staples survey Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win a $5000 Staples Gift Card

Do you shop at Staplers? Enter their survey for a chance to win daily prices. Staples values your candid feedback and will reward you with $5000 Staples Gift Card, which could mean a lot with your next staples visit.

If you’ve ever participated in any survey, you won’t find this difficult. Staples will ask you some question and you provide a suitable answer. Of course, easy questions that will reflect your last visit. The questions will address customer service, pricing, cleanliness of their store and more.

Understandably Staples survey will be governed by some rules. Your eligibility to enter survey will depend on whether you meet those rules. Therefore it’s of utmost importance to review Staples survey rules prior entering this survey.

About Staples Company.

staples survey

staples survey

The Staples is a renowned office supply company, which supply office products in over 2000 stores operating in 26 countries. Stores was founded in 1986, but experienced rapid growth to become a reputable office supply chain in USA.

Staples sells a wide variety of office products and you’ll be unfortunate to miss out what you are looking for in their store. They sell, papers, pens, letters, PCS, Printers, shredders, toners, ink products, filed and more

Aside from operating plenty stores in USA, Staples sells commodities online. And if you’re a techie guy you could place you staples order online and wait for goods to be delivered on your door steps. Visit their website, review their catalogue, procced to place an order.

But Staples have plenty stores scattered all over USA and in different countries. Locating a nearby staples store won’t be hard. Furthermore, staples have contact information online and with the use of Staples store locater, you could trace its exact location.

What’s required to participate in Staplers Survey?

Staples has set the official survey rules which will govern its survey. These rules aims to see into it that only those who are eligible enter this survey. Furthermore the staples rules ensure that this survey is held in accordance to US and other counties applicable laws.

Purchase Staplers Survey Receipt.

If you wish to complete this survey online, it’s mandatory to have Staplers receipt. The receipt has credentials, which will authenticate if you really shopped at Staplers. Therefore if you happen to shop at Staplers keep your receipt safe.

The Staplers receipts is inclusive of survey code , time of purchase , date of purchase a, customer name , address , zip code and more. Also this receipts provides a chance to enter Staplers sweepstakes.

However, if you don’t have this receipt, you could enter stapler’s survey via mail. Though not recommended, it will enable you to submit your feedback, but you won’t enter sweepstake which provides a chance to win more.

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Be A Legal United States Residents.

Aside from being a legal United States resident, you could enter survey if you emancipate from these countries Hawaii, Puerto Ricco, Guam and Washington DC. All 50 United States members are eligible to enter survey.

However, it would be vital to note that country legal laws and restriction to enter survey will still apply. And by any case members from given states are not cleared by state to participate in survey, they will be excluded as in Virgin Islands.

Only 18 Years Old Can Participate In Survey

This’s the minimum age set for one to enter survey. The survey is open to adults and expect this minimum age to vary depending on your country set age limit. However for legal US resident the minimum survey age is set at 18 years.

Other countries eligible to enter this survey will could have a different age set. But this cannot exceed 21 years as it is the minimum age considered for one to be an adult in many countries. It would be vital to note that your age will be subject to verification and only if you meet the latter age threshold will your effort account.

And by any chance you enter survey and you are among lucky winners, the survey sponsor will have to verify if you meet the age threshold required to enter survey. If you don’t, Staples survey sponsor will have the right to choose another winner.

Be Non-Afffialted To Staples Company

Staples wants to make survey free, fair and transparent and has barred its employees to enter survey. Still Staples has put another survey restrictions staples employees relatives and close households members will not be allowed to enter this survey.

Aside from staples employees, its directors, board members and any other party that is afiliatiated to staplers in a working capacity are not eligible to participate in survey. This puts Staplers customer front ensuring that once they enter this survey, they stand an equal chance of winning.

Have A Basic English Understanding And Spanish Language

You will be able to complete this survey using English language. Therefore it’s important to understand how to read and write in Basic English. You don’t have to be an avid –English speaker as you will need a basic understanding of the English language.

And if you’re English writing skills sucks, you could complete this survey on the Spanish home page. While online, you will find the Spanish language link and one you click the link, you could enter survey.

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Have A Device That Can Connect To Web

Aside of having an internet connecting device, you should have a stable internet connection. You could use whatever device you use to surf the internet. But make sure both the deceive and intendent connection is up to date.

Remember the survey portal will not save information the minute you are offline. But you will have to restart the whole process again which could be embarrassing and time consuming.

How To Compete Staples Survey Online?

Once you have everything set, you could complete the survey within a period of 5 minutes. The process is easy and all you have to do is to read and submit your feedback.

  1. Visit Staples Survey Site.

Staples online survey site is the only legit platform where one will complete the survey. However this survey could also be completed via mail but not on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among more.

The official survey URL is . This link will be present on your staples survey receipt. However, this will be if you receive the receipt within the survey start and end period. You could check the invitation message and link to see if you are completing survey on official site.

  1. Input Staples Receipt Credentials.

Once you have landed into the Staples home survey page, you will be requested to input some receipt credentials. All details are found on your receipt and your work will be transforming these details from Staples receipt to survey site.

First, you will enter stapler’s validation code, which can be consciously located on your receipt. You will proceed to enter time and date of your visit. And if you have and authentic receipt, you will receive a green light to proceed with the survey

However it will be vital to understand that these receipt credential emancipated from survey computer and there is no way you could by pass the compute process. It’s only a valid receipt that will gain you survey entry.

  1. Answer Staples Survey Questions

Once you are done with latter process, there will be a list of survey questions which will pop up. These are typical question that will want to gauge your experience at their store. It’s of utmost importance to answer these question candidly.

By doing this, you will be helping Staples company change the service they deliver. Still you will make the store better and if you happen to revisit, you will enjoy customer service. Staples survey questions will gauge your overall satisfaction rate.

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This way you would supply your rating if you liked or disliked their services. This would be in a given scale that would range from one to ten and staples will understand what these ratings are likely to suggest.

The survey questions will also gauge: if the staples pricing is fair, if their goods are of high quality , if their customer service is below or above average , if their stores are clean , if you could recommend staples to friends and more.

Enter Sweepstakes

As previously stated the major advantage of completing Staples survey online is that, it provides a platform where you could enter sweepstakes. Entering Staples sweepstakes will make you to enter into a grand draw where you could win $500 gift card price.

After you choose whether you will be part of this sweepstake or not, you will proceed to input your personal contacts, which is still optional. If you want to win or you entered the sweepstakes this step is mandatory.

Your personal contacts will be inclusive of your name, zip address, day and night mobile number, emails, mail among more. These contacts will be use to reach out to you in case you are a winner or Staples needs further survey information.

Lastly, Staples will avail a comment section where you could express your opinion on anything else that was not captured in the survey. However, you will need to express your opinions –whether positive or negative with moderations. This way staples will take you seriously.

Also its vital to understand that Staples gift card reward is non-transferable and can only be used by a single person arguably the winner at their store. The gift card cannot be used to shop online still cannot be redeemed for cash.

How To Contact Staples

While online you could visit staples contact us page that has multiple ways one could use to reach out to their customer care service desk. Also there is the FAQ page which has pretty customer contact information and could provide additional survey support.

Also while online you could fill a contact form. Input all your personal info so that staples can address you appropriately. There is the live chat link where you could get a live chart with staples customer care agent. I would recommend this.

And if you happen to be social media savvy, you could subscribe to staples notifications via social media channels.