Panda Express Careers

Panda Express Careers

How Panda Express Will Help You Grow Your Hospitality Career? Growing up for me was fun. I remember growing up in a peaceful family full of dreams with parents who wanted all the best for me. They used to work hard and made sure I get the best when it comes to education. They did their level best for my siblings and me.

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Every time we sat with our dad, he would ask each one of us what we would like to be when we grow up. One of my siblings would say a teacher, the other a driver and I would say a chef. They would all laugh since I am chubby and always thought I wanted to be a chef to be closer to food.

Panda Express Careers

Panda Express Careers

It’s true I loved eating and up to now I still do but there was a reason to why I wanted to be a chef. I used to see on the tv great chef looking in big hotels and I would imagine the excitement that comes with the work, the challenge, and the food tasting.

Did I become a chef? No, though am a great cook but I always tell myself if I was to live my life again, I would venture into the hospitality career. Are you wondering why? Well, read along and see the many traits that drove me into loving the industry

Reasons to why you should venture into the hospitality career

Have you ever thought in venturing into the hotel industry? What made you have an interest in the industry.? Unlike my family who thought I wanted to be a chef because of my love for food, there are so many reasons to why you should be thinking about the industry.

When you are thinking about a career, it should be a serious business, you don’t want to venture into a working environment that will leave you frustrated and disappointed. You need to look at the pros and cons of a certain career. These are the reasons that drove me into the hospitality world;

  • Stable industry

The hotel industry has been around for many years. Being around for that long means it overcome all the challenges that may come with it making it better and more stable. The industry is rarely fluctuated by external factors since it knows how to cope with the changes.

Who would not want to work in such an industry? You need to work in an industry that your work is guaranteed and you have no worries of your skill ever getting out of the market. That is why venturing into the hospitality world will be worth investing in.

  • For the challenge
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Do you love challenges? well, this is the field to be. Waking up to new technology, new ways of doing things and a new menu that keeps on surfacing is worth the experience. When you train in the hospitality sector, you get to face many challenges that you need to overcome them to grow.

  • Growth

If you want growth n your career, the hotel industry is for you. when you train in the field and start working, you get to work and rise the ranks in an easier way than any other industry. There are so many levels that you can be elevated to motivate you to be a better service provider.

  • Diverse choices

How many jobs are found in the hospitality sector? Many rights? You will have the chef, waiters, hostess and many more that you can choose from. That is what people don’t know, that there are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to the restaurant career.

  • Good remuneration

Well, it might not be everything you have been looking for in a career but it is a sure way to motivate you. everyone wants a good salary while working. Venturing into the industry will guarantee you a good job that will have a good salary and other financial benefits that come with it.

  • Flexible time schedule

It is true the industry can be demanding. Sometimes especially in the peak season, you will be forced to work for long hours. That does not mean the time is not flexible. You don’t have to confine yourself to the daytime schedule. In the industry, there are flexible schedule that covers all the hours.

  • Exposure

If you want to meet people from all walks of life, you need to work in the sector. That is because the tourist from all over will come to your work setting and you will have to serve them. While attending to them, you will get an opportunity to know them more

Talk of the food and different cultures. When you are working in the sector, you get to cook and serve different foods and serve using different cultures that are observed with certain food. You get to learn a lot with the interaction with the people from all over the world.

There are so many more that can lead you to venture into the sector. Once you decide to finally gain the skills, you need to enrol yourself in a good institution and sharpen those skills. Once you are done with the course, what do you do next? Of course, look for a job, right?

You need to make sure you look for a job in a place where your career will be taken into consideration. You need growth and gain the best experience that your career has to offer. You can get all these by looking for a job at a place like the panda express eating outlets.

Panda Express Careers

Panda Express Careers

About panda express eating joints

They are known as casual fast food restaurant. Their main goal is to serve Asian cuisine to Americans and other people from all walks of life through their over 200 branches locate worldwide. They are strategically located in airport, malls and other locations making sure they reach many people.

