do you get jewelry crafting surveys?

To acquire jewelry crafting surveys, one must delve into the world of Crafting Writs. These surveys emerge as treasures hidden within containers received upon completing these quests instead of being directly bestowed as rewards. Crafting Writs bestow upon artisans an opportunity to obtain these precious surveys, granting them access to specialized locations where their crafting expertise can flourish. So, by embarking on Crafting Writs and unveiling the mysteries concealed within their rewarding containers, one may unravel the path to obtaining jewelry crafting surveys.

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