What Are the 5 Different Types of Shops That Are Located Near the Village Plaza in Clifton Park

The Village Plaza Clifton Park has an area of approximately 1800 square foot meters. The Village Plaza located in the New York provides an excellent place for the conduction of a wide variety of businesses. Its anchorage to the Hannaford supermarket and the PetSmart complements its purpose as it further widens its market range for its products. Moreover, the Village Plaza inline tenants who include the Olympic Sport, Bellini’s Italian Eatery among many other tenants are worthy investors who serve a great deal of purpose in the marketing of the Village Plaza. Besides the inline tenants, there are quite a variety of different shops that are located near the village plaza. It’s estimated that the shops cover a distance of about 85,000square meters and they offer different services ranging from food, retails and office services. The different types of shops that are located near the village Plaza include:

  1. Edward Mangione Locksmiths

The Locksmith shop has been offering different varieties of locksmith services to a lot of clients in the Village Plaza. In addition to the locksmith services, the Mangione Locksmith Company also provides additional security services to a lot of clients near the Village Plaza. The Village Plaza Mangione Locksmith Company boasts of having well-skilled locksmith staff personnel who are well skilled and offer professional locksmith services to their clients. The knowledgeable Locksmiths staff personnel provide locksmith services in both residential and commercial places and their range of operation builds quite a good rapport between the company and its clients.  Edwards’s Locksmith Service Company also sells different sets of locksmith hardware equipment’s for its client. Just in case, you are a locksmith or you have learnt some of the locksmith services like key jumping, you can just visit Edwards Locksmith services and shop for a variety of locksmith work equipment. You can visit their online site and see for yourself what is in stock for their customers and if indeed the locksmith company offers bonus packages and other special offers for their clients.

  1. The Frank Graco Florist Shop.
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Frank Graco Florists Shop operates a flower shop in the Clifton Park which is some distance away from the Village Plaza.  The surrounding local community has benefited a lot from the Frank flower shops services. The shop has provided the local communities members with flowers which are used in different occasion. Shenendehowa graduates are one of the major beneficiaries of the florist’s company services as the florist company has been supplying them with different sets of flowers during their graduation ceremony. Moreover, the Florist Company also assembles rose Bouquets which are used in Valentine among many other dating occasions. The Best thing about the Gallo Florist is that they operate on a 24-hour basis from Monday to Sunday. I guess this may be due to the fact that there is usually high demand of flowers especially on Holidays, Saturday and Sunday when a lot of individuals have some spare time from work to take their loved ones for a walk, picnic or dinner. The distribution of their flowers occurs in different categories as per the client request. The company offers sympathy flowers, Birthday flowers among other types of flowers for use in the different occasion. You can visit their website and shop for their product. Their shopping mode envisages you shopping in three categories which include the shopping by category, the shopping by occasion and lastly the shopping by your product of need.

  1. The Allen Financial Consultants.

The Allen consultants offer investment Advisory services to different sets of customers. Their area of operation has gone beyond the Clifton Park area, as the company offers their consulting services to other clients who are located in other different locations but still in the United States. Their Allen Financial Consulting firm accounting and their auditing records speak a lot about the level of services that they offer to their customers. Managing a total of 127 accounts with an estimated worth of at least $ 11.8 Million is not a joke. It requires a lot of discipline and the integration of the company infrastructure to their workers efficiently and effectively. Their client employee service ration also highlights the company strength in the consulting niche. 2 employees are assigned to advise at least 26 clients. This is a good ratio that ensures that clients receive excellent services from the company.

  1. Sleepy Mattress Professionals
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The family-owned mattress professional has been providing the Clifton park residents with different mattress brands. However, it will be worth noting that heir supply is not only limited to the Clifton Park are but in also other areas in the United States too. Some of their other brands which are in demand in the United States include the Kings down, the Stearns and foster, The Tempur-Pedic among many others sets of brands that are being manufactured By the Sleepy’s mattresses. The company also specializes in the production of other varieties of commodities like Pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, blankets, headboards and mattress pads.

  1. Hannoush Jewelers.

The company has been in operation for more than 30 years. The many years of offering Steller services to their clients has enabled the Hannoush Jewelers to create good rapport to clients through the provision of exceptional quality services which is usually accompanied by a given added value with every client purchase. One of their earliest premises was opened in 1980 in Massachusetts but currently, the jewellery company operates the company branches in more than 40 countries in different locations. Clients can shop for their products either through their store or through their online platform. The company staff members treat their customers with respect as they maintain business integrity through respecting both their customers and competitors and the maintenance of a professional code of conduct in all their business undertaking not just in the theoretical platform but in a practical platform. However, the company doesn’t operate on Monday and Sunday but they offer their services in the remaining days to tier clients.

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In conclusion, there are a wide variety of shops which are located near village plaza. This shop offer different sets of services to different clients in an efficient and professional way.