how much does panda express pay

Do You Know How Much Panda Express Pay? This Will Make You Want to Work for Them

In one way or another, we all need to work to earn a living. With the many bills to pay, you will always look for a way to make money so that you can settle them. We have a different way of making money. Some get self-employed while some go into being employed.

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Are you looking for a job? If you are young and fresh from college, you must have expectations from your employer to be. You want to work for someone who understands you, knows your need and someone who will recognize your efforts. This may or may not happen.

how much does panda express pay

how much does panda express pay

The reason to why it may not happen is because, in today’s world, you will find employers who are seeking services with no interest of ho their employee is faring. This kind of employers keep employees for a short time and they seem to pay less.

It may also happen to you is you are lucky. You can end up with an employer who has your interest at heart. The one who understands that for an employee to be productive, he must be treated in a good way and be allowed to work with no pressure added in them

What kind of employer are you looking for? Am sure the one who understands your need and does his best to make sure your needs are met right? well, when you are searching for one like that, you may want to look at panda express restaurant.

Why choose panda express?

Panda Express has been one of the successful fast food restaurants all over the world. With over 1200 joints, it is a real proof of what growth is all about, who does not want to be associated with growth? I am sure you would want to be part of such a company.

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When it comes to delivering, do it to the best of their capability. The staff here from the waiter to the chef are all happy and ready to serve customers with a happy smile. This means that they are contented and happy working at the fast food, so they deliver as expected.

When you have a talk with any employed from the restaurant, they have these 6 things that every employee wants;

  1. They are in the right place

there is no greater feeling of an employer than the feeling of you are working in the right place for the right cause. With most of the employees being from the Asian origin, they feel home. this is because of the Asian cousin that is offered n the premises, they go to their limit to make the culture delivered through the food.

  1. They are rewarded and recognized

When you work in a place, you need to feel your presence felt and your efforts recognized by your employer. At panda express, they have a clear and well-stated way of recognizing and rewarding the employees who deliver. They promote, reward and recognize any delivering employee.

  1. Growth opportunities

They understand that it is by making their employee grow that they will grow too. That is why they have job training and offered a scholarship to their employees who want to further their studies. If this is not what you want an employer to be, then you need not be employed at all.

  1. Flexibility and personal time

Yes, the industry can be demanding and most of the employees must work for long hours sometimes, but the good thing is that when you work at panda express, you will have a paid leave and you will have flexible working hours, this way, you will have some alone time to reenergize.

  1. Challenges

If you are a lazy employee, you will hate challenges. What you don’t know is that challenges make you grow. They are the best chance to prove yourself to the employer that you can overcome any challenge and remain strong. At the panda, challenges are always there that makes employees strong.

  1. Enumeration

It is the cream on the cake. As much as you can’t admit it, will need to work to earn money. It is obvious you will need an employer who will pay you well and offer you allowances that are lucrative enough to keep you working for their company.

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At panda express, they know that very well. That is why they have a very clear and attractive way of paying their employees. When you work here, you will have a good basic salary, bonuses, a health insurance and an income protection program to make sure what you earn is not lost.

Now that you know what they have to offer, I am sure you may want to know how panda express pay their workers, right? well-read along as I go step by step on each role there is, what is expected in every role at the panda express chain and how they pay;

  • Service team and the kitchen staff

It includes all the employees that you will find from right when you enter the restaurant to the kitchen. This is the waiter, front office, cashier, chef and any other member of the service team. They oversee making sure the guest is welcomed and served what he or she wants.

In a month, they are paid $23,000 basic salary and a $5,600 worth of benefits. That means if you manage to work in the kitchen or on the service team, you have a decent salary to take home. this will include a medical cover, paid time off and a scholarship to study if you need to.

  • Assistant manager

If you land in such a position, you will oversee the day to day operation of the branch h you oversee. That means you will be responsible for the staffs working there. You will handle any complaint and any financial decision that s to be made in this branch.

You will be working under the general manager and you will be expected to deliver the financial goals of the restaurant. For that, you will be paid a basic salary of $44,500 with a $ 9,000 worth of benefits. This will also come with a medical cover and other benefits entitled to an employee.

  • General manager

This will be a great role to take. That is because it comes with a lot of expectations on your part. You are responsible for hiring, managing and directing other managers into delivering. You are responsible for coming up with ways of marketing panda express and making it a success.

For you to do that, you must be competent, self-driven and have great marketing strategies to make sure the sales rise and the branches achieve the financial goals that have been set. For that, you will be greatly compensated with $69,000 and a $10,400 worth of benefit. Is this not fantastic?

  • Other managers
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There are two other managerial positions which are for the existing performing managers. This manager overseas up to 3-15 branches. They are responsible for recruiting managers and seeing to that all the branches under them are performing as required.

They are responsible of ensuring general managers are up to the task, that they are performing and that the sales in the branches under them is increasing day by day, they are paid over $ 124, 000 with over $16000 worth of benefits.

  • The regional director of operations

They are responsible for 40- 90 branches. The position can be overwhelming but if you are up to the challenge, it can be a fulfilling role. The director oversees the success of the panda express brand. Ill work to his or her level best to make sure they are successful and the sales high.

To do this, he needs to make sure that the branches are strategically located, and all the rules and regulations laid down are followed before any branch is opened. For this, you will have a whopping $ 184,000 and a $17600 worth of benefits.

It is worth to mention that this salary package is for those on a permanent basis. If you want to work part-time, you will be remunerated on an hourly basis which is also lucrative and worth working for. This can also lead to future employment at panda and enjoy the full benefits.

As you can see, if you are an employee at panda express restaurant, you will be smiling at work and to the bank. This not to mention the benefits of the insurance covers that you ill have gain once you choose panda express as your employee. It is an opportunity that worth to take.

When you are seeking a job, what you want is job security, your effort recognized and rewarded, and you need an employee who will understand you well enough to satisfy your everyday needs. At panda express, you will have all this and more. Visit their website and apply for the position you best suit for. It will be a sure ticket to a professional and personal growth.