Panda Express Salary

You love a comfortable life, one that you can meet your daily needs, and buy other luxuries, right? You can only do that if you earn the money. To make the money, you must work. Yes, committing your daily hours to offer services for pay.

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Working to earn a living should be a priority. We all should look for a way to earn a living. It is through what we make from our work that we get paid a salary and with it, we can meet our daily needs. So, since you have a career in the hospitality field where are you planning to work?

Panda Express Salary

Panda Express Salary

Before you embark on looking for a job, there are certain aspects you look at before you submit your CV in the company. They include its reputation, working hours and many more. The most vital one you should look at is the salary.

A company that pays its workers well get to sustain them. They will be happy and comfortable working for them. It is for that reason that employers strive to be the best employer in their industry and to their employees. A good example is the Panda Express restaurant.

About Panda Express

If you are a fan of Asian food, then you will be familiar with the restaurant. They have been existence for long in the industry. The founder, who is of Chinese origin found a gap for Chinese food, they saw the demand for the dishes and took advantage of that.

They came up with fast food joints that will offer Americans and other parts of the world. The idea took off with a good pace with more and more people embracing the Asian cuisines. They also did their part by making sure they please their customer’s delicious meals always.

Since 1984, they have been offering tasty food to their customers. That has seen the demand going up leading to the opening of many branches globally. With the many branches come with the demand for qualified personnel to help them run the eateries.

Panda Express has been known to be the best employer in the industry. They have been hiring all through the years to make sure their customers get the best. They do that by advertising and offering vacancies to the public to apply.

Working for panda express

For those who had a chance or still are working with them say the experience is wonderful. They have a lot to say about the time spent working for panda express. Whether permanent or on hourly they enjoy working for panda express.

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That does not mean that there is no oops moment here. It means the founder and the entire panda express management are trying their level best to make sure their workers feel good and are comfortable while working for them.

An employer is best judged to be good or bad depending on how they are paying their workers. If it is known panda express is a good employer, how do they pay their workers? The following are the rank and the pay of panda express workers;

Panda Express Salaries

Panda express believes in making their workers comfortable and happy. That is why they compare and determine what salary and bonuses are the best for their employees compared to the other in the industry. Their salary is very comprehensive and competitive making them among the best.

You get employment at panda express on an hourly or permanent basis. Each term of employment comes with its own benefits. The average pay for an hourly basis is $16.50 while those on a permanent basis is $32,175 per year. According to many, that seems to be fair enough.

You get hired according to your qualifications, that means if you are highly qualified you can earn up to $54698 and if, at the entry level, you get to get $ 19,841 per year. That shows how much they value and appreciate your qualification and encourage others to get certified.

When it comes to ranking, they also pay according to the position that you hold and the responsibilities of the post. That is why managers and the managerial council get as high as $240,378 per year while the receptionist gets to be the less paid employee with $ 39,039 per year.

At panda express, there are so many ranks and positions that you can get employment for. Each has its own salary and bonuses entitled to the rank. For you to understand, the following are the positions at panda express and the salaries;


Panda Express Salary

Panda Express Salary

They are responsible for a successful day. That is because they keep the panda branches running. They oversee hiring, training, transfer and managing junior workers. They are the force behind delivering an exceptional experience.

There are several positions under management. Each work hard to make sure the company achieves its financial and sales goals. Each position receives a different salary, the following are the salaries of the managerial positions;

  • General managers-$57,850 per year with an hourly one being paid $18 per hour.
  • Assistant general manager-$50,950.
  • Manager-$56,944 per year.
  • Assistant manager-$43,180 per year and hourly is paid $14 per hour.
  • Associate manager-$12.56 per hour.

Food preparation and cooking services

They are behind a customer’s full stomach. If a customer is happy or unhappy with the food, it will be thanks to them. They oversee the food preparation and cooking. They get the following salaries depending on the position;

  • Restaurant manager-$17.78 per hour.
  • Cook-$11.60 per hour.
  • Kitchen helper-$11.41 per hour.
  • Kitchen team member-$11.76 per hour.
  • Counter help-$10.99 per hour.
  • Restaurant staff-$11.04 per hour
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Customer service

They oversee making sure the customer is comfortable. They listen to the customer because they understand they are behind the business success. They welcome them, make sure all their needs are met and leave panda express happy. The following are the salaries;

  • Guest service agent-$11.00 per hour.
  • Customer service lead team- $11.62 per hour.
  • Customer service representative- $10.60 per hour.
  • Member service representative- $10.93 per hour.

