Unlocking the Hidden Wonders of ESO Reapers March: Surveying Local Fauna and Flora

Are you an avid gamer searching for undiscovered treasures in the vast world of Elder Scrolls Online?

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In this immersive journey through the realm of Reaper’s March, we unveil a hidden secret – the eso reapers march survey.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as we provide you with all the maps and coordinates you need to master various crafting professions.

Brace yourself, adventurer, for an epic saga awaits!

eso reapers march survey

The ESO Reaper’s March survey includes several survey maps for different crafting professions in Elder Scrolls Online.

The maps cover the locations for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking survey maps.

The map coordinates for each survey map are as follows: 30.00×36.16 for Alchemy, 64.5×22.0 for Blacksmithing, and 59.24×51.87 for Clothing.

These maps allow players to conveniently locate resource nodes necessary for their crafting professions in the Reaper’s March zone.

Key Points:

  • ESO Reaper’s March survey includes maps for different crafting professions in Elder Scrolls Online
  • Maps cover Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, and Woodworking
  • Map coordinates provided for each survey map
  • Maps help players locate resource nodes for crafting professions in Reaper’s March zone
  • Alchemy survey map coordinates: 30.00×36.16
  • Blacksmithing survey map coordinates: 64.5×22.0
  • Clothing survey map coordinates: 59.24×51.87

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Pro Tips:

1. ESO Reapers March Survey Trivia:
– The Reapers March zone in the game Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was named after a significant event in the Khajiiti culture known as the “Riddle’Thar Epiphany.” During this event, Khajiit scholars declared that their people would no longer be part of the “March of the Ra’Gada,” hence naming the region the Reapers March.
– ESO players can find survey reports scattered across the Reapers March zone, which are indicated by a shovel icon on the map. These surveys reveal hidden locations of rich resource nodes like ore, wood, cloth, and herbs, making them valuable for resource collectors and crafters.
– The Reapers March zone is notably associated with the Aldmeri Dominion faction in ESO. As part of the Dominion’s efforts to regain control over the region, they established a stronghold in Rawl’kha, the renowned city within Reapers March, which serves as a hub for players and important quests.
– Hidden within the Reapers March zone is a hidden crafting station for the Ashen Grip set. This set, when crafted, provides players’ weapons with a chance to deal fire damage while simultaneously increasing their maximum magicka.
– One of the most interesting aspects of the Reapers March zone is the Moonmont region. Here, players can witness the fascinating Khajiit folklore and get a glimpse of the mystical Hermorah, a giant moonstrider used in a Khajiiti coming-of-age ritual, often involving a near-death experience to prove one’s bravery and worthiness.

Alchemy Survey Map

Reapers March in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a region filled with hidden wonders and abundant resources. One particularly valuable resource is the Alchemy Survey Map, a tool that aids alchemists in finding rare ingredients. This map provides the exact coordinates (30.00×36.16) to explore the heart of Reapers March and discover secret alchemical sites. By using the map, alchemists can easily gather the necessary herbs and reagents for their potions and concoctions. It’s an invaluable asset for unlocking the full potential of their craft.

Blacksmithing Survey Map

Blacksmiths in ESO excel at their craft, creating top-notch weapons and armor. To ensure they have access to the finest materials, the indispensable Blacksmithing Survey Map comes into play. This map guides blacksmiths to hidden resource nodes, where they can find precious ores and minerals.

The Blacksmithing Survey Map’s coordinates are 64.5×22.0. By following these coordinates, blacksmiths journey deep into Reapers March’s wilderness. It is here that they uncover hidden mines and caves brimming with abundant deposits. Armed with this knowledge, blacksmiths can effortlessly gather these resources to forge powerful weapons and armor, solidifying their status as esteemed craftsmen in the ESO realm.

Clothing Survey Map

The Clothing Survey Map is highly prized by tailors and weavers. Its coordinates, 59.24×51.87, serve as a guide to Reapers March, revealing hidden locations filled with unique textiles and fine fabrics. These secret spots offer an abundant supply of raw materials, enabling craftsmen to create exquisite garments and accessories.

