Red Lobster Survey – Red Lobster Survey to Win $1000

This survey aims to get your candid feedback about the Red Lobster restaurant. If you dine at the restaurant, it’s time to keep that receipt! It’s the key to enter the survey. And as stated on their website, entrants that complete the survey will receive a coupon code and other grand prizes.

But wait! There are more survey grand prices. If you enter sweepstake – that will be explained latter- you will stand the chance to walk away with the survey grand prize. That is a $1000, or $50. With the latter grand prices, nothing can stop you from winning more.

More Info About Red Lobster Survey & Restaurant.

The sweepstake will be available on 2 July 1018 – 30 September 2018. It’s mandatory to enter sweepstake within the latter period.  Furthermore, the survey is open to 50 residents of the United States, and the District of Colombia.

Red Lobster Survey

Red Lobster Survey

The Red Lobster Restaurant specialises in selling seafood. Though it also sells some other dishes. Its inside is well decorated having some comfy seating arrangement, perfect inside ambience, and it offers stealer customer service.

Therefore, if you are looking for an upscale restaurant for fine dining, one that you can go out on a date, family picnic adventure, and on a weekend relaxation time, visit the Red Lobster restaurant. You will have the perfect time of your life here.

Prerequisites To Participate In The Survey.

There are certain prerequisites that are needed to enter the survey. By you have all of that is needed, you will be able to complete this survey on time and accurately. Make sure you have

  1. An Internet connective Device

If you are to enter this survey online, it’s mandatory having a device that can connect to the internet as well as a stable internet connection. This way, you will be able to use the least time possible to complete the survey and do it accurately.

  1. Have Your Store Receipt.

It adamant to use your latest receipt to enter the survey. Having a receipt is a mandatory condition. It’s inclusive of survey credential that is needed to enter the survey. It will contain the invitation message to enter the survey, date and time of your visit and the survey code.

  1. Understand English And French

The survey will be conducted using these two languages. Therefore, one must be able to understand how to read and answer questions using either of the languages.

Red Lobster Survey Rules.

There are survey rules that ensure the Red lobster survey is conducted in accordance to the United States laws. It’s of great importance to ensure that you play by this rules. This way, you will be able to enter the sweepstake, winning grand prices. Some of the survey rules include;

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RedLoster survey is open to United States residents.

You must be a legal resident of the United States to enter the survey. This eligibility requirement sees to it that survey entrants conduct this survey in accordance to the United States law. However Canadian residents are also eligible entrants.

Furthermore, the District of Colombia residents and those that emancipate from Puerto Rico and Canada can enter this survey. It’s, therefore, a matter of utmost importance to ensure that you are from the above countries before you enter the survey.

Red Lobster Survey Entrants Must Be Of Correct Age.

Besides being a resident of the United States, and the other mentioned countries, you must have attained a minimum age of 18 years to enter the survey. This is the set legal age for the United States. But it may vary depending on the surveyor jurisdiction.

Red Lobster Employees Cannot Enter Survey.

If you have once done business with the Red Lobster in any capacity, you will not be able to enter the survey. This is a vital rule that seeks to fix all the loopholes that could jeopardise the whole survey process.

Therefore, Red Lobster employees, the board of directors, shareholders, and any other party that is affiliated to the Red Lobster in any working capacity are not eligible survey entrants.  Also don’t even think of entering this survey if you are a Red lobster employee family member, or you reside in the same households. Your entry will be null and void

Red Lobster Survey Reward Information.

The total survey prizes that are up for grabs is $18,000 and this is for the three survey periods. There will be six winners. Each walking away with the survey grand prize worth $1000. Also, there are survey grand prizes where 100 survey entrants will be awarded $50 each.

All survey payments will be made in form of a cheque. There will be a draw that will be conducted. This will be randomly made and each entrant has an equal chance of winning. Therefore, you stand an equal chance as others of emerging as the survey winner.