Retail part services

They oversee dispatching food. They handle everything concerning the food going out to the customer. They handle the cash and wrapping of the food. The following are the positions and the salary;

  • Front end associate-$10.67 per hour.
  • Customer service cashier-$12.15 per hour.
  • Service crew-$12.07 per hour.
  • Cashier-$10.67 per hour.
  • Lead cashier-$10.99 per hour.

Sales department

They oversee the sale. They monitor and ensure the sales are good and as to per company goals and expectations. They have the following positions;

  • Crew manager- $10.72 per hour.
  • Sales associate- $9.994 per hour.

Benefits That Comes with Panda Express Salary

Panda Express has its own pack of benefits that come with a salary. Once you become their employer, you get to enjoy the bonus of being one of them. They are meant to motivate and make the workers at home and appreciated while working for them. The following are the benefits;

  • Health insurance

Panda express believes that a healthy worker is a productive one. That is why they want their employees to be healthy always. They do that by paying 80% of the insurance premium to the employee and 50% for the qualified dependent.

  • Paid sick off

They understand it is not your fault to get sick. That is why they compensate and pay you while you are nursing your sickness. You get to enjoy the benefit whether you are on permanent or hourly salary. It is a way of showing how much they value your health.

  • Employee peaks

You will enjoy them in the course of your working with them. It is a way of making you part of the panda express family. The peaks include movie tickets, a ticket to theme parks, mobile phones and membership to a gym and other sports facilities for their employees to enjoy and relax.

  • Scholarships

They want their employees to advance in their education. That is because they know the skills advanced will be of help tot heir restaurants. They offer a scholarship to their employees through a learning benefit program.

Through the program, an employee is given up to $ 400 to study a course of his or her choice. That includes the books, audio recording and anything pertaining the learning. The total scholarship will be 60% of your total tuition fee and can be up to $ 2000per year.

  • Life insurance

They offer coverage for their employee against any fatality. They believe your beneficiaries should not suffer once you are no longer alive. That is why they offer life insurance to cover you. they also have disability coverage policy for their employees to apply.

  • Time off

They offer time off for their employees. The time is meant to spend with your family or attending personal matters. They understand an employee has a life outside the company and for ease of mind, the life needs to be taken care of.

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Each employee has a schedule that he or she follows. In that plan, there are off days that the employee is entitled to. There is also the bereavement time which one is given when he or she loses a close family or friend.

You also get to have time off to celebrate holidays. They include the Christmas and thanksgiving. For those willing to work during the at the time, they are paid 1.5 more than their normal rate. That means you are given a choice of with a benefit.

Why Go for Panda Express pay?

There is no perfect employer and that is why panda express is not exempted from that. Overall their good deeds to their workers have overdone their bad once. Here are the advantages of working for panda express;

Advantages of working for panda express

  • Good pay

Anybody looking for employment expects to be paid well. When an employer remunerates the workers well, he motivates them. The workers can deliver to their best since they are happy with what they are being given.

Panda express knows that very well. That is why they try their level best to pay their workers a fair range compared to the others in the industry. That has seen their workers happy and always ready to work towards achieving the goals of the company.

  • Lots of benefits

Panda express employers have the privilege of enjoying benefits that come with working for them. They include health insurance, paid sick off and others to make sure employees are motivated while working for them.

The benefits are not for the permanent employees only. Those on an hourly basis have their benefits too. That equalizes the employees and they all feel equal. With that, they feel at home and appreciated leading them to work hard.

  • Comfortable working hours

Working hours are vital to look at when you are looking for a job. That is because you don’t want a situation where you get to work for long hours with no rest. Panda express knows that an overworked employee is not productive.

That is why they employ many workers to work for them. Having many workers means that there are less work and less working hours. That will attract anyone wanting to work for them in the future and for those who are working there, they are productive hence giving their best.

The disadvantage of working at the panda

  • Management issues

A place with more workers means there will be issues with the management. That include miscommunications, supervision, protocol issues and other managerial once. They are issues that once addressed can be solved in an amicable way.

Salary is a crucial aspect to look at seeking employment. Panda express knows that very well. To get the best of employees in the market, they offer a competitive salary to maintain and lure employees into the company. That has been of great help towards the success of the company.