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Are you tired of having some old furniture in your living room? Visit Lowes to mend things up. Lowes departmental store targets to satisfy each consumer. And to make things even better, they invite you to participate in their survey. This way, you will air your candid feedback, still, earn some coupon code and $500 gift credit card.

To participate in the Lowes survey, you need to have a Lowe’s receipt, which can be retrieved once you shop at Lowes.   Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to mind your receipt. Besides, one could complete this survey via mail. But it is not recommended as it deprives you the chance to enter Lowe’s sweepstakes.

About Lowes.

Lowes is a stealer American company that sells some quality furniture, established in 1886 in North Carolina. Up-to-date, Lowes operates different branches, in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Lowes has set up retail stores in different malls and shopping centres, and don’t get surprised to find a Lowe’s store, which is near you. Lowes has been mindful of consumer satisfaction, and that’s why they go overboard selling quality furniture.

Also, Lowes pricing and customer service are excellent. Customers can purchase goods: in the store, via an online platform.  Therefore, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enter the Lowes survey. The organization is determined to make the survey a success

Who is Eligible to Participate in Lowe’s Survey?

It’s of utmost importance to check if you are eligible to enter the survey. This way you won’t waste your time same as companies, as an only eligible participant stands a chance to get rewarded.

  1. The survey is open to legal residents of the United States, Canada and Washington D.C. Quebec province residents, will not enter the survey
  2. You must be of legal age to participate in Lowe’s survey. The minimum set age is 18 years for United States residents. However, the age limit will vary depending on the survey participant’s country.
  3. Lowe’s non – employees. The survey is open to any participant who does not do business with Lowes.  Its employees, board of directors, shareholders and any other affiliated parties are not eligible.
  4. Non -family household members. If you are related to Lowes employees, reside in the same household or estate, you will not enter the survey.

Be sure to check your eligibility before you start the survey. It’s vital to understand that ineligible survey participants will not win any price, even selected as possible winners.

What Do I Need to Participate in Lowe’s Survey?

Understanding the materialistic survey necessities may reduce the time taken to complete the survey. Therefore you need to have:

  1. An internet connecting device like mobile phone, PC, tablet and whatever you use to surf the internet.
  2. Stable internet connection. This way you won’t have to restart the survey process periodically.
  3. Understanding of Spanish and English languages and what’s needed; the basic version of either language.
  4. Lowe’s receipt, if you are to complete this survey online.
  5. Some 10-15 minutes of your time.
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How To Enter Lowes Survey.Via Mail.

Send your personal details to Lowe’s 2018/2019, Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274 US. The details include your personal name, mobile number, Zip code and more. Be aware that these contacts submitted will be used to contact you in case you are a winner.

How To Enter Lowes Survey Online.

I recommend this method as it provides a chance to enter the sweepstake. However, regardless of the method, you choose to enter the survey, be assured that your feedback will be received and any of the methods does not increase your chance of winning.

  1. Visit Lowes Official Site.

This survey can only be completed on Lowes official site. The official site link is found on your receipt. However, you could conduct a simple Google search, and still, you will land on a survey home page. Do follow this link to enter survey lowes.com/survey.

  1. Choose Survey Language

Lowes survey can be completed using English and Spanish languages. The official survey page display content in English. If you want to complete the survey using the Spanish language, you will just switch to the Lowes Spanish page.

To change to Española, you will have to click the Spanish language link, which is found at the bottom of the survey page. Whichever language you choose, Lowes will use the basic version of the same. Therefore don’t panic if you’re Spanish and English language is not superb.

After you have chosen your preferred language, make sure to read the Lower sweepstake survey policies. This will provide you with all the information that will govern this survey. You will understand, survey rules, rewards, how the draw will be conducted and more.

Afterwards, choose your country. If you are from Canada or the United States. These are two countries whose members are eligible to enter the survey.

