5 Online Marketing Strategies That Can Be Enumerated From the Village Plaza

Choosing a relevant marketing strategy may be what you need for the success of your business. When it comes down to the latter matter, a lot of business are faced with difficulties in coming up with the right marketing channel and sometimes they end up choosing an inappropriate marketing channel that leads to losses in their business and this is especially for the newbie industries that are not able to invest much in the marketing sector. Should I choose this or that form of marketing technique?

Should I only bank in the marketing of my products through the conduction of Television advertisement or I just need to just relax and let customer’s do their part? This is some of the rhetorical questions that most business owners encounter. However, learning is a continuous process and keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing may be key to your success other factors kept constant. At village Plaza, there are different kinds of marketing techniques that are used in the marketing of their business. Some of the technique are just simple techniques but others are the more advanced technique but affordable to most business especially the Small Medium Enterprises’ which are mushrooming. You can bank on

  1. Content Marketing

The village plaza uses content marketing to woo clients to purchase some of their services. Content marketing strategy has grown up to new levels in the current digitized word and with the advancement with the use of technology, this form of online marketing is getting even bigger and better. It goes without saying that this type of marketing can be afforded by most business as the only requirement is the curation of excellent content that will mirror out what type of services you offer and the dancing to Google among other search engine publication requirement. Some of the common marketing tools which have been using by the village Plaza include the use of videos, blog posts, newsletters, articles among a wide variety of other content creation mechanism prevalently used in this 21st century. However, it will be worth noting that this form of online marketing has its own types of risks especially to those individuals and business who may want to use other backdoor techniques and market their products without taking into consideration the type of content that they curate. Various such engine platforms are introducing measures to ensure that authentic means are used in the content creation and marketing process. Google, for example, introduced panda and penguin and it really brought a lot of changes on different sites with E-zine articles losing more than 95 %of their public visibility for not adhering to Google content creation and publication procedures.

  1. The use of Social Media Marketing Technique.
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There are a lot of social media marketing techniques that are being used by the Village Plaza in the marketing of its products. Some of the prevalently used social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, pint rest, Tumblr among many other social media sites. However, there are several factors which some of the Village Plaza shops, dining places consider before banking on the particular type of social media site for social media Marketing use like the cost of marketing through the social media site and the social media site traffic rate. Since the cost of advertising through all of the social media platform is not possible due to the economic reasons, The Village Plaza has reduced its range to the use of some of the Social Media sites that are being used by large variety of customers and the possible social media sites include Facebook which proud itself of having more than a billion users, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, you have to be seen on the use of the Social media sites for marketing your products. You need to incorporate excellent content creation techniques that will attract customers to your site and also ensure that you build the positive rapport with your clients. You need also to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing with this social media platform as some of the competitors may directly pay some individuals to badly review your business and the different range of services that you provide. Remember to add the sharing button to all your social media platform and this will further enhance the amount of time and users that will view your blog.

  1. Making your online marketing sites to be Mobile optimized.
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Most of the village plaza websites are mobile friendly and allow users to search for their products and services through the use of their mobile phones. The development of mobile-friendly sites may greatly increase your traffic rate as the number of mobile users exceeds the number of computer users. This may due to the portability aspect of mobile devices as they can be accessed from any place at any time of your choosing.  Since 2015, there was advancement with the curation of mobile-friendly responsive sites from just having the mobile applications and we expect a lot of success with this move in the future years. The use of mobile devices as online marketing tools has been coupled with the use of pretty images that captures audience attention. The latter has led to most business banking on infographics alongside inbound links to sell their products to clients as the strategy provide useful and pleasant experience to the most client who searches their products via the mobile platform. The use of mobile platforms has also facilitated the marketing of business products through the use of different mobile application that can be easily downloaded from and be used via their mobile devices. Village Plaza employs most of this strategies in the marketing of their products and services to different clients.

In conclusion, there are a lot of online marketing techniques that are prevalently being used in the marketing of different company’s products. The article has explained some of the methods that you can bank onto to take your business to your next level. Whether you are a newbie, a well-established industry you can bank on some of the methods alongside some of the other techniques and be well assured of excellent results.

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