Panda Express Tea Bar

If you want to energize your self faster is by taking a drink, right? If you have ever been low and with no energy, the best way you can get your energy back is by taking a drink of your choice. Drinks have a magic way of doing a thing.

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Whether it is tea, coffee, yoghurt or any other drink, they have been around for rehydrating your body. You need drinks for your body metabolism. That is why you are advised to take a lot of them to make sure your body is functioning well.

Panda Express Tea Bar

Panda Express Tea Bar

You can either make your drink at home or buy it at a near place. If you make at home you have options to make it however you want to. If you are to buy, you also have a lot of places to buy from and the good thing about buying is that you will have a lot to choose from.

So, where do you get your drink from? Do they have a variety that you can choose from? Where is it relocated? The thing is, you need to look for one near you. A good example is the panda express tea bar, still, don’t know what it is? Read along and know more.

About panda express

It is a family business that has been run for over 25 years. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Cheing, it has been around offering delicious dishes to the public. They are known to offer dishes of Asian origin, something they have never disappointed.

Since the first one in Macedonia, the eateries have been successfully leading to the opening of over 2000 branches worldwide. That is because of the demand for their presumptuous food which continues growing each day.

If you have ever tasted their food, you will agree with me that they are delicious. The cooks are eel trained and know the recipe very well. They prepare the food just like the customer order using the wok technique and the carefully chosen ingredients.

If you have a look at their menu, you ill like what you see. Especially if you are a person who watches what you eat, you are going to love them. Their menu is well elaborated with the types of food, prices and nutritional value. That means you get to know what you are consuming.

Innovation kitchen

Each time panda express hat to try something new, they do it here. In here is where panda expresses experiment new recipes. The chef here is experienced and always ant to produce the best to the public. A walk here will be an experience on its own.

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If you want something new, you are always advised to visit panda express experiment kitchen. In here, you can make you on a meal by mixing all the entries that they have. A new entry that has left people talking is the tea bar, yes, the tea bar. Wondering what it is? Scroll along.

Panda Express tea Bar

It has been the new thing on the menu. Many people have been excited and are giving good reviews about the tea bar. It drinks that have been added to the menu and are being served at specific panda express. They have met people’s expectations such that they are taking all over.

Panda express, just like they have been in the forefront when it comes to serving the Chinese food thought of the idea of including drinks into the menu. That included creating a space in many specific pandas expresses here the tea will be made and served.

It is an idea that has captured people’s heart and has been received positively. Sales of the items from the tea bar have significantly increased due to people ordering the drinks together with their normal entries in the menu.

The brain behind the idea

It was a thought that was brought to reality, thanks to their daughter, Andera cheing. It was in the aim of bringing a change to the menu. She thought of a way of bringing what the young generation is drinking for them to enjoy while they enjoy their Asian cuisines.

What first started in the experimental kitchen has been introduced to several panda express joints worldwide. They started by creating space where the cooking will take place and the serving. Where they introduce, it has always turned out to be a success.

When asked whether it will spread to all the other panda express, Andrea replies that they are experimenting with what will happen in the future. There are plans to bring the tea bar in all the panda expresses worldwide.

How the Panda Express tea bar works

It is a modernization of the menu to bring a change to what their clients are used to. The panda express has committed themselves to deliver the finest hand-crafted beverages around. That is by bringing in the best brewers in the world to handle the cooking.

Whether you want the tea or the juices, they make sure you have it fresh. The tea is fresh from the leaves and the juices are freshly squeezed for the customer to have it fresh and alive. Those who have had the chance if tasting their tea bar products will agree it is the best so far.

The good thing about the new entry in the menu is that you get to enjoy the drinks while you eat your favourite dish from panda express. They have a lot to choose from so whether you are having their signature drink or make your own choice of drink, you will have lots of fun dining.

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They have five categories of items in the tea bar menu. Each has its own ingredients and distinctive taste for you to have. The following are the type of entries found;

  1. Fruit tea

Full of vitamins and minerals, they are an infusion of black tea flavoured with the essence of fruits. The fruits are grated and ground into fine pieces to make the drink. It can have up to 9 ingredients that play a role in how the tea turns out.

