Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon

Why Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon is a Perfect Appetizer for Your Guests? So, you are having a party at your place? A couple of friends are coming over at your place and you just don’t know what to do to make them feel at home. Are you feeling like you will explode due to the thinking? Well, it is typical of every host to feel that way.

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It’s a mixture of feelings right now. You want to make your guest comfortable, at home and at the same time leave an impression once they go after the party. How do you do that? What will be the best to story to give to that gossiper who will come and would want to gossip about the party?

panda express cream cheese rangoon

panda express cream cheese rangoon

There are many things to do to make the day a success. First, making sure your place looks good. Planning to make sure all your guests are taken care of. You don’t want to have fewer seats for your guests or leave the guessing on where the restrooms are, do you?


Once you are done with the look, its time you look at the heart of the guests, that is the stomach. There is no a party without good food. Who would want to go to a party with no great food? I wouldn’t. food is a make or breaks thing that you need to really think about.

Have you ever been to a party which had bad food? What do you remember about the party? Bad food of course, right? food is a thing to remember in every party and with that in mind, you need to choose what to prepare for them wisely.

What do you have in mind? Some chicken? Roasted beef? How about Asian? Yes, if you want to leave an impression, its time you have a themed meal course. It will be a perfect way for you to give your guest something they haven’t had in a long time. It’s time to go over the menu.

There are a lot of Asian cuisines to choose from. If you are a Chinese meal eater like I am then you will not have trouble choosing the perfect meal for your guest. If you have no idea, you can look for a professional chef to guide you through on what to have in the recipe for your guest.

The appetizer

A meal can be any that you choose from. Am sure they will enjoy what you choose for them. If you choose to go chemise, it is good you start right from the appetizer. Impress your guest from the word go by having a snack like a meal that they will have before the main meal. That is the appetizer.

What is an appetizer?

I know you may ask. An appetizer is like foreplay of a meal. A small snack like a dish or drink that you will serve your guest as they wait for the main course with the aim of stimulating their appetite. Have you ever had one at a party or while dining out?

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It has been a tradition since ages to serve an appetizer before the main meal. People are so used to serving the appetizers and because of this, many people have come up with different ways of making appetizers. If you have been to panda express am sure you have seen the different types they have.

If you are wondering what an appetizer does for the guest, here is some of the importance of an appetizer;

  • Give guest patience to wait

You may be having guests who had many errands to do before they came to the party and haven’t had a chance to have a decent meal. An appetizer will make them full. With that, they can have the patience of waiting for you to serve the main meal.

  • Makes the main meal budget lower

Serving the main course at a party can be expensive especially if you have a hungry guest. Having a plan B as an appetizer will make your guest hunger go down. That means when you serve the main meal, it will be enough since the guest is fuller with the appetizer.

  • Small to carry around

You will not be around to have a chat with every guest. They will mingle around and get to know each other. A perfect meal to play around while they do that is an appetizer. It is small and easy to carry around in a cup or a bowl and the guest will kill time as they wait for the main meal.

  • Good tasting

Who doesn’t love something that is good tasting especially in a party? Good food and some good time are what defines a party. That is the reason why you need an appetizer. From the way it is made, it is meant to be a good tasting for your guest to enjoy.

Qualities of a good appetizer

For you to make sure you are giving your guest the best, you need to get things right. what makes you think that your choice of appetizer is right? Well here is the qualities of a good appetizer;

  • Suit the occasion

Yes, you need to choose your appetizer depending on what is the occasion. That will give a perfect blend of the whole arrangement. As for you since you have chosen to go for an Asian theme, going for a Chinese appetizer will compliment and give a perfect blend for the whole thing.

  • Easy to eat and carry around

Remember that an appetizer is meant to be eaten as people move around. Don’t serve a dish that will be difficult to walk around with or will need a lot of utensils to eat. Simplicity is the word here. you need to go for a simple appetizer that will please your guests.

  • Full of flavour

Your guest mouth should be bursting with flavour when they have your appetizer. When making it, you should make sure that you choose the ingredients well to make it better tasting and bubbling with flavours just like it is supposed to.

