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The china Wok restaurant has lot of customers flocking the place all around the year. The diners have given their honest reviews about the place. We have collected a few of such reviews that helped rate the China Wok restaurant.


Quite busy. Lunch was served quickly. Lunch specials are very reasonable and more than enough food. Food is very delicious. Reminds me of my favorite restaurant that closed a couple years ago in MN. Staff was incredible. Food is of highest quality. Prices are reasonable…More

Thank Teri Lynn Darby R


Colorado Springs, Colorado


Reviewed 18 August 2017 via mobile



Review 2

Good food and service

Modest location and facilities but good food and service. Family owned and all food cooked to order and served fast. Always neat and clean as well as reasonably priced. We go here frequently and have not been disappointed yet.

Thank PikesPeakWanderer


Portland, Oregon


Reviewed 18 August 2016


Excellent Service

Ordered takeout and was pleased with their friendly and quick service. The prices are reasonable and portions are large. I wasn’t incredibly impressed with their food (we ordered kung pao chicken and vegetable delight), but it was good enough. Their egg drop soup is excellent…More

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Colorado Springs


Reviewed 5 August 2016

Family owned/run

Review 4

When we moved here over 10 years ago, we tried a lot of “chinese” restaurants in the area, trying to find one we liked…we moved from an area on the west coast with so many Asian food restaurants to choose from…..we liked this one best….More

Thank MaryKop


Clarksville, Tennessee


Reviewed 29 April 2016 via mobile


Excellent lunch!!

Small dining room but excellent service and wonderful food. The food has excellent flavor and was more than I could eat even for a lunch portion. I would highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner. Tucked in behind the Safeway to the left. Sure…More

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Reviewed 2 December 2015 via mobile

Review 6

Love it!!

This place is always good the food is always hot even when they deliver to post. We have eaten there many times and will continue to do so.

Thank MLG07


Colorado Springs, Colorado


Reviewed 14 November 2015 via mobile

Review 7

Awesome Chinese!

Best Chinese food in the area. The restaurant itself is small and basic but the food is fantastic… Haven’t tried a dish that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Excellent for take out but closed on Sunday’s.

Thank MichLeeCrad

Erika W


Reviewed 31 May 2015 via mobile

Review 8

Have never has anything I didn’t like here

The lunch plates are from 11-3 and are such a great deal! The Mongolian beef and chicken with garlic sauce are some of my person favorites! Don’t pass up this little hole in the wall you won’t be disappointed

Thank Erika W

Colorado Springs


Reviewed 26 April 2015

Review 9

Excellent hot & sour soup and fried dumplings located between Safeway and Shell.

Above average neighborhood Chinese food with especially tasty fried dumplings and well formed hot and sour soup. Open 11 am – 9pm Monday through Saturday with small dining room and delivery within 3 miles.

Thank mtscribe


Colorado Springs, Colorado


Reviewed 19 December 2013

Review 10

Good Find

I heard from my nail tech that China Wok is excellent. I decided to try it for takeout.
I ordered some barbecued beef and vegetarian mooshu with added tofu.
The beef was not what I expected. It was boneless and cut into strip which curled.
It was not necessarily tender. The mooshu was good but not as tasty as i have had it.
I requested no MSG ( otherwise it is used automatically). The food was ready quickly. The portion was large enough to use for two meals.
Yes, in fairness. I will try it again; after all, it is better than P.F. Chang’s! It seems well-run.

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Review 10

China Wok has become our go-to Chinese restaurant!  So far our family has loved everything we’ve tried, with favorites being the Singapore mei fun and the orange chicken. The portion sizes are large enough that our family of 2 parents and 4 teens is satisfied with about three entrees — and we often have enough for leftovers!
Review 11
We really appreciate that when we use the delivery it is timely, and that when we pick it up ourselves everything is hot and ready.
One time we placed an order for delivery, but they forgot to put in our potstickers. The owner himself rushed the potstickers — plus more than the order included! — to our door with such speed that he arrived even before the delivery driver! Talk about customer service!

Review 13

Don’t get me wrong, the food was good and we’ll likely be back.  It’s just that amazing chinese  food is hard to find.
Location was clean and employees were friendly.  Food was cooked to order.   I ordered the general tso chicken and it was promising that the employee double checked that I was ok with it being spicy.  I was disappointed, it was more sweet than spicy, there was no kick.  Our family also ordered chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and the orange chicken.  All were good, the fried rice was a huge hit!  They have lunch and dinner specials with reasonable pricing.

Review 15

I recently tried China Wok and found their food to be absolutely delicious. What I need orders fast and accurate it’s my go-to place. Thank you China Wok, keep up the awesome work

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Review 16

So I’ve found that the Portland area just sucks when it comes to good Chinese food. We’ve tried and been disappointed so many times! We pretty much gave up for the longest time.

However, we had a craving the other night and decided to give it another go.

First of all, this is a family-run business. The young girls behind the counter were incredibly smiley and helpful. They get five stars on their own!

Review 17

We ordered General Tso’s chicken, dumplings, and Kung Pao chicken to go. My husband is a massive critic when it comes to dumplings and he loved these ones. They aren’t the best he’s had, but he really liked them. The Kung Pao was good and slightly spicy. We ordered it four stars but would get it five stars next time. Their General was okay. It wasn’t gross and stringy like most we’ve had at other establishments, but it wasn’t great, either. It wasn’t spicy in the least bit.

Review 18

We will definitely give this place another go, if we crave decent Chinese food.

By reading the reviews the China Wok restaurant has proven to be worthy of the diners currency and keeps up with the promise of serving the best Chinese Dishes.

Over all the diners have rated the China Wok Restaurant with Four on five stars. Please do try the Chinese Cuisine at the China Wok restaurant.