By unlocking the potential of Clothing Survey Maps, skilled craftsmen gain access to a world of possibilities. They can fashion intricate apparel and accessories that rival the most impressive works of art. With these maps’ knowledge, tailors and weavers are able to weave together outfits that not only captivate the eye but also enhance their wearer’s abilities.

  • These maps provide coordinates that lead to hidden locations in Reapers March.
  • Unique textiles and fine fabrics are abundantly available in these secret spots.
  • Craftsmen can create exquisite garments and accessories using the raw materials found in these locations.

“Clothing Survey Maps unlock the doors to a realm of endless creativity and craftsmanship.”

Enchanting Survey Map

In The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), enchanting is the skill of imbuing items with magical properties. Enchanters use the Enchanting Survey Map to carry out this intricate craft. Unlike other survey maps, this map does not provide exact coordinates. Instead, it presents enigmatic clues that guide enchanters to hidden sources of magical energy in the region of Reapers March. These clues may involve ancient ruins, mystical landmarks, or natural phenomena that resonate with powerful arcane energies.

Jewelry Crafting Survey Map

Jewelry Crafting in ESO offers great potential for those who explore it. The Jewelry Crafting Survey Map is a valuable tool for crafters in search of precious gemstones and rare metals.

By following the directions on the map, crafters can discover hidden locations where they can find the finest gems and materials. These hidden sites ensure that only dedicated and skilled crafters can access the rare resources needed to create exquisite wearable art.

Woodworking Survey Map

The Woodworking Survey Map is an invaluable tool for skilled woodworkers. With map coordinates 30.00×36.16, woodworkers can explore the depths of Reapers March, discovering hidden groves and ancient forests abundant with rare and pristine wood.

Woodworking goes beyond simply crafting practical objects; it is an art that highlights the beauty of nature. This map allows woodworkers to secure access to the finest woods, enabling them to create ornate furniture, intricate bows, and sturdy shields that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Alchemy Survey Map Coordinates: 30.00×36.16

The coordinates 30.00×36.16 on the Alchemy Survey Map lead alchemists to the heart of Reapers March. Here, they can unearth a plethora of rare and valuable alchemical ingredients. This precise location ensures that alchemists can gather the necessary resources to craft powerful potions and elixirs, enhancing their skills and capabilities in the world of ESO.

  • These coordinates, 30.00×36.16, are crucial for alchemists in finding rare alchemical ingredients.
  • The heart of Reapers March is a treasure trove for collecting valuable resources.
  • Crafting powerful potions and elixirs using these ingredients can greatly enhance an alchemist’s skills and capabilities.

Alchemists should pay close attention to the coordinates 30.00×36.16 on the Alchemy Survey Map, as they lead to the heart of Reapers March, where a multitude of rare and valuable alchemical ingredients can be found. This location is a goldmine for resource gathering and enables alchemists to create potent potions and elixirs, ultimately enhancing their abilities in ESO.

Blacksmithing Survey Map Coordinates: 64.5×22.0

Blacksmiths seeking rare ores and minerals must follow the coordinates 64.5×22.0 on the Blacksmithing Survey Map. These coordinates will take them deep into the wilderness of Reapers March, where hidden mines and caves house precious resources. Armed with this knowledge, blacksmiths can forge weapons and armor of unparalleled quality, establishing themselves as formidable craftsmen in the realm of ESO.

  • Coordinates: 64.5×22.0 – Follow these coordinates on the Blacksmithing Survey Map.
  • Reapers March – Explore the wilderness for hidden mines and caves.
  • Precious resources – Discover rare ores and minerals.
  • Unparalleled quality – Forge weapons and armor of exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Establish your craftsmanship – Become a formidable blacksmith in ESO.

