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Clothier Survey Reapers March: Unveiling Crafting Secrets

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the mysterious realm of Reaper’s March, where hidden treasures await the intrepid explorer.

Enter the fascinating world of Elder Scrolls Online crafting with the coveted clothier survey map.

Uncover the secrets of this mystical land and unlock the key to boundless crafting materials with precise coordinates.

Prepare to be captivated by an exhilarating journey like no other.

clothier survey reapers march

The clothier survey in Reaper’s March is a crafting survey map available in the game Elder Scrolls Online.

It provides players with specific coordinates in Reaper’s March where they can find an abundance of crafting materials for clothier crafting.

The coordinates for the clothier survey map in Reaper’s March are 59.24×51.87.

Key Points:

  • Clothier survey in Reaper’s March is a crafting survey map available in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Players can find an abundance of crafting materials for clothier crafting using the clothier survey map.
  • The specific coordinates for the clothier survey in Reaper’s March are 59.24×51.87.

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Pro Tips:

1. In clothier surveys throughout Reapers March in the Elder Scrolls Online, did you know that the Khajiit race is particularly skilled in weaving cloths with intricate patterns? Their dexterous paws allow them to create some of the most stunning and colorful garments in all of Tamriel.

2. While exploring Reapers March in search of clothier survey locations, you might stumble upon the city of Rawl’kha. Interestingly, this city serves as the central trading hub for the entire region. The bustling marketplace offers a wide variety of fabrics, including rare and exotic materials brought in from far-off lands.

3. The clothier surveys in Reapers March often reveal secret shops, hidden away from prying eyes. One such shop is known as “Silk Dreams.” This establishment specializes in creating custom-made silk garments for the wealthy and elite. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship have earned them a reputation among the nobles of Tamriel.

4. The land of Reapers March is not only known for its clothier survey locations but also for its unique flora. The native bloom known as “Moonpetals” is highly sought after by clothiers due to its remarkable ability to retain vibrant color even after repeated washings. Many believe that the moon’s magical influence on these flowers is what grants them their lasting beauty.

5. As you traverse Reapers March in search of clothier survey spots, keep an eye out for the reclusive Wood Elves known as the “Gloaming.” These mysterious individuals have perfected the art of camouflage, blending seamlessly with the dense foliage of the region. They are known to have a deep connection with nature and often incorporate organic elements into their clothing designs.

Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March

Reaper’s March is a region in the province of Elsweyr in the world of Tamriel, featured in the popular online multiplayer game Elder Scrolls Online. As a clothier, you can uncover the hidden secrets of this region through the Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March.

This survey provides valuable information and crafting materials for those skilled in the art of clothier crafting. Whether you are a seasoned clothier or just starting your journey, this survey map can be your key to unlocking success and mastery in clothier crafting.

Benefits of the Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March:

  • Uncover hidden secrets of Reaper’s March
  • Obtain valuable crafting materials
  • Enhance clothier crafting skills

“The Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March is a must-have for any dedicated clothier looking to hone their skills in the art of clothier crafting.”

Crafting Survey Map For Reaper’s March

The crafting survey map for Reaper’s March is a highly valuable tool for clothiers looking for rare and valuable crafting materials. The map offers precise coordinates and locations where these materials can be found, providing an efficient and quick way for players to gather them. With this map in hand, clothiers can save time and effort when searching for specific materials, allowing them to focus on honing their craft and producing high-quality items.

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting

Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online is essential for players to create their own weapons, armor, and items. The clothier crafting profession focuses on producing light armor and clothing items. Mastering clothier crafting is a lengthy and challenging journey that requires specific materials and knowledge. However, clothiers can gain a significant advantage by obtaining rare materials and improving their skills through the Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March. This survey provides valuable resources for clothiers, enabling them to enhance their abilities in the game.

Crafting Materials For Reaper’s March

Reaper’s March is a fantastic location for clothier crafting, as it offers an abundance of crafting materials. The survey maps in this region are particularly useful, as they unveil hidden locations that are filled with valuable resources. Players can come across a wide range of materials, including jute, rawhide scraps, and various style materials that are specific to Reaper’s March.

These crafting materials are vital for clothiers who want to create top-notch light armor and other clothing items. They enable clothiers to craft extraordinary pieces with distinct attributes and appearances, making their creations truly stand out.

Availability Of Survey Maps In Reaper’s March

Survey maps in Reaper’s March are essential resources for clothiers. However, obtaining these maps is not an easy task. There are several ways to acquire them, such as completing specific quests, looting treasure chests, or purchasing them from other players in the game’s market.

The rarity and high demand for these maps make them incredibly valuable to crafters, especially clothiers. Having a survey map in their possession can greatly enhance a clothier’s ability to gather valuable materials and create exceptional garments.