  1. Input Credentials Found in Lowes Receipt.

Since the survey targets candid consumer feedback, Lowes has set some survey restrictions that will ensure only those who have a valid receipt could complete this survey. Once you shop at Lowes, you will receive a Lowes receipt; which emancipated from Lowes survey computer.

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The receipt will contain certain credentials; which you must input if you want to continue with the survey. Only if you input correct data, which emancipate from Lowes survey is when you will be allowed to continue the survey.

If you have a valid receipt, this should not be a problem as you will check your receipt, input the data and time you visited Lowes.  The date and time of your visit can be vividly seen on your receipt. All you have to do is transfer the credential from Lowes receipt to survey page.

Proceed to enter the amount you spent at Lowes. Just type in the exact digits as they appear in your receipt. Remember only the correct value entered will enable you to proceed to the next step. Compete for the last step, inputting Lowes 12 digit survey number, still found on Lowes receipt. If every detail you entered is correct, you will click the next button to continue the survey.

  1. Answer Lowe Survey Questions.

This is the heart of Lowes survey. The latter process was only logistic related to ensure, only those with correct receipt enter survey. Also, they aimed to make the survey process official and not look like any Tom, Dick and Harry survey.

Lowes requires you to submit candid feedback, implying that, you will have to rate customer service, pricing, the condition of their stores and more survey questions as it is required. While answering these questions, just remember your experience at Lowes proceeds to answer the questions.

  1. Enter Lowe Sweepstakes.

The advantage of competing for the survey online is: it provides one with the opportunity to enter sweepstakes, where you stand a chance of winning a $300 gift card grand price. This is optional, but if you are here, why shouldn’t you click the enter sweepstake button? It won’t cost you thing.

  1. Input your Personal Information

This is still an optional step. You can choose to enter your personal details or just skip. However, if you choose to enter a sweepstake, make sure to complete this step. Lowes will use this to contact you, in case selected to enter the grand draw.

These procedures will enable you to enter Lowes survey online. However whichever method you choose: either online or via mail, you will still submit your feedback. However, the main entrees are not eligible to enter sweepstakes but can submit their feedback.

Lowes Survey – Winner Selection

If you have entered Lowes survey, you need to be informed on how the winner will be selected. Furthermore the sooner you understand when the survey winner will be announced, the better placed you are to determine if you still stand a chance to walk away with Lowes grand prize.

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Lowes will conduct a random draw to select the survey winner. And the best part is, Lowes will contact you if you happen to be the one. This will be done using the personal credential provided, implying you will be contacted via mobile, email or mail.

Winners will have to respond to notification within five days, failure to, the survey organiser will choose another winner. If you respond to Lowes notifications, you will have to verify the credentials you input within seven days.

It of utmost importance to understand these requirements so that you don’t end up losing a chance to grab $300 gift card, just because of miscellaneous issues. Also, you should not waste your time contacting Lowes to determine if you are a winner.

As per the survey terms and condition, which you must agree on, you accepted that Lowes will be the one to contact you, in case you are a winner. Also, Lowes provides 12 entry survey period meaning each month, you could enter the survey, increasing your chances of walking away with grand prices.

How To Contact Lowes

Having Lowes customer care contacts will be beneficial if you want to reach out to Lowes department. And the best thing is that you can reach out to Lowes using various contacts.  If you happen to be online –savvy, you could event receive Lowes customer service even faster.

Visit their online contact page, and you will see a list of contact method which will pop up. Choose one that will suit you.  Lowes customer care contact number is 1-800-445-6973. You could also send Lowes an email, still fill contact form submit your query.

Understandably, Lowes have online social media contact method, which you could use to reach out. If you happen to be online savvy, you could follow Lowes on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These platforms have proved to help Lowes clients get fast customer service. You could even make things easier, by subscribing to Lowes social media notification. This way, you will be updated on what is cooking.

However, it would be vital to understanding that, one cannot complete the Lowes survey via a social media platform, but you could air your comment about anything you feel is not okay at Lowes.

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