Clothing Survey Map Coordinates: 59.24×51.87

The coordinates 59.24×51.87 on the Clothing Survey Map guide tailors and weavers to hidden locations in Reapers March. Here, they can gather unique fabrics and textiles, which serve as raw materials for their craft. These materials enable craftsmen to create intricate garments and accessories that not only showcase their skills but also enhance the wearer’s abilities.

By using this map, tailors and weavers are able to unlock the full potential of their craft.

Improved text:

The coordinates 59.24×51.87 on the Clothing Survey Map guide tailors and weavers to hidden locations in Reapers March. Here, they can gather unique fabrics and textiles, which serve as raw materials for their craft. These materials enable craftsmen to create intricate garments and accessories that not only showcase their skills but also enhance the wearer’s abilities.

With the help of this map, tailors and weavers can unlock the full potential of their craft, allowing them to produce exceptional creations.

  • The coordinates 59.24×51.87 lead to hidden locations in Reapers March.
  • Tailors and weavers can gather unique fabrics and textiles from these locations.
  • These raw materials are essential for creating intricate garments and accessories.
  • The crafted items not only showcase the skills of the craftsmen but also enhance the abilities of the wearer.

“With this map, tailors and weavers can unlock the full potential of their craft.”

Reaper’s March Map Survey Report

Reapers March is a zone in ESO renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich resources. The survey reports for this map reveal hidden locations where valuable crafting materials can be found.

Crafting professions in ESO include alchemy, blacksmithing, clothing, enchanting, jewelry crafting, and woodworking. Each of these professions benefits greatly from survey maps that lead crafters to resource-rich locations.

By following the coordinates provided on each survey map, crafters can access hidden sites in Reapers March that contain an abundance of rare materials. These resources enable craftsmen to create powerful potions, sturdy armor, intricate garments, magical enchantments, exquisite jewelry, and beautiful wooden creations.

The survey maps and their respective coordinates provide invaluable guidance for ESO crafters, ensuring that they can unlock the hidden wonders of Reapers March and craft items of unparalleled quality and beauty.


You may need to know these questions about eso reapers march survey

How do you get into the Reapers march?

To access the Reapers March, one must first seek out a nearby way shrine in lands such as Grahtwood or Greenshade. These wayshrines, identifiable as small white pillars on the map, offer the opportunity to teleport for a nominal cost. Once at the chosen way shrine, a journey must be undertaken by foot to reach the captivating realm of Reapers, a task that may bestow adventurers with thrilling encounters and untold wonders along the way. The path toward Reapers March lies through the realm of wayshrines, waiting to guide intrepid travelers and offer a gateway into the mysteries and beauty of the land.

How do I find survey locations in eso?

To find survey locations in ESO, one must engage in crafting daily tasks known as crafting writs. By completing these writs, you will be rewarded with either a material box or a survey map. While the material box includes various crafting items, the survey map reveals a specific location filled with six valuable resource nodes related to your crafting profession. These survey maps serve as a valuable resource for acquiring high yield materials in ESO.

Where is Reapers march located in eso?

Reaper’s March is located in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) in the embattled zone to the north of Grahtwood, where the forests of northern Valenwood meet the northern savannahs of Elsweyr. This region is home to several cities such as Arenthia, Rawl’kha, and Dune. With its unique blend of landscapes and the clash of two distinct cultures, Reaper’s March offers a captivating setting for adventurers to explore in ESO.

How do I get to Reapers March from Grahtwood?

To travel from Grahtwood to Reaper’s March, you can easily make use of the convenient tunnel located just to the right of the Elsweyr Gate, north of Cormount. Upon passing through this tunnel, you will find yourself in Reaper’s March, specifically in the southwest region of Willowgrove. If you haven’t discovered it already, the Vinedusk Wayshrine will be added to your map, allowing for further navigation within Reaper’s March. With this straightforward route, you’ll be able to seamlessly venture into the captivating landscapes of Reaper’s March from Grahtwood.

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