Acquiring a survey map should be a top priority for any clothier looking to excel in their craft. Whether through completing quests, finding them in treasure chests, or purchasing them from other players, the benefits of having a survey map are incomparable. With a map in hand, clothiers can unlock a world of possibilities and create truly remarkable pieces of clothing.

Specific Location In Reaper’s March For Survey Maps

The specific location for the Clothier Survey map in Reaper’s March is near the city of Rawl’kha. Rawl’kha is a bustling Khajiiti city in the heart of Reaper’s March and serves as the primary hub for traders, artisans, and adventurers alike. The survey map can be found in a hidden spot just outside of the city, providing a picturesque location for clothiers to search for rare crafting materials and uncover the secrets of the region.


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Clothier Crafting In Reaper’s March

Clothier crafting in Reaper’s March is a rewarding and challenging endeavor. The region offers abundance of materials, unique styles, and crafting stations where clothiers can hone their skills and create exceptional garments. With the Clothier Survey map, clothiers can optimize their crafting process by gathering rare materials efficiently and producing high-quality items that will impress even the most discerning customers.

Coordinates For Survey Maps In Reaper’s March

The Alchemy Survey Map in Reaper’s March has coordinates of 30.00×36.16. This map is invaluable for alchemists looking to gather rare ingredients and discover new recipes in this region. Similarly, the Blacksmithing Survey Map has coordinates of 64.5×22.0. This map guides blacksmiths to hidden locations with abundant iron ores and other valuable materials for creating weapons and armor. Lastly, the Clothing Survey Map has coordinates of 59.24×51.87, offering clothiers the opportunity to gather unique materials and create exquisite clothing items.

Alchemy Survey Map – 30.00×36.16 In Reaper’s March

The Alchemy Survey Map in Reaper’s March is a prized possession for alchemists. With coordinates of 30.00×36.16, this survey map reveals hidden locations where rare alchemical ingredients can be found. These ingredients, when combined with an alchemist’s expertise, can create powerful potions and elixirs that provide various beneficial effects to those who consume them. The Alchemy Survey Map is a treasure trove of knowledge for alchemists who seek to push the boundaries of their craft.

Blacksmithing Survey Map – 64.5×22.0 In Reaper’s March

The Blacksmithing Survey Map in Reaper’s March is a boon for blacksmiths seeking to forge powerful weapons and sturdy armor. With coordinates of 64.5×22.0, this map points blacksmiths to hidden locations filled with valuable iron ores, leather scraps, and other essential materials for their trade. The Blacksmithing Survey Map enables blacksmiths to create weapons and armor of unparalleled quality, ensuring they can better protect themselves and their allies in the ever-evolving world of Tamriel.

The Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March offers clothiers in Elder Scrolls Online a unique opportunity to uncover crafting secrets and gather precious materials for their trade. The survey maps provide essential coordinates and locations for finding rare ingredients, resources, and crafting stations specific to the region. Clothiers can use these maps to streamline their crafting process and create exceptional garments that showcase their skills and expertise. With the Clothier Survey: Reaper’s March in hand, clothiers can embark on a journey to become true masters of their trade in the world of Tamriel.


You may need to know these questions about clothier survey reapers march

How do you get into the Reapers march?

To venture into the Reapers March, one must explore the realms of grahtwood or greenshade and locate the wayshrines. These mystical landmarks, resembling petite shrine-like pillars on the map, hold the key to access the Reapers March. By interacting with them, a traveler is offered the opportunity to teleport to these wayshrines, although a modest fee is required for such a journey. Thus, by seeking out and utilizing these wayshrines, one can traverse from the neighboring lands to the intriguing realm of Reapers March.

How do I get to Reapers March from Grahtwood?

To travel from Grahtwood to Reaper’s March, make your way to the tunnel located just to the right of the Elsweyr Gate, north of Cormount. Once through the tunnel, continue southwest until you reach the village of Willowgrove. As you pass through into Reaper’s March, you will discover the Vinedusk Wayshrine on your map if you haven’t done so already.

Where is the clothier survey in Eastmarch?

The clothier survey in Eastmarch can be found southeast of the region. To reach this location, you would need to start at the Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine, which is the closest waypoint. From the wayshrine, head east in a straight line where you will come across the plants needed for the survey along the way. By following this path, you will eventually stumble upon the rewarding clothier survey in Eastmarch.

Is Reapers March part of Elsweyr?

No, Reaper’s March is not part of Elsweyr. It serves as a connecting region between the jungles of northeastern Valenwood and the rolling plains of northwestern Elsweyr. While Reaper’s March shares a border with Elsweyr and provides an entrance to the province, it belongs to neither Valenwood nor Elsweyr. Instead, it is a distinct region that showcases the transition from the Northern Woods in the northwest to the Jodewood in the south.

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