How to  Eat Healthy At a Chinese Buffet

 How to  Eat Healthy At a Chinese Buffet

What is a Chinese Buffet, What to Expect and The Type of Meals Offered?

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  • A Chinese Buffet refers to a way of dining whereby, Chinese meals prepared get displayed in such a way that you can serve yourself what you would like and the amount you can eat. However, you are required to pay a fixed price regardless of how much or how little you eat.
  • You are likely to expect a buffet with ample choices as Chinese dishes are vast, You can either choose to pay as you go in or after you are through with your meals. The food served is always warm or hot depending on how you like it. The snacks are also regularly replenished and taste as required. You will get meals that get freshly cooked, and fruits and vegetables are always fresh. The meals don’t get overpriced, meaning it’s ideal for family and friends since they are affordable.
  • The typical way of the Chinese people to greet and welcome a visitor is (Ni chile MA), which translates to ‘ have you eaten yet’? You can rest assured of top-notch culinary skills and fresh ingredients to get used in every meal. The Chinese people are known to use unusual flavors, incredible cooking methods, staples, a wide variety of components, and symbolism.

The type of meals that get offered in a Chinese buffet include:

 How to  Eat Healthy At a Chinese Buffet

How to  Eat Healthy At a Chinese Buffet

  1. Date pancakes; these are usually pancakes made with dough instead of batter.
  2. Wok tossed veggies in black bean glaze and honey.
  3. Shiitake Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts and mushrooms.
  4. Spring Rolls which finely chop veggies stuffed in thin sheets and fried to a golden color.
  5. They can get prepared with ingredients of your choice and always turn out yummy.
  6. Dim Sums; these comprise of meat and veggies stuffed in small-sized rounds.
  7. Hot and sour soup, which gets made sharp with vinegar and warm by red and white peppers.
  8. Stir-fried with Tofu with Rice. Tofu is Chinese sauce and stir-fries with Tofu, which gets served with rice to make a complete meal.
  9. Chicken with Chestnuts and comes along with rice.
  10. Szechwan Chilli Chicken. This delicacy which originates from the Sichuan region is made spicy with ginger, white and brown pepper, and red and green chilies. These are the most popular meals on every Chinese menu, but more foods get offered.
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The ideal guideline on how to eat healthily

Chinese food comprises mainly of carbohydrates and starch like buns, rice, noodles accompanied by stir-fries, seafood, meat and fresh veggies like Tofu, mushrooms, bamboo or water chestnuts. These meals are appealing in appearance, aroma, and taste, therefore, hard to resist.  However, you should choose the foods with the right vitamins, calories and fat as needed by your body.

How to choose healthier meals.

  • Start your meals with soups. Broth-based soups like Wonton and egg drop, hot or sour soups are a sure way to eat fewer calories since they are low in fats and calories. The soups will help you fill up.
  • Choose whole wheat noodles, and brown rice which has higher fiber and you should stick to sensible servings. Fried and white rice are not advisable as they have much higher calories, sodium, and fat. Studies have shown that brown rice has got 2g fiber and 110 calories.
  • Stay away from fried foods. You will always get deep fried foods such as crab Rangoon, fried noodles like chow fun and lo mein, chicken, and egg roll on a Chinese menu. Try as much as you can and avoid these foods as they got an unhealthy calorie count and fat. You are advised to pick one of them at a time.
  • Pick Sushi as it has low calories and has a variety of vitamins. If you are not used to it, request for a vegetable-based Sushi.
  • Opt for main meals. Meals like steamed green beans, beef and broccoli, Cashew chicken, Tofu, and shrimp are healthy as they get cooked without frying and battering. Sticky and sweet sauced dishes and Sour meals should get avoided. You can sprinkle soy sauce or lemon to enhance the flavor without adding fat.
  • You will always get plenty of fruits offered, and you can serve as much as you can handle. Such nuts don’t have high calories, and you can have fun while eating a variety. Fruits are good for your health, and most of them are sweet.
  • For salads, you can choose tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots and any other fresh vegetable available. You should sprinkle the dressing lightly, or just enough to give you the desired flavor.
  • Fork and spoon get provided, but you will never miss chopsticks on a Chinese buffet. These sticks allow you to eat slowly and you will also eat small amounts of food. No matter the urge to pick up the fork or spoon, ignore them as using them can make you eat more than you expected.
  • For beverages, water and unsweetened tea are good for your health. You can sprinkle lemon to your water to improve its taste and use any other sweetener besides sugar for the drink. Iced tea, which is one of people’s best never misses out on the buffet.
  • Sit facing away from the buffet to avoid that feeling of going back for more. When you sit at a table that meets the meal, you will get tempted to finish up fast and add more. That is why it gets recommended that you sit far away.
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You have seen the guideline on how to eat healthy at a Chinese buffet, and you now have the right information on what gets offered on their menu, and the entire meal. If you have never tried Chinese food, or you are planning your next vacation, you should visit the following Chinese restaurant near you, as there will always be one. The Buffet still has the healthiest choice of dishes, but there are a lot of weak ones too. The above guidance is to enable you to decide on what to eat and what to avoid.