Panda Express Nutrition Facts

Panda Express Nutrition Facts

In case you are a fanatic of Chinese cuisine, however stress that it will make you gain weight, we have uplifting update. The Panda Express nutrition facts are available on their website. If you check them, it will reveal some shocking facts to you. If you are not interested in eating vegetables, this might be some bad news for you. Here are some of the Panda Express Nutrition Facts that can surprise you.

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Much the same as most eateries, this has some nourishment that really seems to be healthy and few items that is ensured (not by any means) to influence you to grow an extra jaw. We discovered stunning that a portion of the things that we considered to be more beneficial choices were in reality a portion the least nutritious.

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Brown Vs White Rice With Panda Express Orange Chicken

As a rule, brown rice has a tendency to be healthy than white rice; it is famous for a lot of things like controlling cholesterol in the blood. It is the reason we prescribe picking that one at most restaurants.

Panda Express Nutrition Facts

Panda Express Nutrition Facts

Notwithstanding, we were astonished to find that the brown rice of Panda Express contains more carbs, more fat, more calories, than the white rice. You can check the data yourself if you do not believe us or you are a big fan of the brown rice. Indeed, the Panda Express brown rice has such a large number of calories.

In case you are searching for a sound side dish, pick the veggies. Out the sides in the menu that is available in this eatery, it comes with the least calories.

Alternatives to Panda Express Orange Chicken

Fortunately, there are some sound dishes too. A couple of alternatives which are low in fat and sugars are the Mixed Veggies, Broccoli Beef, and Mushroom Chicken. You can always choose the best dishes with the least calories. You can also try the String Bean Chicken Breast. That is the best part of the chicken when you want to eat healthy.

It is funny how Orange Chicken is sold the most yet it is not a healthy choice. From the chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast are good choices. For example, let us break it down for you.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Nutritional Data

There are more than 400 calories in the Orange Chicken, 420 to be exact. Diving deeper into details, you will see that 45% of it is made from gat and the rest 42% is carbs. It also has 18g sugar! If you are someone who does not eat sugar, this can be hazardous for you. Getting back to the String Bean Chicken Breast, with only 6g of sugar, the main composition of this dish is mostly protein.

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The rest is fat and carbs. The number of calories is less than 200. It is only 160. If you are trying to lose weight, I do not think there is a better option than this. Chicken breast has always been healthy. It has only 180 calories.

Just because you find us saying here that low fat is not always good, you start consuming it. When talking about Broccoli Beef, it has more carbohydrates and less fat but is an excellent choice for beef lovers. Not everybody loves chicken and if you are in the mood for beef, go with this. They are made fresh every day in the wok and even before they can rest on their kitchen plate, it becomes finished.

Why you shouldn’t order Veggie Spring Roll at Panda Express

Another astonishing fact is that customers who walk-in to Panda Express start their order with Veggie Spring Roll as it sounds like a food amazing for the body. The words “veggie” and “roll” makes it appealing.

When was the last time you thought eating a veggie roll to be not good for the body? Unfortunately, it has very less protein. It is packed with sodium and only two rolls have the same number of calories as some of the entrees! You are not getting protein rather you are filling up your body with sodium and fat.

Panda Express Pepsi Review

When looking at the two kinds of Pepsi at Panda Express, it is obvious to choose the diet one. It has zero carbs, fats or sugar. The medium Pepsi itself has 400 calories! It is packed with sodium, carbs and sugar.

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While people are being careful about the solid food they consume, they miss out on drinks. Many people who are trying to lose weight do not even care about the drink they are having. In fact, as we grow up we have heard that Pepsi or Coke is bad for the body yet we cannot resist it.

While people are cutting back on solid food such as not taking the Beijing Beef but the Broccoli Beef to maintain their health and well-being, they do not care about the drink. Panda Express do have a healthy choice which is the China Mist Iced Tea and it is considered to be good for the body.