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Best Choices of a Low Carb Meal at Panda Express

Do you make healthy choices when it comes to what you are eating? You will agree with me that it is by picking the right food to eat that we keep out body fit and in the right shape. Studies show that you are what you eat but what is the importance of choosing your food wisely?

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By keeping your body in the right weight and healthy, you maintain the standard eight that you are supposed to have. This will, in turn, keep diseases away since many diseases are associated with the type of food we eat.

low carb panda express

low carb panda express

keeping your body in shape involves choosing what you eat carefully. Food high in calories will always add calories to your body. Eating a lot of calories more than you are using them is the reason why you add weight. If you are trying to lose weight, therefore, you will go for food low in calories.

Including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your food will also go a long way in making sure you have the right weight. That is because they are low in calories, high in vitamins and fibers making them perfect food to have on your plate. How do you make sure you make the right choice?

You can start by making food at your home. yes, preparing the food yourself will be the best way of ensuring that you have the right proportions of all the foods needed in a diet. Is also helps in making sure that you prepare it well and you have enough as required.

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Unfortunately, we cannot always have the pleasure of preparing the meals yourself. Of course, you have a daily job and that means you spend most of your time away from your home. this does not mean you starve yourself, you will find yourself having something to energize your body. Where do you do it?

This is where you end up in a fast food joint. Yes, they are around the corner of your office and you can almost smell the delicious food that is cooked there. By the time it is lunch time, you find yourself hungry to an extent of eating a whole chicken, this is here we go wrong. Why?

We admit that we cannot do without fast foods. They are there whenever you want t to boost your blood sugar. Thanks to then, we can be able to work for a whole day with the same energy since morning. What we don’t know is that they don’t always have our weight in mind when cooking the food.

A fast food joint might not be the best place to go for food whenever you feel hungry. That is because they always have food high in calories and fats making it a poor choice when it comes to your body. Does that mean we should keep off all fast food?

The answer is no. if you know your fast food joints very well, there will always be something for you. does the fast food near you have a menu that indicates the calories in every meal? You should look for one. If you are near a panda express restaurant, you are lucky my friend.

Low carb meals at panda express fast food

They are known for their signature and delicious meals. With over 1200 branches all over the USA states, it is no wonder they are gaining significant customers flocking in for a meal. They are known to have the best when it comes to meal choices and not to mention the prices.

The good thing about them is that they have a more elaborated menu that makes sure you have what you pay for. In the menu, each meal is elaborated with what it contains and the nutritional content in each meal.

No, that you have a panda express joint around the corner, how do you know your meal will have lo calories? You can do this by looking at their online menu on their website before you go for a meal, here, you will read and be able to calculate the calories in every meal and decide.

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If you don’t have time, read along as I take you through the menu. Through reading this, you will know what to have and what to avoid. This will be the best way to make sure that your meal is low in calorie.


Chicken is everybody’s favorite. No one can resist the taste and the aroma of a well-cooked panda express chicken, however, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing on the chicken to go with. Chicken can have low or high calories depending on how it is cooked.

The good thing about chicken from panda is that all chicken meals have fewer than 400 calories. What you should be worried about is the fat content in the meal. To be on the lower side when it comes to calorie count go for broccoli chicken breast which has 180 calories and 9 g fat.

Other good choices you can go for are the mushroom chicken which has 180 calories and 10 g fat. It also comes with additional9 g of proteins, so you will still get a dose of protein from the meal. This means you can enjoy chicken from panda express, right?

Wrong, there are some chicken meals that you will want to avoid if you want a low-calorie meal. These are the kung pao and the orange chicken. This is because the calorie content might be low, but the amount of fat found in the meals would be considered a lot for a low carb diet person.


You might be in the mood of red meat, ell there is plenty t choose from. You have three deliciously made choices that you can choose from. There is the broccoli beef, Beijing beef and the Mongolia beef. The question is which is better than the other?

If you want a very low-calorie beef, go for broccoli beef. You will only get 150 calories from it. the second-best calorie wise is the Mongolia beef which has 200 calories. These two are the best with calories lower than 200 and fat content of between 6-9g.

I know you are wondering about the Beijing beef, right? now, when it comes to this meal, it is considered to have a high number of calories that might compromise your calorie count at the end of the day. It has a whooping 66o calories in one meal with 41g fat and 24g protein.

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Are you in the mood for a pork meal and you want to try one, panda express has it all. They have two well-prepared pork meals that you ill want to have a taste. For the best choice, you might want to go for the BBQ pork. It has 360 calories 10g fat and 34g proteins.


If you want a high protein meal that is low in calories, shrimps are the best option to go for. They have 3 types of shrimp meal to choose from. The good news is that they are all low in calories and high in protein making them all safe to indulge.

You can go for tangy shrimp which is termed the best with 140 calories followed by the kung pao shrimp which has 230 calories with crispy shrimp having the highest in the shrimp menu with 260 calories. Go ahead and enjoy a shrimp meal any time with no worries of calorie build up.


When it comes to soups, they have only choices to choose from. Both choices are low in calories, so they are safe to consume. They are the egg flower and the hot and sour soup with each having 90 calories and 2g of fat. This is good news, right?


Hen you scroll down their menu, you will find 4 choices of appetizers to choose from. When you look at the calories in them, you will notice that there is no harm in the count but still, you need to be cautious. For a wise choice, go for veggie spring roll with 160 calories and 1g fat.

If you are cautious and sure of your daily calorie count, go for the chicken egg roll. It has 200 calories, 122g of fat and 8g of protein. The good thing about appetizers is that they are served in smaller portions hence you will not get a lot of calories if you are careful.

There you go, at the panda food express, you are sure to find a low carb meal for you who are watching your weight by cutting the number of calories you consume. All you must do is make a wise choice once you enter their premises.

Take time in ordering your meal. This will make sure that you go through the menu and understand the calories you are going to consume in each meal. Once you are sure, order your meal and enjoy.