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They are the best when it comes to fast food of the Asian origin. Thanks to their chef who make the food delicious and on time. That has seen a lot of people walking into their outlets or ordering online to make sure they have a taste of their meals.

The family-owned group of restaurants has over 39000 employees. They work together to make sure the restaurants are operating efficiently and can achieve the goal set by the founders. According to the review of the workers, they are the best employers in the industry. Why?

There are many restaurants in the industry but panda express stands out from the rest. That is due to the great employees that they have. They are dedicated to their work and goes a long way in ensuring that their customer is well served. How does panda express contribute to their growth?

How panda express will help you grow your career?

Employee ate panda express will attest to the fact that when you work and finally leave panda express, you leave with a memory worth to remember. You will go as a better person than the way you joined hem, why is that?

Once you are given a chance to work with them, you gain the experience needed to rise in the industry, you also get to work in a conducive environment that will enable you to manoeuvre in the industry once you are done with them. Once you are an employee of panda express, they help you grow through;

  • Good remuneration

When you are new in a job, your greatest motivator is the salary that you are earning. According to the worker’s review, they are the best payers in the industry. When you are paid well, you will work harder to make sure your work is recognized by your employer for more.

Its true, good remuneration will leave you contented, working hard and in return will motivate you to work for a higher rank. That is how you will grow in the industry. Panda express helps their employees to rise to the greatest level they can.

  • Offer challenges

They will make you work under pressure. Make you use the resources they have to offer solutions all in the aim of making the customers comfortable and at home. when you are challenged in your work field, you will work your level best to overcome the challenge and make you work better.

Challenges at work are to make you think, offer you an opportunity to look for a way to overcome the challenges. Once you pass the obstacle, you will have learnt something that will make you better for the future challenges to come. Panda offers all that for its employees.

  • Exposure

When you work at panda express, you should expect a lot of exposure when it comes to positions and rotation. That means once you become their employer, you should expect to work at any location and rank depending on your capabilities and qualifications.

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That comes with exposure since different positions come with interacting with different people from all walks of life. A good example is working n the kitchen, you will be expected to cook meals that you are familiar with and learn new recipes in the process for you to deliver.

  • Flexible time schedule

Every employee needs time to rest. It is through resting that we rejuvenate and regain new energy to continue working. You also get to spend time with your family and friends which is good for your social life. Having some free time is vital to any employee

Being a busy restaurant means the employees are always working hard to make sure their customers are well served. To do that, they employ as many employees as they need. With sufficient workers, they can arrange for a schedule that is suitable for their employees.

  • Employ every time

At panda express, you will find both the part time and full-time workers. That makes sure they give a chance to every deserving employee. If you are looking for a chance to work with them, there is always an opening. With the opening, you can use it to shine for the employer to see what you have.

  • Diversity

You get to do a lot at panda express. You can be a chef, waiter, receptionist and many more. That means with hem, you can grow your career that you are trained in. you get rotations and with them, you are able to gain experience in different posts.

You can also be elevated to a more senior post. That happens when they see your skills and efforts in making the restaurant work. Elevation means that they are seeing something more in you and wants you to practice your skills to a higher level. That happens a lot at panda express.

The future for panda express career

Panda expresses minds about their employee’s well-being. They value and appreciate every worker that works with them. That is why they do their best to make sure their workers are comfortable and well minded while working for them.

In the future, they hope to bring in more skills into their employers through seminars and training. They hope also to sponsor their employers to high learning in the hope that the skills they gain will be of help to their outlets. They have also improved their working conditions

Through listening to them, they have offered solutions to their problems. That include adding more shifts to reduce working hours and adding more workers so that the work is simplified. If you get to work with them, you will have the growth you want and an amazing experience.

For you to build a hospitality career, you must work with an employer that will mind your growth and wants the best out of you always. Panda express career growth is what you need if you want to excel in the hospitality sector. They value their employee and work to make sure they grow career-wise.