  • Build and maintain appetite
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That is the sole and main purpose of an appetite. To make your guest ready for the main course. For that reason, make sure your appetizer is not a lot or heavy to make your guest full. It should be enough to make your guest want more.

Panda express foods

Here is where I came to love Chinese cuisines. I have been a frequent visitor to their eateries and they never disappoint. If you are an Asian lover, then this is not new to you. the chef at panda knows what it means to have an Asian meal. They do their work perfectly to details.

When you look at the menu, you will love what you see. There is a lot to choose from, you will never run out of choices when it comes to an experience of dining with them. Am talking about orange chicken breast, Chow Mein, mushroom chicken breast and many more.

The thing I like about the menu is the elaboration that they give. Each meal has a nutrition section where you get to know what calories you will have if you were to take a certain meal. For me, I take the recipe from the place back to my house and I hope you do that too.

For cooking maniac like me, you always go hunting for recipes to try at home, right? Since you have decided to go the Chinese way, how about treating your guest with some Asian appetizer from panda express. Want to know more about it, read along and learn.

Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon

If you have been to panda, I know you have come across this at the menu or you have had a chance of tasting it. it is one of my all-time favourite appetizer from their premises. It is a perfect snack to have in mind if you want to impress your guest.

Cream cheese Rangoon are wrappers filled with cream cheese. They are usually creamy at the centre and crispy on the exterior. For your guest to enjoy them, you need to serve with sweet or sour sauce like they do at the panda express.

You may be wondering why I think they are a perfect appetizer right? Well, that is because they have all the characteristics of a good appetizer. They are full of flavour, sweet and easy to make. Once they are done making, they can be easily carried by your guest as they mingle around.

When you go for the cream cheese Rangoon, all the stress is gone. The ingredients for making the snacks are easy to find and when it comes to making them, the hard part is making the shape, but if you cannot master the art, you can go for your own shape and fry them up, there are no rule for this.

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Nutritional content of panda express cream cheese Rangoon

When it comes to hosting your friends and family, you want to make sure you give your beat in terms of food. You also want to make sure that the food they eat is healthy and goes with an everyone diet plan. That is why the cream cheese Rangoon is a perfect appetizer for the occasion.

When it comes to the calories, 190 calories seem to be lo right? Yes, it is low enough to accommodate everyone diet plan. With 38 % coming from fat and 52% from carbohydrates, your guest will enjoy themselves without the worries of their weight.

Ingredients for making panda express cream cheese Rangoon

It is good to know the ingredients needed to make the appetizers so that you can decide on how to get them. The good thing is that they are readily available at your local store and you don’t have to run up and down for them. To make the cream cheese Rangoon, you will need;

  • 8 ounces cream cheese that is softened.
  • 2 tablespoon scallion the is minced.
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic that powder.
  • 24 or more wonton
  • Enough oil to deep fry.

Step by step procedure on how to make panda express cream cheese Rangoon

  • First, mix cream cheese, scallion and garlic powder in a bowl.
  • In a heavy bottomed pan, preheat the deep-frying oil to about 350c.
  • Take a wonton wrapper and using a spoon, put one tablespoon of the above mixture in the middle of the wrapper.
  • Using your fingers, add water to the edges and push four centres of each side into the middle and press them together.
  • Once the middle is connected from all the four sides, connect the little wings coming out from the middle.
  • You need to let them sit for a while you make the rest.
  • When starting to fry after you are done, start with the one that you mad earlier.
  • Cook them until they are golden brown.
  • Serve with sweet or sour sauce once you are done.

What to remember when making the Rangoon

  • There are no rules when it comes to the shape. That means if you cannot make the shape like of panda express, don’t stress yourself up. Make the shape that you are comfortable with and you will be good to go.
  • Make the cream Rangoon earlier enough to give them time to dry up before frying.
  • There is no rule to how the cream cheese Rangoon look like. All you need to do is to cook them until they are golden brown and crispy.
  • To add more flavour to them, make sure you serve them with sweet or sour sauce.

When it comes to hosting your guest, it all comes down to the food they eat. If you want to impress them go for a theme like that of Asian cuisine. While you can get it right with the food, an appetizer like panda express cream cheese Rangoon can surely make the day a success.