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Unlocking the Secrets of ESO Greenshade: A Comprehensive Survey

Imagine exploring the lush landscapes of Greenshade in the magical world of Elder Scrolls Online.

But what if you could enhance your crafting skills and uncover hidden treasures along the way?

Enter the Greenshade Survey Maps, a valuable resource for craftsmen and adventurers alike.

Join us as we dive into the realm of ESO and discover the wonders that await.

eso greenshade survey

The eso greenshade survey provides detailed survey maps for various crafting professions in the Greenshade zone of Elder Scrolls Online.

The Alchemy Survey Map has coordinates of 76.42×82.67, the Blacksmithing Survey Map has coordinates of 59.90×62.73, and the Clothing Survey Map has coordinates of 56.01×41.01.

These maps can be downloaded and used to locate specific crafting materials for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing.

The article also mentions the availability of survey maps for other crafting professions like Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking.

It encourages readers to share and download the survey maps while respecting the credits.

More information about crafting writs and survey maps can be found in a separate guide.

Key Points:

  • The eso greenshade survey provides crafting survey maps for various professions in the Greenshade zone of Elder Scrolls Online.
  • The survey maps include coordinates for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing.
  • The maps can be downloaded and used to locate specific crafting materials.
  • Survey maps for other crafting professions like Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking are also available.
  • Readers are encouraged to share and download the survey maps while respecting credits.
  • Additional information on crafting writs and survey maps can be found in a separate guide.

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Pro Tips:

1. The Eso Greenshade Survey is a quest in the game “The Elder Scrolls Online” where players are tasked with locating and retrieving valuable resources from various locations in the Greenshade region.

2. Greenshade is a lush and vibrant region in the game’s fictional world of Tamriel, known for its dense forests, diverse wildlife, and ancient ruins.

3. The Greenshade Survey quest offers players a chance to earn additional crafting materials, including rare ores, herbs, and enchanting runes, which can be used to create powerful weapons, armor, and potions.

4. Completing the Eso Greenshade Survey quest will also reward players with experience points, gold, and reputation with the crafting guild associated with the resources they collected.

5. One interesting aspect of the Eso Greenshade Survey is that the specific locations where the resources are hidden change every time the quest is undertaken, adding an element of surprise and challenge for the players.

Greenshade Survey Maps In Elder Scrolls Online

The Greenshade Survey Maps in Elder Scrolls Online are extremely useful for crafters seeking valuable materials in the lush lands of Greenshade. These maps offer precise coordinates to locate specific crafting materials for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing. By following the indicated coordinates, players can seamlessly discover hidden nodes and gather the necessary resources for creating potent items and potions. This article aims to unveil the secrets of the Greenshade survey maps and guide players towards these treasures.

  • The Greenshade Survey Maps are essential for crafters in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • They provide precise coordinates for specific crafting materials in Greenshade.
  • Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing resources can be easily found using these maps.
  • Hidden nodes are revealed by following the indicated coordinates.
  • Gathering valuable resources from these nodes helps in creating powerful items and potions.

“The Greenshade Survey Maps are the key to unlocking hidden treasures in the lush lands of Greenshade.”

Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates

The Alchemy Survey Map for Greenshade provides the specific map coordinates of 76.42×82.67. Crafters who specialize in Alchemy can utilize these coordinates to locate hard-to-find ingredients that are crucial for crafting potent potions. By following the map, players will be directed to concealed Alchemy nodes overflowing with rare herbs and enchanted plants. These valuable resources can be utilized to concoct powerful elixirs that bestow a range of buffs and effects upon the player. With the Alchemy Survey Map, mastering the art of potion-making in Greenshade becomes significantly more manageable.

  • The Alchemy Survey Map reveals the coordinates 76.42×82.67 in Greenshade.
  • Crafters specializing in Alchemy can find elusive ingredients using these coordinates.
  • Players can locate hidden Alchemy nodes full of rare herbs and magical plants.
  • These resources are essential for brewing potent elixirs.
  • The elixirs grant various buffs and effects to the player.
  • The Alchemy Survey Map makes mastering potion-making in Greenshade easier.

Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates

The Blacksmithing Survey Map is a valuable tool for Blacksmiths in Greenshade. It reveals the precise coordinates of 59.90×62.73, guiding crafters to hidden mineral deposits and rich ore veins. By following this map, Blacksmiths can discover rare ores that are perfect for forging powerful weapons and armor. Whether their goal is to craft a mighty sword or create a sturdy breastplate, the Blacksmithing Survey Map guarantees that players can gather the necessary resources efficiently.

  • Provides exact coordinates of 59.90×62.73
  • Guides crafters to hidden mineral deposits and rich ore veins

“The Blacksmithing Survey Map ensures that players can gather the necessary resources without wasting time searching fruitlessly.”

Clothing Survey Map Coordinates

The Clothing Survey Map for Greenshade provides crafters with detailed guidance on finding precise locations for gathering materials for their trade. The map displays the exact coordinates of 56.01×41.01, leading players directly to hidden sources of high-quality fabric and materials. Clothiers can follow the map to find rare silks and other textiles, enabling them to create exquisite garments and armors. By utilizing the map, Clothing crafters can ensure a steady supply of materials, reducing the time spent searching and maximizing their productivity.

Crafting Professions In Greenshade

The land of Greenshade in Elder Scrolls Online provides players with a diverse selection of crafting professions. Apart from the well-known ones like Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing, crafters can also explore Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking. These professions offer exciting possibilities to either create formidable items or improve existing equipment. By fully embracing these professions and making use of survey maps, crafters can unleash the true potential of their chosen craft in Greenshade.

Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, And Woodworking Locations

While this article doesn’t provide the specific survey map coordinates for Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking in Greenshade, it assures readers that hidden resources for these professions can be found in the zone. Here are the details:

  • Enchanting: Enchanters can stumble upon rare enchanting materials scattered throughout Greenshade. These materials can be used to enhance weapons and armor with mystical properties.

  • Jewelry Crafting: Within the zone, Jewelry Crafters have the opportunity to discover hidden nodes that are rich in precious gemstones and metals. This abundance of resources enables them to create stunning accessories.

  • Woodworking: Woodworkers exploring Greenshade can source high-quality timber and special woods. These materials serve as the foundation for crafting exceptional bows and staves.

By thoroughly exploring Greenshade and utilizing survey maps, these crafting professions can unlock a plethora of untold treasures and opportunities.

“Exploring Greenshade and leveraging the survey maps can lead to untold treasures for these crafting professions as well.”

    • Untold treasures await Enchanters, Jewelry Crafters, and Woodworkers in Greenshade.
    • Rare enchanting materials are scattered throughout the zone, offering immense possibilities for Enchanters.
    • Hidden nodes in Greenshade are rich in precious gemstones and metals, providing abundant resources for Jewelry Crafters.
    • Woodworkers can source high-quality timber and special woods in Greenshade to craft exceptional bows and staves.

Sharing And Downloading The Survey Report Map

The survey report map for Greenshade is a valuable tool that should be shared and utilized by crafters throughout the Elder Scrolls Online community. Crafters can download the map and use it as a reference while exploring Greenshade. This enables them to efficiently gather resources and maximize their crafting potential. Additionally, players are encouraged to share the map with their fellow crafters, spreading the knowledge and benefiting the community as a whole. However, it is essential to ensure that the credits and proper acknowledgments remain intact when sharing the map.

Credits Requirements For Sharing The Map

When sharing the survey report map for Greenshade, it is crucial to give credit to the creators and maintain the integrity of the work. Crafters and players who choose to share the map are requested to include the original credits and acknowledgments. This ensures that the creators receive recognition for their hard work and dedication in creating such a valuable resource for the community. By respecting the requirements for sharing the map, players can contribute to a positive and collaborative crafting community within Elder Scrolls Online.

Additional Information On Crafting Writs And Survey Maps

Crafting writs and survey maps play a crucial role in the crafting system of Elder Scrolls Online. To gain a deeper understanding and guidance on these topics, a dedicated crafting guide is available. This comprehensive guide focuses on the different aspects of crafting writs, highlighting their benefits and offering efficient completion tips. Moreover, it provides detailed explanations and strategies for effectively utilizing survey maps. By referring to this guide, crafters can improve their understanding of these systems and master their chosen craft more effectively.


  • Emphasized the importance of crafting writs and survey maps in the Elder Scrolls Online crafting system
  • Clarified that a separate crafting guide offers more information and guidance on these topics
  • Highlighted the comprehensive nature of the crafting guide
  • Stressed the benefits of referring to the crafting guide and becoming a true master of one’s chosen craft

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References To Crafting Guide For More Details

[Crafting Guide Title] is a valuable resource for crafters who want to deepen their understanding of the crafting system in Elder Scrolls Online. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on crafting writs, survey maps, and the various crafting professions available in the game. Crafters can use this guide for step-by-step instructions, tips, and strategies to maximize their crafting potential. By utilizing the information provided, players can unlock even more secrets and take their crafting skills to new heights.

The Greenshade Survey Maps in Elder Scrolls Online serve as an essential tool for crafters looking to gather valuable resources. The Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Clothing Survey Maps offer precise coordinates that help crafters locate hidden nodes and gather the materials they need.

Additionally, the article highlights other crafting professions in Greenshade, including Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking. Crafters are encouraged to share and download the survey report map while respecting the credits and acknowledgments required.

Crafters can unlock the full potential of their chosen craft and uncover the secrets of ESO Greenshade by exploring these resources.

  • The crafting guide provides more in-depth information on crafting writs and survey maps.


You may need to know these questions about eso greenshade survey

How do I find survey locations in eso?

To locate survey locations in ESO, you can obtain survey maps by completing crafting writs. Upon completing these daily tasks, you will receive rewards that may include a survey map or a material box. Survey maps are valuable as they provide the locations of six high yield resource nodes specific to your crafting profession. By utilizing these maps, you can easily locate and gather abundant resources for your crafting needs.

How do you get the Greenshade in Elder Scrolls Online?

To reach Greenshade in Elder Scrolls Online, after traversing Grahtwood, head towards the top left corner of the zone, where you will find the entrance to Greenshade. Simply follow the quest markers that appear on your map, showing you the way to the next map. Look out for the prominent doorway icon that will guide you through the portal to the lush and vibrant world of Greenshade.

How do you get crafting surveys?

Crafting Surveys, intriguingly known as Survey Reports, can be acquired by zealous artisans through the completion of Crafting Writs. These remarkable treasures are essentially maps that unravel the path to various locations overflowing with an abundance of valuable crafting materials. By diligently attending to Crafting Writs, ardent craftsmen may unlock the coveted Crafting Surveys, granting them exclusive access to bountiful resources for their artistic endeavors.

Where is Greenshade in eso?

Nestled in the southwest of Valenwood lies the enchanting region of Greenshade. Known for its picturesque landscapes, this captivating land is characterized by flowing rivers and verdant plains. The coastal city of Woodhearth graces the western shore, serving as a bustling port. Within Greenshade, one can also find charming towns such as Marbruk and Greenheart, each offering their own unique allure and cultural charm.

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