The amazing thing about the fruit tea is that it is not full of sugar to turn off people. It is also known to be safe for the kids since it is free from the caffeine. The following are the different types of fruit tea found in panda express menu;

  • Strawberry fruit tea.
  • Raspberry fruit tea.
  • Hibiscus green tea.
  • Passion fruit tea.
  1. Lemonade

If you have been to the gym you see the drink a lot. It is a drink used by many people while exercising as it is known to influence your metabolism. Whether true or not, it has played a big role when it comes to hydrating a person who is exciting.

It is a drink made of lemon juice and water sweetened with sugar. If you a lover of the lemon taste, it is the best choice for you. whether ice cold or warm, you can have it at selected panda express joints. The following are the types of lemonade offered by panda express;

  • Classic lemonade.
  • Strawberry lemonade.
  • Raspberry lemonade.
  • Ginger lemonade.
  • Pomegranate
  • Lemonade.
  • Hibiscus lemonade.
  1. Milk tea

It is milk tea that is topped with a variety of things. The tea and the milk can have a specific flavour and is topped with chewy tapioca balls or known as the pearls or Boba. The Boba can be white or black and can have different flavours. The following are the types of milk tea;

  • Panda milk tea.
  • Thai milk tea.
  • Matcha milk tea.
  • Crème Brule milk tea.
  1. Sparkling yoghurt

For you who love yoghurt, the lightly carbonated one with a distinctive and refreshing taste is what you will get. Each with a different flavour, they are committed to making sure you have your yoghurt in an amazing bubbly way full of taste. The following are the types offered by panda express;

  • Sparkling strawberry
  • Sparkling mango yoghurt.
  • Sparkling pineapple
  • Strawberry
  1. Smoothie

Some say if you want to have all the goodness that comes with fruit, you should take it in form of a smoothie. Well, that might be true and panda express want you to have it all. That is by making a thick full of nutrients mango smoothie for you to enjoy. They do that by squeezing fresh mangos.

Since you have known what is offered in the panda express tea bar, it is the time you know the facts behind the tea bars. You need to know them so that you will clearly get the concept the tea bar and its future.

Facts you need to know about panda express tea bars

Since the innovation of the first tea bar. There has been a lot of feedback from the public. Some people know the whole information about the new inclusion while some don’t. The following are the facts you need to know about the panda express tea bars;

  • From the renovation kitchen
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Yes, it as first treated and tried in the innovation kitchen. That is where all the delicious entries are tried to the public before they are released to the other panda express branches. It was started b creating space and looking for the best mixers to make the delicious drinks.

It was initially an experiment that seems to have been received positively. After people did that, it was introduced it the other panda express branches b creating cooking spaces in them and bringing expertise to brew the drinks.

  • Now available in 27 locations worldwide

What was once an experiment is entering the market in a slow and steady way. It has been introduced in the 27 locations and still going to the rest. In the available locations, people have received it well and are ordering the drinks n their orders.

  • You have a choice of what to have

Just like the orange chicken breast, they have the signature drink which they have made especially for you. that is the special milk tea or the lemonade. You can also have your request made just like the way you want it to be. That include adding your favourite toppings.

  • Made by specialists

Yes, according to Andrea, the young mind behind the idea, they have brought in specialists to make sure their clients have the best. That include hiring the best mixologist and other cooks who specialize in making cocktails and drinks. When you have the drink, you know it is from the best.

The mixologists know a drink is made from scratch. That includes the selection of the ingredients, the collection, grinding and to the final stage of brewing and serving the drink. When you take the drink, it is freshly made and with all the goodness intended.

  • It is a thing of the future n all panda express

According to the founder, it is an entry that they intend to include in all the panda express joints worldwide. They have seen how people love and enjoy the drinks and that is why they have the intentions of creating space in every panda express to accommodate a brewing section.

  • Comes with a salad or a main dish

Yes, you have the leisure of being served the drink with your favourite dish or snack. Whether it is kung pao chicken, the orange chicken breast or the fortune crackers, you have a chance of enjoying your favourite drink and dish or snack on selected panda express joints.

  • They are affordable

You might think that with all the goodness and the flavours that come with the drink, their prices may be high, right? Well, you are wrong. All the drinks just like their food come at a friendly and pocket-friendly price that you can afford.

Panda Express is known to know what their clients want and deliver it well. That is hay they are continuously experimenting in their innovation chicken to come up with the best. Panda express tea bar is one of the fresh entries in their menu that give you a twist of taste to the normal drinks available.