The splendid thing about this survey is that you can enter survey as many times as you wish. There is no particular limitation, but you must do so within the three entry periods. You just need to ensure you have different survey code.

Therefore, the drill is to get as many receipts as possible. This will have different survey code that can help you enter survey as many times as possible either online or via mail. While you are online you can check the winner survey list to understand more!

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How To Enter Survey.

There are two methods that one could use to enter the survey. You could enter the survey via mail or online. All of the latter methods will gain you entry to this survey. However, you need to choose one that you are comfortable with. This way, you won’t take long to complete the survey.

How To Enter Survey Via Mail.

If you have settled to this method, you will have it easy. You don’t need any internet connection nor a device that can get you access to the internet. To enter Reb Lobster survey via mail you will need to write all your personal data.

The latter will be inclusive of your name – as they appear on any identification document, mobile number, -both day and night, date of birth, Zip code, and any other necessary data. Be sure that you have handwritten all personal data on the sheet of paper.

Proceed to send this data to the Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, and P.O Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488-3536 USA. And as previously stated, you can enter the survey this way as many times as you want. Just make sure you are sending the latter data in a separate envelope infinite times.

Red Lobster Survey Online Entry.

As to my understanding, entering the Red Lobster survey online is superior to mail. First, you get to read additional survey pages that will guide you completing this survey easily.

Also, there are minimal chances that you will enter incorrect information that’s may reduce the chances of you being announced the winner. However, it will all go down to you choosing the method that you need. To enter the survey online, follow this steps.

  1. Visit The Red Lobster Survey Official Website.

The only way of gaining Red Lobster survey entry is by visiting the Red Lobsters official site. Check your receipt for the Rob Lobster official survey link. You just need to copy the link to your survey page and you are good to go!

But wait! Make sure that you choose your preferred language that will enable you to complete this survey

  1. Enter Red Lobster Survey ID.

Your Red Lobster receipt will be inclusive of certain credentials. This could gain you survey entry. One of the primary data that will determine whether your receipt is legal or not, is the Red Lobster survey ID.

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The ID is conspicuously seen in your receipt. And your job will be to transfer the data to the survey webpage, Thereafter, if everything checks out, you will be able to continue with the survey.

Answer The Red Lobster Survey Questions.

After all the authentication part, you can answer the Red Lobster survey questions. These are easy questions that need you to provide a suitable rating about some of the Red Lobster restaurants.

The survey questions –just as with other surveys -will target to get your overall rate of satisfaction. The type of customer service that is being offered at the Red Lobster, and the overall level of cleanliness of their joint.

The key is to answer these questions candidly. Just reflect your last visit. How were you treated and flashback on everything proceeding to enter this survey? Notably providing your honest feedback will not only be beneficial to the Red Lobster, but also to you

Of course, your feedback will be taken into account so as others. This way any employee that sleep on the job leading to the rendering of poor quality services may be laid off. It would mean that you will get premier restaurant services. This may be something you will need for a date, a picnic, and weekend relaxing.

Provide The Red Lobster Survey Comment.

Once you have answered all the Red Lobster survey questions, you can proceed to provide your feedback or comment. This will be about anything that you seem deserves a comment. Of course, the Red Lobster is open up to any negatives, and positives comment.

However, it will be a good thing if you will either disagree or agree politely. This way your comment will be taken into consideration. After you are done with the comment thing, you will receive a coupon code that is redeemable for a discount only at the Red Lobster joint.

Enter Sweepstake

This is an optional step. Entering sweepstakes will enable you to win more. If you choose to do so, make sure to provide all the survey data. This way the Red Lobster restaurant will be able to contact you in case you are the survey winner, or they need you to verify your data.

Having Red Lobster restaurant contacts will be a vital step that will enable you to reach out to them. If you have any survey or related queries, you can reach out via phone 407 734 9000, send them a mail addressing it to Red Lobster Hospitality LLC 1000 Darden Center Drive Orlando, Florida 32837United States.